oh my gosh the air is on high I'll even know if you can hear me but I don't know why la feels like it is hi and welcome to my channel I'm Ally Fitz and I'm back with another video and if you're new here hello I love you already make sure you slap that subscribe button to become part of the Fitz fam today we pretty lit it's true and once you've done that make sure to follow my social media maybe it'll be on the side we're in a car this is different I'm yeah make sure to follow my social medias to stay connected with your girl so you know all that's he first speaking of T my new song secret is now available on Apple music iTunes and Spotify Y all so make sure you buy stream and download today whoo I am sweating I'm sorry because you just might get a shout out like this lovely person right here so shut up to black underscore citrus thank you for streaming on Spotify I see you boo and I love you but now we can get to the actual video okay um it is hot yeah it is probably 90 you know I'm about to check how hot is it hey Siri what's the weather 96 oh my god oh my god okay it's 96 degrees everybody you heard it here first anyways what we're gonna do today as you can see we're in the car we're gonna do a drive with me today and I've been parked in front of this person's house for two oh they come now okay let's go okay I had to move but here's the thing y'all since it's so hot out here I decided why not go to Sonic because they got them route 44 slushy drinks oof I love those oh there's a scooter okay anyways I love those let me be careful because I don't want the camera to fall because I would ruin the whole video okay but anyways yeah let's let's go to Sonic I know it's like 35 minutes away but whatever I'm cool with that I mean it's worth it because it's a hot and I need something to cool me down I might just die but first of all oh my god y'all need to look at my gas tank haaaan let me get somewhere where I can show y'all my gas tank we bout to be on E which means we must be pushing this car momentarily look I'm not trying to do that we aren't let's go to the gas station first whoo child baguette oh I just had to tape this down oh my god okay it's okay so first things first let's head on to the gas station so we don't have to push this Jeep the Jeep probably is um heavy so I'm not trying to do all that so um oh I don't even got the directions I think I know where the closest gas station is but while we're on our way I want to talk about our first topic like I wrote some things down the time I almost crashed already anyways like I was saying I wrote some things down to talk about and the first thing I wear my sunglasses like dang I'm squinting oh oh what he's hot okay so the first thing I want to talk about heading in my sunglasses is um area 51 and why people are going like what oh my god just why are they taking 30 years if you will go past let go oh my god now I'm in the yellow oh my gosh let me back up the ghetto so area 51 what are people really trying to go I hope this was like a real meme and people aren't actually gonna show up cuz ya'll know but folks at area 51 be strapped so you will not catch me there I hope so my live stream in a dove is that I am trying to see what's going down but I'm not going to be showing up what if they fun aliens I'll be sure what if they find Jesus that would be crazy but Jesus is smart so he wouldn't be hangin out at area 51 anyways I'm trying to think of how to make this turn without um without completely making the camera fall off of the tape Lord anyways imagine how many sunglasses and they don't protect you from the Sun me anyways next topic let me look at what I'm gonna talk about okay guys wait I need to tell you about my dream that I had last night when I was in high school I used to have a crush on my teacher I know that's weird and he didn't entertain him which is good but um yeah he was so cute I'm not even gonna say his name cuz you never know who could be watching this we gonna call him mister Oh mister all was fine I'm not even gonna lie he was young he was fine and he was funny who that those are my characteristics in a man like ah this is the longest light it's green but I still can't go cuz I don't got the right of way anyways okay I think I can go now tttt tttt I'm going to turn what you doing oh my gosh you about to cause a crash I hate this person anyways um yeah so I had a crush on this teacher and he was so cute but that's not the point the point is my dream he was in my dream last night okay this is the crazy part y'all in my dream he was entertaining my crush he wanted my number and like he was getting my number in front of the whole class in my dream all right don't don't don't be weird it was in my dream but he asked me for my number and then this girl Kaitlyn that I I knew a girl named Kaitlyn actually she wanted his number too and I was a bad cough this is my man but oh we're in a bridge so the lighting got better under the bridge how was that but yeah I got this man's number while we were in class it was lit let me turn the air down so you guys don't just hear that all day but after that a couple more things happen like the school blew up like half the school blew up and people were running outside that's scary but people were running outside I was like excuse me I need to get out of here and then as I was trying to leave everyone's like don't leave excuse me the school just blew up what do you mean don't leave so I I left I don't have the time like in my dreams and in real life I don't have the time so I left I'm gonna we're at the gas station let me get my gas why is she standing in the gas area like move lady oh my god I need to get gas excuse me my dead ass don't want to beat my horn error but she's standing in the gas area excuse me ma'am ma'am ma'am oh my god really in the way excuse me ma'am I need to get gas yeah yeah yeah okay she moved like why would you stand in the gas tank like I got you gonna take lady anyways let me get my gas real quick and then we'll carry on with the story all right we got the gas we're ready to go so we're heading to Sonic if you didn't know that I already said it in the video but anyways like I was saying in my dream I have to use my GPS don't get mad at me off but um like I was saying in my dream after I left because the school blew up and I should like I I don't remember what happened after that I think I woke up and y'all wait I woke up sideways like you know you're supposed to sleep vertical no your girl was sideways horizontally I blame that on the benadryl I took for my sinuses last night I think the benadryl contributed to the dream that I had and me waking up sideways because that was just unnecessary but I look to dream up after cuz I like to look up my dreams after I um have them if I remember what they you know were I went to Google and I said flirting with your teacher dream what does it mean this is what the website said it said if you dream about crushing on your teacher or like flirting with your teacher it means that the dream refers to your own quest for love which I totally totally understand like somebody date me like come on I'm nice I'm pretty I'm funny but here's the thing I'm always like somebody take me oh my gosh but like I'm so picky I I don't know and also I like to be left alone a lot of the time and I feel like if you have a boyfriend you have to hang out with them like often and your girl likes to be alone I love my long time I'm not gonna lie but yeah I guess my dream reflects on my quest for loved if you single if you in your 20s specifically over 23 I don't know baby's here if you wanted they hit me up I'll probably leave your text on read because I'd be anxious but like hit me up that was my dream I got my camera taped to the dashboard we out here we got gas Oh life is good can't wait to get my slushy and I might even get some corn dogs – we'll see treat yourself anyway I gotta try for 21 point four miles y'all this that's 38 minutes I'm low-key mad because look the only thing I really really enjoyed about living in Ohio before I moved to California is that Sonic was like 15 minutes away this one's 41 minutes away what you me so I'm out here driving 45 minutes for some Sonic don't judge me I'm grown my camera just shut up why did he do that alright so our next topic I'm gonna tell you guys about how I got broken up with in high school somebody asked for story time so I'm gonna throw that in here too cuz I'd be hitting like three birds with two stone whatever they say I be hitting the birds with the stomach which is kind of rude actually but and first off let me just say that there's no hard feelings with this guy that I dated like if he watches this we cool whatever I'm just gonna tell the story so me and this guy we used to date in high school we rode the same bus we went to the same school I was a senior he was a junior yep I know I know we dated it was cute or whatever during the beginning of Christmas break it was where things start to get weird oh here comes the traffic and I don't remember doing anything wrong it was it was weird but when we got to his bus stop he just like walked on by and got off the bus and I was like okay there must be a problem so I texted him no response I was like okay this is real weird and usually here's the thing guys we all lived like in the same neighborhood so after school we would all come outside and hang out we'd play flashlight tag during the summer it was like it was a lot of fun you know and so I was like are we gonna hang out today he's not responding to my texts he did he went sit with me on the bus so you know me I'm a Virgo I overthink so I was like oh my god oh my god he hates me he hates me so I don't know I don't know it was weird maybe 20 minutes after I you know got home I was doing homework whatever I hear this knock at my door I opened the door I was like hey he said he cut me off and was like I think we should break up excuse me so I I was like I think I said okay and I slammed the door in his face this man this man came to my door knocked on the door and broke up with me like traumatizing okay I applaud him for doing it in person and not doing it over a text but I kind of would rather him do it over a text cuz that was hurtful like I cried and I listened to baby please don't go by mike posner that's on slaps oh I want to listen to it on the way back but I can't listen to it in the car right now because you know copyright but yeah I was traumatized and that's that on that because breaking up with me that's that's not allowed like ever and I'm wondering why my camera keeps turning off is it too hot outside like I'm mad maybe if I did that that didn't help anyways yeah he broke up with me a card or stab Oh I was mad oh and then later he started going out with someone else and I was like bitter as a lemon but it's cool that was years ago I'm not still hurt over it it's right no I'm really not hurt over it that was in high school I'm literally a grown adult 25 and grown but that was crazy that was something I'll remember forever all right so if we're being honest I had to move the camera I guess it was getting overheated so now I have the air on hi can y'all even hear me I did not plan this out correctly I did this on the hottest day since get your life anyways let's talk about the radio for a second so the other day let me turn this down just a little bit so I'm not screaming the other day I forgot my dang aux cord don't you hate when you do that you forget your whole ox core and at home and you're driving somewhere and now you got to be forced to listen to the radio so that was me I was so mad because let me tell you this y'all why I made a tweet about this too so if you follow me on Twitter you already saw this if you don't follow me on Twitter what are you doing with your life go follow me on Twitter I am wondering why they play the same five songs on the radio 24/7 like in a rotation the same five songs they got that Justin Bieber I don't care when I'm with my baby like don't get me wrong I like that song but I don't want to hear it 5,000 times in a row why do they do that why do y'all be playing the same songs and rotation like we requested that we did we didn't request that we want to hear secret by a leaf it's so make sure y'all request that to your local radio stick I'll just kick well I'm not kidding but seriously though radio get it together huh I want to hear other stuff play some throwbacks if you want to like just I'm trying to hear other stuff are we going the right way okay we still got 25 minutes hopefully the camera won't cut off but yeah I'm tired of hearing the same things on the radio I mean I don't really listen to the radio it was just that one time and I got my freaking ox court but that's also bet on that oh that yellow car is cute I wish I could show you all but I'm not trying to crash anyways that may be Loki so cute sometimes like I wish I could show you this guy my sister's be calling me from Ohio like girl it's raining outside that range what is that we don't have that here although we Loki needed because you know LM be burning up sometimes let me take this exit they're speeding I'm going the speed limit and they just went all the way past me speeding I take it you gonna get a ticket if you don't slow down I'm just trying to get my slushy I like I don't want to cause no harm I just want my slushy I feel like over here it's way better like now that I put the camera out of the heat it's not gonna cut off on me that's wonderful it may fall down but not gonna cut off on me people are going around me go around like my mom okay y'all my mom she drives under the speed limit under E and so people be going around her all the time and it's funny cuz she's like oh I'll be there I don't care I don't care she'd be arguing but then it's great I miss my mom I'm at the car if you don't want to say hi let me know and I'll tell her y'all said hi look at these mountains I know y'all probably can't see them but no you can't see them but there are mountains like we begin earthquakes here imagine and some people live in Calabasas you know on top of the dang mountain so y'all the ones we gotta watch out for because if your house slides down on to my apartment because of an earthquake we don't have some problems we got 23 minutes we didn't move and traffic's not even bad right now I must be going slow well I'm doing it so you guys stay up on the dashboard so you don't you know fly all the way back there that's not my business it's my business as I can tell I like to throw different things on my channel so I'm asking you guys to leave a comment on what you would like to see next after this I'm not ending the video anything I'm just saying comment down below if you want to see another drive with me you want to see a follow me around in some store I hope I can record the store you know being black and doing anything can get you in trouble tea I'm happy my camera didn't turn off yet yes we are here not over here my baby I'm mad I'm singing the song when I was just talking about how I didn't want to hear it 50 million times I wonder if it's on the radio let's let's let's see Jonas Brothers okay it gets played back to back I one time I was listening to that song changed the station and heard the same song on the radio again I mean go ahead Jonas but let's get your coin but dang dang dang dang yo they trying to tell me there's no GPS reception are we lost oh my God why why does everything go wrong I'm low-key scared am I supposed to get off an exit I won't know I don't know where I'm going but you guys are coming with me I'm scared of I Drive what ups I don't know where to go oh my god well I guess what we wait for my phone to turn back on weekend we can chill what's up y'all what y'all been up to what's the haps do I sound like a whole person trying to fit in what's the haps anyways so guys I don't want to give too much info but last night I wrote one of my new favorite song I know I said secret was my favorite song that I've ever written but y'all this song I wrote last night I can guarantee that it will relate to a ton of you guys hi and like it's a pop I haven't even recorded it yet and I noticed a bob I send it to my producer yesterday he was like he was like I love the lyrics when can you come in and lay this down I was like look next week buddy I think that you guys are gonna love this one and it's not even like an up-tempo like I usually do them up tempo songs like like Sea Grant filled oh boy dizzy they're all fast cuz I'm into fast songs I don't really like slow songs but this one y'all if you know what loaf I hip-hop is oh my goodness that's the category that this song flows in the low five hip-hop category oh let me let me put the GPS on I'm just driving straight I don't know where I'm going I don't know where I am what part of California am I in oh we go we still got eight point five miles to go are we good all right y'all so we bout to be there I'm excited to get my drink oh okay anytime hit me up about some like jingles I can make easy jingles I'm about to go to Sonic to get my drink easy you know of course we would be at a red light where the person in front of me doesn't even want to turn right so now I gotta wait the road rage is real like if I was in Mario Kart oh oh that's all I have to say ooh watch out for everybody else because if I was on Mario Kart banana peels would be everywhere blue shells wait let's think about Mario Kart real quick in real life that was killing people on the road first of all not only were they killing Turtles cuz they were throwing turtle shells at each other there were also killing each other Oh Mario I couldn't be me I'm not no murderer okay where's Sonic if I was Sonic where would I be where is it I mean look at my GPS always still got a little bit to go like like two minutes I don't even know what part of California I'm in right now they say la no more hey sonic yes T let me do a smooth right so the camera doesn't fly off the tape okay okay one more smooth right oh oh that one wasn't very smooth oh I'm entering through the exit oh no oh there's the entrance okay there we go oh y'all we made it yeah yeah where's the drive-thru on this side no no what I'm always singing I don't know if you guys saw my new Instagram video I'm always talking about my Instagram yo y'all need to follow me but yeah I was singing on there you should usually check out what I sing I sing some ariana grande yeah you drive through words oh my gosh that chicken look good okay I'm gonna get a corndog cuz why the Freak not I can't wait to drink this drink y'all it's gonna come in handy it is really 90 degrees like my leg is burning and I just rolled down the window I can't breathe the moment I stick my head out there I can't breathe Oh I'm breathing in this hot air and that don't work but anyways I'm us in this video right here cuz I'm about to get my foot I'm just not even gonna record me driving back because it's gonna be road rage cuz I know there's gonna be traffic but make sure you like and subscribe and share this with your friends let everybody know about this tea or slush as I should say since I'm gonna slushie heee jokes so have a great day the name the Lord and may God bless your every step and your all before I really in this video I just want to show you how big this drink is have mercy but hey it's also coming in the ona's ninety to six degree day you



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