Dragon Scales A Capella Group | Howard Community College

(a cappella singing) – [Narrator] For HCC
student Nicole Madaffari the inspiration to build
Dragon Scales from scratch came from two friends, both of whom were in a
cappella groups at UMBC. – When they told me that they were in the a cappella group I was jealous, I really was like, “Oh I wish that HCC
had a a cappella group” and she said “We should start one.” (laughs) and I was like, “Okay!” So we did. – And she told me, you know, “I saw you in high school “and I knew that you were always singing “and I wanted you to, you
know, be in the group.” And I was like, “Okay, like, just let me
know the audition dates.” She was like, “You know,
come on, I just need help.” And I was like, “Okay.” – [Narrator] Dragon
Scales now has 10 members, Nicole is a soprano who
also handles logistics. Emily and Jaylah both sing
alto and arrange music while teaching other members
the art of arranging. – I arrange the, the things fall apart I like when notes clash and dissonance, during the part of this
song the lead is saying “Over-thinking’s got me
drinking, messing with my head.” So I wanted it to be like
a massive part in the song just like over-thinking so it was all these different parts, all these different songs, just, you know, thinking of a whirlwind and your mind is going crazy almost. ♪ Getting over you. ♪ (applause and cheering) – [Narrator] But the most
powerfully moving experience for the students was their
very first concert at HCC. – I was like counting the days, counting the hours down and
when the day finally came and it was like nearly showtime I was like “Oh my God, it’s finally happening.” When I first stepped out I was like, “Oh my God”, there’s a lot
more people than I thought that was going to be there and when I started singing
and I saw them smiling and clapping along I was really happy.

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