#DragoNateCaringTee Using My Channel to Help Others – Supporting the National MS Society

Hi there! My name is Nathan, my YouTube channel is DragoNate. My biggest goal with my YouTube channel is
to help others in some way and that’s exactly what this video is all about. so yesterday, I launched a campaign on teespring.com/dragonate-caring-tee-ms. Now these shirts, this campaign, is supporting
the National MS Society. The reason I did this is because, number one,
it’s something that I really wanna do. I wanted to help others in some way and I
thought giving to the National MS Society would be a great choice because my mother,
three years ago, was diagnosed with MS. She fights through the MS every day and she’s
a huge supporter of myself and everything I do on this channel and everything I do in
my life. I love my mother so much and I thought since
she was diagnosed, I’ve been wanting to help in some way to find a cure for MS and so that’s
what I’m hoping to accomplish with this campaign. So please go check out teespring.com/dragonate-caring-tee-ms
I know it’s a lot to remember, it’s in the link, it’s in the description below, so you
don’t have to worry too much about it. It’s a little but unruly, but, that is what
it is and, yeah, please go check that out. Please spread this campaign to all your friends,
all your family, all your coworkers, everywhere. Spread it everywhere you possibly can! Let’s get this campaign as BIG as it possibly
can be! Let’s get a crap ton of money donated to the
National MS Society! 75% of all proceeds go directly to the National
MS Society. Kay? This is so cool, this is, I am so excited
to be doing this! I found out about TeeSpring through another
guy who I actually met on the TubeBuddy forums, his name is Ninja614, I believe. He made some shirts for his channel, and mugs,
on TeeSpring dot com and I saw the video that he did for this and I thought “Oh my gosh! This would be a GREAT idea! This would be SO cool!” And since then, since I saw that I think two
weeks ago, I have been wanting so bad to do this! Cuz this is so cool! This is exactly the thing I want to do with
my channel! This is exactly it! All I want to do is help people in some way. And this the best way I can think to do it
right now. And I am so excited! So please! Please, go to the link in the description
below, click on it! Go to teespring.com/dragonate-caring-tee-ms. Use the hashtag on your social media #DragoNateCaringTee
use that to share it, use that once you get your shirt if you get one and please just
spread this as far as we possibly can! Thank you SO much, in advance and Godbless!

9 thoughts on “#DragoNateCaringTee Using My Channel to Help Others – Supporting the National MS Society

  1. Guys, this is so important to me and I appreciate ALL of your support! Even if you can't afford to buy one, it means so much more than you know to share it! Let's try and stretch this campaign across thousands upon thousands of people! Do you think we can accomplish this in 21 days?

  2. I just want to let everyone know that these shirt can still be bought and will continue to be available! If you'd like to get yourself one, please go to
    There are some newer ones there as well 🙂
    Thanks and Godbless!

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