Draw Near to God | Pastor Pestke

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understanding and that song that Jesus hated
all is recognizing exactly how
much we truly owed in a while we were yet centers
are the father sends his only
begotten son into this world 46
wife sacrificed so am I the before I even existed before I
even took my first breath and
had the opportunity to say and
got new Spartans gonna be a
center and he’s been absolutely ball
and when it comes to writing as
soon as often as sacrificed my one
and only son the most valuable
thing if it isn’t as one of the
most valuable thing that got all , for paying are saying that ward for sacrificing yourself on
across for a sword is your word
says that you’ll see maybe for a
good person someone would rest their life baby for a really righteous
individual person would buy but
yet were we were centers where we were wayward and war two came down for us where we are so grateful and I
don’t believe that it’s even
really possible for us to fully
understand what that sacrificed
a ru I pray that you help us to have
a glimpse of this morning was we
sink racing.may we have just a
little bit of an understanding o power to use it to those that
orgy of that you still want to see
come to know you all did not yet plus their faith
in their trust in you god may we
see every heart and soul come to
say the knowledge of your son as lord bless this offering this
morning god use it in your name
we pray and the seed in the heart of every he
does and longing for soon as
there’s of passion that of
thousands to make an impact,
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here this morning and which imitate about, and let us
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this morning it is all about
Jesus is the heart of worship on whether you’ve chosen be here
with us this morning on this
beautiful weekend and we rejoice
in what god is doing I enjoyed
on Oman my wife from she convinced me that a garage
sale and offices and I was opposed to this because who wants to have a
garage sale right and then does
she finally talked me into a sin
and then we started calling
stuff o thought was painful right but it
was a beautiful weekend for a
garage sale to say that a man and the lord sent one
special person or write sale
yesterday and this woman walked in and
said I want everything on that
table and that people in that table and if I was here yesterday you
would need to be open today , tickled inside , said OK, so glad you came here
to then on we begin talking was
wonderful we on a fun of shoes
of she’s become the first bible from she’s been a couple of a
trick that you may come here
this morning and a yard sales to
be a great place to talk to
people o it worked out good first of two
where we James chapter four is
where we are on love for you stand with me as
we read through these verses
were to start in verse six we’ve
been going through the book of
Ja Landauer to continue going to
the book and James vs. it’s a
story ended last week if you
love were paying attention we’re
going I think the bible thinks is so
pretty important so let’s go and
read from Ver six he says James,
speaking on the inspirational h submit yourself therefore to god
resistant double and he will
flee from you draw nigh to god and he will
draw 90 you conjure Angie
centers and pure fire heart she
double minded be afflicted and mourned and we
lecture laughter be turn to
morning in your joy to having
its first 10 humble yourselves
in the lift you up with particular a father never we’re grateful
that we can all come here this
morning father thank you for the
heart of worship thank you that
al thank you that we can lift up
our voice to you and now that we
can receive of your word or a
praying the wood with all
readiness just expose it for what it is
lord allow us to understand it
conducts for we pray and ask all
of this in jesus’ name a man and it’s even try near to god is
the title of the message here
today and will look at five
steps up in how to draw near and
how humility for inverse 10 he tells
us when we are truly Humber
humbled that is when god is
going to lift us of it so we are attempting maybe
the greatest feats of man today
we’re not looking for the fear
of cancer were not looking to
win a week and did he do that as the
bible is talking about here that
we as his creation can literally
come in two and enjoy his prese as a dad is when I come home on
at night or wherever maybe I
walk in the I walk in the open
up that door to my kids look
over an I stopped loudly right in there
all in a TV trance of you know
the TV trances I know most of
you think the pastors kids are
prob he wants a loss to be nearer to
him and oftentimes there can be
walls in our life there can be a
distance the truth is god does not move he does not drift
away god does not change
therefore if our relationship
with god is different or is less
or is we in me if you’ve ever been to the
ocean and you’re out there
playing in the water and you
maybe lose track of time and you
just w it just me that’s drifted away
from their there are many of them never would’ve thought
about that now the sun I feel
this draft this distance that is taking
place in my life we can see it with seasoned
marriages even the kids are on a
college their of the house are
getting married off their
starting t but for me I don’t need as much
as if a personal relationship is
only necessary for the little
ones when not necessary for me
an they may even begin to see great
grandchildren they’ve done their
part life they can be easy for
all of us for them to focus les and were further and further
away from god there’s a distance
that has occurred James says
almost no matter what season of
life if I would draw near to him that he would draw to near to me
soar to learn to five distinct
ways for us to fight against that
tide for us to take some steps
to narrow the draft of god’s
narrow path of humility is
oftentimes p for some of this the path of
Phillip humility looks like a
religion and looks like
integrity it looks like morality
if I just at more grace and this is where
always starts in the scripture
this grace is a gift to the
humble and we spoke about this a
little through think it’s not me that
does the saving but it’s god’s
gift that he pours out to those
that will humble themselves
before the despicable cross with the
blood of the lamb was shed is
the only way that we can find
salvation and purpose in this life we are
told that that reception of grace
it’s not a onetime reception but
we continue to receive that
grace and order that when we
walk and prosper us and make a successful
and there are times as this text
tells us that he will resist the
prouty give grace the humble because there are times in every
single one of our lives that we
begin to veer off and go down a
wrong path and gun in his lovin every day not just on Sunday mornings but work in my marriage with my
children a matter what I’m doing I come
to the place where I need you
lord every moment of the day god
I need you so we start in verse
se we’re obeying god this is not
out of cool worsen if you will
butt out of love in of passion
for Jesus and his way this is
where god to some it is to recognize
the lordship in the authority of
another and obviously in this
tax for recognizing that
authority is an active submission
submission is seen all
throughout the scripture all
throughout it all into its
common sense right we sub right will get a ticket from
onto that but it also allows us to live Brian keeps us from
endangering ourselves by going too fast we look at the Dennis
the menace says says I hate you
need to eat less sugary things
and so we cut Sean sugar’s our made the right then that the
long gates the value of our of
RT we we take marriage vows and
what we’re doing is we’re
putting up thought healthy it’s dangerous
so we’re to submit some mission
is common sense book for some
reason when we say to goblin god
sa so when we submit to him we’re
going to benefit its first
annual chapter 15 I love what the field prophet
says Samuel said this all has
the lord is great delight in
Burke offerings and sacrifices
is in ob and we says here your sacrifice you’re giving all the treasures that you pile
up all the fat and calves that
you give all the service you do
for me I mean that’s just not what I’m asking
for obeying the voice of Lori
goes on to say behold to obey is
better than sacrifice until
harki and an end of their blessing most the time because I thought were either
not perfect children I’m trying to train my children
there’s things I’m I would like
them to do you know that there
was things I’ve asked them to do that I walked past the roman go
all Savannah do clean the kids run
for them not to just get it all
by themselves and you know, this is amazing, all you know
that they come home they begin
to do their homework without
pool were sure for Serb rides
right th the prophet says butts of this
thing come and buy them saying obey my voice and I will be your
god and ye shall be my people
and walkie and all the ways and
I have commanded june and look
at that it may be well unto you do
see the correlation obeying god
in the wellness of your life
walk hand in hand when we’ll
date w Abraham was challenged with this
he was asked to sacrifice his
son he had to make that the
choice got do you really know
what yo Jesus was of awe of brought to
this place is well done I know
what your plan is redemption of
all mankind them and the defeat
of that’s what decision every one
of us estimates submission to god through the
scripture I’ve put a ball a list
of different things that we all
need to submit to on this list
co and the lead into the spirit of
god that you would submit your
life to him and received
forgiveness of sin that’s what
god wants god wants you to know that
answer and if you would obey him he
would give you a resolution in
your soul secondly wants is to
be baptized at the 28 1st 91
thing fo follow my ways do this third
late on these are just a random
not in any order we are to be a
people that praise the lord that
we we are to be a people one of
things we do in this church as
we come together to congregation
like lift up our voices and
praises a CIC mannequins on ago and was happening want you wanna saying, like the
same lesson I have a terrible
Ike Austin O’brien of renown
that I’ll be sitting in and the
perso you areas that were to come
together and enjoyable underline
it no ladies OK then many of
these I’d like to think of a
terrible it’s us or to praise god were to
make a joyful noise together the
next one would be generosity god
loves a cheerful giver you kn by been generous chords his
church evangelism first
Corinthians chapter nine Paul
said woe is me well as Mia by don’t preach the
gospel if I don’t tell people
about his saving grace and his
amazing love that has
transformed m were to have fellowship back
chapter two were to come
together its not to just arrive
at that to 835 come and listen
and leave a were to invest one in another not just a
transference of knowledge but a bar of the way of life how
do you be a Christian and work
in corporate America of honey
and be a Christian and walk
throug that skull discipleship some
101st two talks about serving
aboard with gladness using them are gifts in our
talents for the kingdom of god
and for his church Matthew chapter 28 talks
about the mission to go into this world to love
god to love people to serve
others and to tell every one first vessel is chapter five
talks about prayer Neal we obey
god by praying to god every
believer is supposed to have a
prayer l meeting this is not just the
chapter we’re read when people
get married but this is the
chapter we live off charity go through that today this
afternoon and understand how it
is that we are to obey god and
charity Matthew chapter 22/39
tells us then if we’re going to draw near
to god then we need to be a of
people that submit to god that
obey him that they don’t look at I’m so happy to praise and
worship into fellowship and to
serve and to use and to give in
to pray and to honor him with my life
and tell other people’s what a
blessing that if see there’s no
middle ground on all of this there’s no such thing as
submission to Jesus Christ as
savior but not submitting to him
and as are lord every time we
submits to it is a step nearer to god is in
a struggle with praying all to
set your alarm a little bit a
little bit earlier 5 minutes
maybe a step ports god, not a it’s not
good given of our time that we
look to start with a little to
start no I don’t know fight
where school bus stop in the right
direction which start of which
are to swim against the tide
were started drawn near to god
when we resist the double so we submit
to god and we resist the double
here is the dark truth about the
bible and about life there is an enemy there is a bad guy there is an evil there is an
adversary I personally don’t
speak much about the double
because I don’t wanna give him
on due cred always kidded wicked evil force whose sole purpose is to kill
into destroy us any exists not that does puncture our tires but to bring shame and rule in
and hurt and despair and
depression and confusion into
our lives he doesn’t show up with a low
reading the tea and a pitchfork
little little subtle smoke a
modest tale he is more subtle the DBS the
field ID’s looking destroy our
lights and your game says right
here raise this this jump or to resist him to stand with the lord means we
stand against everything simple
and worldly that was formally of
peeling and corrupting and ensl this is about drawing near to
god and to draw near to god we
resist the double occasions chapter six as we do
that when we put on the armor of
god when we live in faith before him
were able to resist them we resist the double in practice
by fleeing from temptations and we flee from sin the double
as the state tax tells us
willfully he from Aussie this
happen in Jesus day Jesus faceted 40 days the bible
says that the devil came to him
a 10th of him then and then and
this was a little piece of candy every time that the double
tempted Jesus Jesus resisted him and after three times of
resisting Daniel to double that fled he left him alone that’s what
happens in our lives if we would
do the same thing made the
greatest temptation double has
put bef be vigilant because your
adversary that double as Roy
Walk is about seeking whom he
may he’s gonna give the chomp down
he wants to devour us this isn’t flat tires on way to work the doubles at it
again he wants to devour me and destroyed me but the first
knight says that put their first
nine whom resist steadfast in the face knowing that the same
afflictions are couples to your
brother and are in the world you
noted doesn’t say it doesn’t say they can all our Britain than a dozen eggs as we said resist this guy in the eye we resist a double seater as
this means we opponents are we
fight back and we stand against
his vices and oftentimes his vic in first Corinthians chapter six
and tells us that we are to
fully fornication the bible
tells every sin them and others
without casual sex is on the rise but
you know that in a 2018 survey
70% of Americans raise their
hand and says it’s morally
acceptable outside of marriage or before
marriage that’s the culture we live in
its very calm in in our
universities then our workplaces
for people the shack up and
think there’s that’s 64% of young people ages 13 to 24 seek pornographer pornographic images
and videos on a weekly or more base if it is 13 it’s
one of 65% of those people you
safely fornication was in the
word fornication is an umbrella
term it’s it’s everything in there if
you’re involved in that you can
draw nearer to god you can it’s what you will
resist a double but those things away and take a
step towards him secondly tells us that we’re
toughly idolatry first lady is
chapter 10 the says simply fully
idolatry it is super he’s the
idola we walk into somebody’s home
aboard an old hand side of the
trust that terrible we shouldn’t
be a part of that of OK that’s
true but idolatry is setting up
anything before god you know
that your family can become
idolatrous but you know that you can put
your family before god did you
know that you could put your
career before god I’m just
working 67 not doing the things that he is
called us to do athletics can be
idolatry in our life arts and
music anything can become
idolatr put away adultery fully from its it’s a temptation
that every one of us is going to
be challenged where it first in the chapter
six inverse Kenny says flee the
love of money he tells the love
of money is the root of all evil
w believing that riches that
wealth at any cost is the
endgame it’s the most important
thing that can happen in my life
as long as god says no pursue god’s kingdom don’t
pursue the love of money fourth way we see that we’re to
perform we are to fully useful a
second Timothy chapter two overs
22 these this he specifically fixation of improper love than
do feel of the receding on
talking about right when two
people and in the eighth grade
of the nin to leave youthful loss if we
wanna resist the double and we
have to do things god’s way see the double this desires to
destroy hand to kill he destroyed wants
to corrupt us and to put us in his
bondage he can never take away
our internal salvation but he can hinder us he can shame us he can hurt us he can fracture us and got Sisson want that for you if you would draw near to me if you would resist the double and I will lift you up Seamus said that that that 42
and that faith and the vision to
resist for the god that is enough is greater than the evil that is
without us if we would come to understand
that then we are resisting the
power of god’s spirit not in our
own flash I get resisting is not it you know it’s a dumb
illustration but if you’ve ever
tried to be on a diet you said
you supple can knock a neat that
so when partner as this audience to Graham bobby and
interest Gotta be thrown snap
chats around the IBM face but
whenever it is that every time
you sit how you just look for a minute
right now it turns into 1010
turns into our next thing you
know you’re in your bed flipping
throu an so difficult sometimes begin to push away from that it
becomes easier and easier and easier as an aisle on all
but two when I’m looking to keep
the double way as far away from
me and my family as I possibly
ca not near god so every time I
resist the double on gun near to
god and doubles caught on not
going same direction you are good that we’ll see you later
their dying a wannabe near you
you wanna be near Nate let’s
just make this agreement not to
walk t we see again the tells us to
draw near to god and first eight distraught near to god is is
fellowship with god he tells the
Malachi three even from the days
of your father’s year gone away
f from anomaly god’s people have always
struggled adrift with the tide pulling them out which is trying to tread water because and work it did work for
Israel it can work for the early church it hasn’t worked in my life and
it probably hasn’t worked in
your life we can’t just tread water and
think they were to draw near to
god and says and Jeremiah 29 and
you shall seek me in finding
when where we desire to worship to
meet to seek his help to gain
assurance and to follow his ways
see this drawing near is
necessary we’ve often allow these
roadblocks these walls to come
in that that hinder and many
things seem important and then
closer to our have fellowship with god scion of doctors and affect his
dog and my house in my cinema college this dog jumps up on my lap in NFL as if you just about
everything be fine because the
right of my hand sits there and
takes is one knows he puts
understand sometimes my wife because of
August on top of me she sits in
different chair all together now
the reality is even know my wife is 10 feet
away from her from me she still close to the mad dog
will ever be because the dog is just a dog for many of us we’ve allowed
things to jump on our laps that
keep us from fellowship with the
most important things in our
lives and when I sit my wife and use on the couch fees one
will be in competition with the
bulk you know I need is sometimes I forget that dog all off the
couch I needed a need to get some
things out of my life as one
trying to say so that I can come
back and fellowship with god when a sale god if you’re out
there please reduce all come
enjoy yourself to make it all
while the lord is saying I’m
right here you would feel my presence you
would know me see drawing near
is fellowship of the heart of
god it’s it’s that recognizing
his p his kingdom were told where to cleanse our
hands and verse eights and
purify our hearts and hands
represent the extra hole
obviously in the he tells us that that we need to
cleanse these see you double
minded those people are lacking
integrity if you Willey says we
ne or who shall stand in his holy
place he that has clean hands in a pure
heart was not lived up to Seoul
on to vanity Norse warned if
deceitfully he shall receive the
ble salvation that I want the
blessings of god in only says
clean your hands purify your hearts it’s our
hands that they get soil that
the talks too much to fill of
this world a get too involved
before we for more of what it is whatever
it is more and more and more we feel a dullness to lord we
lacked the clarity because that
that film of dirt is on our
hearts and on our body and he tells us injure mine
Jeremiah chapter four O’Toole is
Jerusalem watch Steinhardt from
wickedness that all may is the
same and purity I’m not gonna give
you a list of things here today
that the file your hands are not
to give you a list of things
that he says come back to god cleanse
yourself of all these things and
listen don’t think for a second
that god has some sort of low and if end of dirty, and shows
up that he’s not a corrupt
everything keep them away no god is lights in in hand is no darkness so when I’m 30 and I start to
come to god us that light does
it reveals my darkness and still
instead of coming near to god my
f so god he’s trying to reveal
himself the Français purify
yourselves to people and when
you truly purify yourselves
you’ll want the last step here to come to
god is to be afflicted to mourn into we if we’re gonna draw near to god
it’s not to be this casual drive through place our order
have it done in 5 minutes he say and then if you really
want to draw near to god there’s
gonna need to be some affliction as the need to be that the
madness of a messed up so much and willing to cry about it feel the sense of contrition you’ll be in a sometimes when
his parents week, most things over for our
children we take out we take as
many problems away from them a
immuno we we we want them to be
in sometimes our kids don’t work as
hard as they should sometimes
are kids just Arnie quipped are
gifted to be those people that’s and by the way sometimes I do
wrong to and I don’t always need
somebody to walk up to me and
sale was gonna be OK sometimes I
ju IMS stopped but got still loves me be afflicted morning and we all
too often we laugh at the wrong
things sought to uninstall the
funny bone for reason right if
ar debating whether to tell a story
written off of a menopause and a
party once and then and there
was this the pool is out there w fulltime any hit so hard that
that is facing his whole body
had the exact same type and the
literally went straight back but hardly contain myself a mealy we walked over and said,
you OK with graphs and lice put
on some downs man hope you’re OK
and then my front of the walke that insists there will now be eight
laugh and but I don’t know why
are not left because you’ll do
the same exact thing to a is not wrong to laugh and have
got nothing then you should
never laughed in this world and he got his heels comedic in
many ways, if I could never look
to wiener dog I mean he allowed
that take place until the porta the talk about puberty if we
wanted right level of that time of the
squeaky voice in the pit bulls
come out that’s below full god is looking down their goal and
all were bugs and booked answer
number those who love those build a computer men on the
south and the belt buckle this is not just up there going
a little of humanity that is
amazing is not wrong laugh but there are times that we need to be sobered that we do wrong with the need to hide that we become before dawn on our
knees and thank god master of ecclesiastes three says it is
time to weep a tunnel at the
time to mourn the time to dance he’s assembled six plus
30 that hunger now for you shall
be filled blessed are you a week
now we now he says in the show last it’s OK to have
little to Saro from life here and there first 10 story finish with a humble ourselves back to
this book and Brian record
recognizing my position in the
sights of Lorton one that hats
and hap when were lifted up it’s not our
strength of his strength that he
builds us that we find his favor
see god is always honored tho and the crown jewel for a
Christian is humility it’s not position it’s not
reward is not occupation it’s
the family accomplishments it’s
not the legacy I leave behind is mike humility that matters
before god and so what I’m asking you to do
today as I’m asking you to search your
own heart I’m asking you look
and see heavy drifted away from god I want to listen to your own
conversations are in full of gossip want to look through your own
eyes and full of loss and greed and
pride and watch and salmon your life
and the two spent running water
and as you look to the to the to
the shoreline you realize and yo you know what you need to do
today you need to draw near to god you need to take some
intentional stops to come back
to him drawn near to him and he will draw near to you as bright father we are grateful for this
morning for this tax cut
helpless to be a people that are
not that distance with you but
we have god do your work and Eliza
prayer spirits which speak
gotten in and all of us would
respond that we would be near
today than we were yesterday losses
now your work we ask in jesus’
name a man we stand with me is
we sang this invitation song as Aaron is the praise team sayings or I need you do need lord today
do you need him in your life
would you please draw near to
him whether you and your seat to
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vehicle, you are excellent, as I
ha They’ll have a sea of your stock
investors you have an a, or circus academy is a ministry
of this church if you’re not
familiar with that we have
between two and seven and 320
children a Ryan great over here will be in
the foyer would love to talk to
you the love to give you a two
word of the school help you
under would you help me to do that
this day and this week, take
these five intentional stops or
would you favor be a pumas
people may and then the bus to thank you
for being here we hope to see
you back Wednesday evening at 530 999

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