Eagle Scout works to improve the Lewis and Clark Humane Society

and the animals at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society have a new outdoor napping area and cat tree thanks to the hard work of a local Eagle Scout Matthew Hartman was joined by his fellow Scouts of Troop 207 on Friday to install the new features a Hartman has spent the last week building the canine napping area and cat tree as his Eagle Scout project the cat tree was specifically designed to make it easy for staff to clean and reuse as Scouts and working on our Eagle project this is always what it’s about is helping our community and not expecting anything in return there’s a good saying that do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do now Hartman wants to thank Home Depot for their support and donating many of the materials needed to complete the project and the Humane Society says they are very grateful for the scouts work and everything people do to help improve the shelter

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