Drive Safe Rally at CHS

Today we’re having our drive safe rally
with our National Society of High School Scholars Club we got a grant to do this
from the National Youth Leadership Council from Project Ignition and then
we also got a grant from the Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership I was a HOBY
recipient last year so it was offered to me from In One Instant and so during the
assembly we just had we showed the In One Instant video to all of the freshmen
and sophomores during their CCR classes and so today we’re just having a bunch of
businesses and companies coming out to show our students different safe driving
things my freshman year we partnered with the Ford Driving Skills For Life
program it’s called be in the zone turn off your phone and it’s an anti
distracted driving program through like not using your phone while you’re
driving and whenever we did that project I was also the head of it and I really
enjoyed it we had another rally it wasn’t quite as
big as this one but I just I really wanted to do it again and with NSHSS
starting us this year I thought that it would be a good opportunity we really
hope that our student body becomes safer driving wise especially with all of the
school events that we have we don’t want people getting into wrecks getting out
of school events with somebody who sits next to them in biology so we just want
to keep our student body safe and we want to make sure that they’re well
informed on the dangers of their actions.

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