Dusk Family DIY Custom Fun Craft With Barbie and Ken Cupcake Kids Club

so and the day-to-day they're waiting for a parent inside having fun playing wait I'm not just waiting outside my phone like what they're probably pretty doing something you know for their camping trip and impacting their stuff unlike you guys you guys always always e and we always have to pack after you okay Rafi do it tomorrow a guest Wallace hush hush little ones I think I see them coming they should be here any time soon you know they like to be fashionably late hey honey have you saved my yellow glasses I mean even though we're going camping I still want to be looking my best oh wait never mind the glosses I think I see them coming yeah we get to finally leave turns out they're right desks parents are here today we're gonna be making some parents for dust and nightfall and little desk first step up let's address the elephant in the room we're gonna need a body for our dusk mom's head and this is all I got it's not really an exact match because this Barbies got a tan and this Barbie is pretty fair but we're gonna have to work with what we have so I'm gonna put her head on to this Barbie and then we'll be good to go it's head transplant 2.0 I've got my blow-dryer I'm gonna get some heat on the plastic to kind of soften it up and then we're gonna use some tweezers to pluck her head off and now let's take her head off someone in the comment section left that we could just take it off with our hands but that's gonna be a little too difficult to get around that plug and I don't want to break it but what the tweezer there is a chance that I could break Barbies head in case I want to use it for a future project and I want to keep it intact but this is where the tweezer helps us it helps get over that plug bit there is can you see it and then there's two little Christmas tree bits poking out to keep the head into place so we need to get past that part okay almost there there you go that wasn't too bad last time we almost knocked the camera out and putting her head on is the easy part so no trouble there just the shimmy shimmy shake and there we go now I could paint her body but since she's got joints and I want her to be able to move around I don't want the paint cracking so I think I want to leave her the way she is okay now we're ready to start painting I've got my art station ready to go with all of my paints and everything I pretty much need to get this party started but first stuff but what we're gonna do is I'm gonna add some streaks of blue in her hair to kind of match Dusk's hair I love her jet-black hair which is exactly what we need but I do want to get those blue highlights in there cuz dusk has two tone there and in common the trusty Rainbow Dash wig we can pick a blue out of here and I think that'll be good now we shouldn't be needing a lot I'm gonna pick this much out of the wig and cut it out that way we have nice long pieces to work with so we can match the length of her hair here is our pop-up hair surprise I'm gonna use the sprayer for that and sprayer hair cuz it's always easier to reroute damp hair than it is dry hair and using my rear ooting tool I'm gonna take you so me old tiny bit not too much because I don't want to poke a super big hole in her head so about that much is good and then I'm just gonna place it or ever in her head that I want to have those highlights oh there she goes with her very first highlight okay probably should have left her head off and then routed her hair so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna take her head back off and reroute her the hair that we need and glue all that into place and then put her head back on perfect okay now we're gonna get some glue in her head to secure all of her new hair and then we're gonna wait about four hours to get that glue nice and rock-solid and with a q-tip I'm gonna swish that glue all around to make sure that it's covered all of the spots I needed to cover now while I'm waiting for her head to dry I'm gonna start work on her outfit for desks mom's outfit I've picked out this cute little number even though I love the Superman on that top we're just gonna have to cover it so let's get these two painted and looking more like desks outfit now you guys know I'm a messy crafter so when I do any type of crafting my hands are always on this so this time around I'm gonna try to keep things clean with some gloves cause painting the outfits is definitely messy especially with fabric paints kind of different from acrylic paint in every way and also in terms of hwacha ability it does not wash off easy it likes sticks chair fingers and hold on for dear life so here we go with our skirts I'm gonna start off with our black fabric paint okay so for starters that happened I can't even open a bottle of paint without an accident pshh that's pretty bad so let's get some of that on here and look what happened it landed directly on the dad no Neal no why Neal why there's not coming off okay we're gonna have to deal with that later while I'm waiting for the moms outfit to dry I'm gonna work on the dads outfit so that they could dry at the same time but it's when they're patching your dad's ring direction no it's not it's bad when direction gotta wind direction I'm thinking more of a nightfall look for the dad so and we go with a fabric paint [Applause] [Applause] and we're going for second layers all right now that we got the clothes out of the way we can work on the dad's face and here and we can do the mom's face in here we kind of did things a little different this video and flipped things up it's the outfits first and the hair and face last save the best for last right so we have the color changing dusk so her eyes are green but an eye falls eyes are a dark brown so we'll do his dad's a dark brown just like night falls since we're following his name for the dad mostly and this time we're working with an even tinier spot his Neil's eyes are a lot smaller than Barbies so hopefully I don't totally mess this up very very careful turning his blue eyes brown there's a one eye and now for the other eye all right I think we've got it moving on to his eyebrows ducks eyebrows are brown but not pulsar black and I'm thinking about making them black oh hey good enough and I don't know let's try adding some of that eyeliner that nightfall has kind of give him that goth look time to do his hair now with Dusk's mom she already has the brown eyes so we don't have to worry about that all I need to do is add the teardrop that does cast on her face and I'm going to touch up her eye makeup just a little bit now here is Dusk's picture I could do moms lips blue or I can just keep them the way they are right now and the picture desks eyebrows are even flat so she's a lot different from the dusk we have she also comes in a non color change version and her teardrop is actually a beauty mark on this newer version of her so we definitely have a couple of options to go with for her mom so I'll try the blue lips with this cobalt hue paint and we'll see how that goes if it doesn't look okay then we'll change it up and for her eyebrows I'm going to try two black eyebrows now I love rosy cheeks so I'm gonna brush her up with some chalk pastel for her hair I'm gonna use the clips from our pop-up hair surprise I'm gonna change her clips into a dusky kind of scene so I'm thinking galaxy colors and a starry night sky now I'm going to actually do something a little different and paint dusts mom's of fingernails and guess what not only Dusk's parents makeover we're gonna make over Don's dad she would be told while I was making Don's parents I totally forgot that Sonny and nightfall were their brothers so since I'm a deaths dad like nightfall I'm gonna make dawn and Sonny's dad similar to his son even though Sonny has brown eyes I'm gonna keep his eyes blue I'm gonna change his hair to a blonde and brown just like Sonny's with some chocolate still we're gonna give him some shading now we're gonna change out his shirt and give him the one he originally came with what just happens to be a perfect match for Sonny's shirt and this was actually a suggestion from a couple of you in the comment section so a special thank you to everyone who pointed that out and a special final touch is a vibes beanie I'm gonna turn his shoes into the checkered ones that Sonny has because they're already the same color so we don't need to do too much to them I'm gonna add a white sole [Applause] now the final step is to seal in all of our paint using some matte varnish whoa honey I thought you were going to change your glasses I didn't know you would have a whole entire here an outfit change okay looks like you Wow I think he works good thanks I decided while we're waiting why not just change some stuff out well back off again – she's back oh and I made it just in time there's an eel and mullets right now hey hey dawn gang we didn't keep you guys waiting for too long did we yeah we're ready to go camping whoop-dee-doo couldn't you guys have a lot of somewhere else we could have gone like maybe the kiss of reunion concert oh boy here we go again Neal camping makes you one with nature concerts we can go anytime finally you guys are here the kids were getting so antsy wait where are the big sisters now we're here we're here finally everyone's here so when we get to go he's there pretty bad if you give me gag they're cool right right and there look exactly right me Cheers – I'm getting like really show off your vibe from here my god wake you and and I gotta quit killer so here we are we finally have the dusk family and it's about time cuz everyone was waiting to go on that camping trip we've got everyone here including a nightfall and sunny what did we do so we routed a some dark blue hair and to dusk mom's hair and gave her some just inspired clips she's got the starry night sky oh man I painted in her eyebrows black gave her some extra eye makeup and the teardrop that dusk has on her cheek plus we gave her blue lipstick to match our non color-changing dust we painted her top and skirt black and white to match Dusk's outfit and B also gave her special nail polish she's got her tights on and she's got her black studded boots on final touches are her dark side bag and her cute sunglasses to bring everything together for Dusk's dad we went for night falls look gave him black hair painted his eyebrows black gave him that dark eye look that nightfall has then we took the outfit that Neal came in and painted that black and white we've got the skeleton ribcage on his shirt and the black and white striped pants and painted on some black gloves plus used his shoes to paint black and white and Shazam you've got the nightfall look and not only did we customize the dusk family but we also gave Dawn's dad a new look made him look more like sunny now the families are complete all right and that's a wrap he tuned while the families go on a camping trip for lots of hilarious fun with the dusk and dawn family and until then I will see you later bye for now

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