Dr Olukoya 2019 πŸ”΄ May The Lord, Your Divine Helper, Rearrange Your Destiny To Glorify Your Name

shout aloud Alleluia la subasta god bless you praise the Lord so wonderful be near missed again the other between them of Jesus this morning we're looking at the science the science of destiny help us what did I say the science of destiny help us and I'd like you to listen very very carefully this is where a lot of people get it all wrong and if you got it all wrong then you get it all wrong throughout your life the science of destiny help us in Luke chapter 22 verse 7 Luke 22 verse 7 the science of destiny help us sistahs what is the topic brought us look 22 was seven the ideas a yes okay no okay I wait for you look 22 seven then came the day of the unleavened bread when the Passover must be killed and his Saint pizza and jaundice Jesus Jesus and Peter and John saying go and prepare cause the Passover that we may eat and they said unto Him where wilt thou that we prepare and said unto them behold when he entered into the city there shall a man meet you there shall a man meet you bearing a pitcher of water pitcher miss John of water okarin bucket of water or carrying gallon of water just carrying jar of water so follow him into the house we have internet in and he shall say unto the Goodman of the house the master said on today where is the gas chamber where I shall eat the Passover with my disciples and shall shew you a large upper room furnished there McCready and they went and found as I said unto them and they made ready a Passover Jesus wanted his disciples to prepare for the Passover essential them their somewhat as you are entering the city you will see a man with a jar of water said that man is your sign watch to where we are supposed to go please be written man in mind the man who DJ the man woody John the man with the job what did I say praise the Lord there are seven statements I want you to put down that will help you today in this chat message several statements at on to make now which I want you to put down it to do so much in the message of this money number one you design what you decide to tolerate anything you decide to tolerate then you decided you deserve it whatever you do not want to tolerate you will not tolerate it I understand that one what did I suggest now yes I decided to learn it if spirit Osmos oppressing you now and the RCO dream life you are sinful olan if we tolerate it twisted but if you decide not to tolerate it if we go you decide if you decided tolerate it to stay we said no you cannot say if you go you deserve what you decide to tolerate in this British Harlem there is no gentleman in the spiritual realm there are no civilians now also yes even the demons Sidious oh yes so you can't afford to be a civilian the Bible says as from the days of John the Baptist until now the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force the Kingdom of Heaven does not have respect for spiritual gentlemen so if you call me instead of you bring the play that will change your life you like yoga which it is a problem Jacob met an angel one night and that night that night is life changed forever because of dancing good night that's why they call God the God of Jacob and his life changed totally it relate from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. several cars one prayer I would not let you go unless you bless me let me tell you the truth it may be bitter the kind of prayer that will change your life it's not a player you put up with 100 your pocket as a good guy I know Barry you got a pleasure no you got a plasma so yeah in your life the kind of product in your life is not the kind of prayer use they say issue prayer say yeah yeah yeah preacher pritchards Bridget Bridget now you deserve what you decide to do it tolerate i'ma know if you want to continue to tolerate failure here Robert okay to the death fast passing the person is most death the death first person on earth is he who refuses to listen the Deaf first person is he full diffuses to list it is you are hearing but is not entry we are refusing to listen the Bible calls the person the death fest yes you are hearing what you are not hearing you have seen what you are not seeing three I see follow me no one can disrespect you without your permission no one can disrespect you without your permission so if the enemies teaching you here and yet you give them the permission to do so if they are just aris Eugene dealing with jenni how you give the permission for them to do so if we draw the permission they cannot mess up with you at all they messed up with Abel they can even make good they mess up even with John the Baptist they keep journal about this like a chicken but when it came to return of Elijah it decided that he didn't want you to disrespecting the man of God calm down calm down now things that calm down 51 so yes so what did you say it is a man of good so okay since you said with your mouth that I'm a man of God I'm going to test run that power so if I be a man of God let what left eye out for and 51 people were loosed take another 51 Kim man of God come down so you two are here welcome since you call me a man of God left I'll come down under 51 roosters making one new to this isn't it Todd 51 well the leader of the top 51 had some respect it did not seem and about comparison my father imagine is what you are going through my father divided was a went on his knees I said my father please the king is calling you the king is calling you I don't want to be wasted like it was the time before like a knock him down and follow that man no one can disrespect you without your form in a mad world in a mad world only mad people animal what did I suggest now the mad one you cannot live if we live in a crazy world you must become Chris to survive you end even in a mad what was a con man to survive if you want any progress at all you want to be on top of the ladder you want to be ahead of your colleague you need a little bit of madness a little bit of word madness you want first-class degree you want to be at the top you won't always be a top you need madness a little bit of madness it is challenging when you see what you shall achieve I cannot achieve it and other some achieve in it and you know you have the capacity to do it a little bit of madness I have shared my story here with too many times as I come I come from very poor who and when serious terrible poverty and I wanted to get out of that profit but I did not know how to get out until our Indian one Indian to China our school teaches mathematics began to say if you want to if you want to want to defeat poverty read your book was an asset led the books I read one year from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. every day for Nia that is madness madness but by the time I result come out at the madness speed of 5 do not make someone a priority in your life when they are making you an option don't make somebody a priority in your life when the person is making you an option amazing about to do now five six you must know when the role of somebody your destiny is over you must know when the role of somebody your destiny is what over I'm quickly lady passing good you don't stick to somebody when the role of that person your destiny is proven seven as if I let me I'm too fast for you okay we start on the beginning again number one what is number one your voice is not sounding like an evangelist your susanna like a primary school teacher to three for five that's at 6 you must know that's why you must know when the rule of somebody you're testing is a over 7 the four most important days in your life before most important days in your life and one the day you were born before most important days your life is one the day you were born to the day you met Christ 3 the day you figure out why you have on for the day you die before most important this your life that one the day you were born to the day you met Christ three the day you figure out where you were born for the day you die what are the four most important is your life one two three four say it again what are the four most important days yes man listen between the time you are born and the time you die there is a gap within that gap you need a testiment helper or a destiny for water within the day you are on and then you die you need a destination path or a destiny promoter sometimes loneliness is not the absence of people loneliness is just the failure of somebody to relate with other people a person can decide to be lonely no matter how intelligent you are no matter how brilliant you are and I've seen many brilliant men in my life no matter how much brain power that you have there is no man that can produce a baby alone it needs a partner whoever you are wherever you are coming from you cannot live your life in isolation as some people that do not relate which no matter how smart you are no matter how bright you are no matter how gifted you are no matter how talented you are no matter how i'ma tell you are you need tests help us you need destiny promoters these are people who are divinely positioned to appear in your life's journey a destiny happen to fulfill your destiny there must be a connection between you and the people that got a strategic Ally position to assist you realize your dreams what am I said wherever you are now dice up some people the Sun what is all aware that God has position to help you approach you to your next level this are the people called destiny and purpose I'm going to pray for somebody here let your a man be the loudest here today because the Sun is an important thing to meet that destiny helper that was a woman who wanted to join the husband and this would have a little bit more other the genders but the husband won a scholarship to travel abroad and the woman is entitled to join her husband because was was a copy for in scholarship any time this woman wanted ambassador who said no we can't give you the visa he went 13 times no visa and she was a very nature it was a young marriage no baby no nothing new man now came to a meeting we would worried about destiny promoters then she went for the interview next time when she got to the embassy again a woman was intervener so yes what do you want someone to burn kill my husband say yeah your husband so why do you want to get us wiser Hamdi wife is alone so what's wrong with a man Vinny rule but I'm the wife I have yes if you say enjoy yourself you deal with other women you can kill yourself with other men why do you work so I I only you want to show that this I refuse what I really other coffee the coffee or see Rosie she says honey she drunk what the eye de-puff become so serious she couldn't continue that's okay excuse me asthma so she she went inside she was still coffee as good as she went inside another man coming to the desk the man was looking string I say yes madam what do you want Sam over my visa I want to jam as well okay that's right okay that's good oh that's good configure visa to this time now defend oh so it's a comfort with us to this time and I say thank you God bless you and the minor detail immediately then the coffee woman came back by tiny confirm our comeback since that left so that man that was so delete aiming to happen was the destiny help for somebody the power blocking your destiny episode I in the name of Jesus [Applause] only palace Tokyo help us shall be stopped by the power in the name of Jesus and in fact power occupying the seat of your destiny helper they shall be unseated by fire in the name of Jesus the powers are assigned to terminate you help us they shall destroy themselves in the name of Jesus medicine every carefully designed blindness to make you miss this the advance of destiny shall be wiped away by the blood of Jesus by the blood of Jesus by the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus [Applause] I'll use it when you and can tie or divine help it allows you to go faster when you encounter your divine helper it gives you quick recovery you probably cooking and it allows you to attempt great things for God when you encounter the divine help us you may not ask the question who is a divine helper bow on a divine helper is somebody designed and programmed by God to move with your next level it's designed and programmed by God to do what to move you to your next step so when you move to your next level in the name of Jesus to a divine helper is a catalyst to your destiny fulfillment those of you read science you know what the catalyst means it catalyzes you your destiny fulfillment who is the divine HEPA is the person prepared by heaven to provide the help you need in order to achieve your goal is prepared by heaven to provide the help you need to achieve your goals in life who said divine destiny helper is the person that plays a defining role in your life at the defining pivot please a defining role in your life are to define any period who is your destiny helper your destiny helper is the man with the job that you must come across to give the divine direction your man with the job your man with each other to give you divine direction you can now see it is tragic to miss those destiny helpers there are different categories of destiny help us let me go through the categories very cooking I said doesn't help us then different categories number one there are advices this word visor just like Neiman Neiman was the captain of the army but was it was a leper a tiny girl that the capture from Israel was who advises say my father if you go to that prophet in Samaria you'll be Lilou is a slogan advised lemon that little girl was a destiny helper to their counselors the council will give you good cancer there our destiny helps three informants those who give information that destiny happens for good friends what did I say good friends that doesn't help us look at somebody and if they say have a good friend in this judge another person and says oh 2012 as necessar good friends if you go to church if you are looking for somebody instead I chose we check with a genetic doctor you will find if you go to judge they're looking for somebody who we take into prostitution you will find you will find five Mentos Mentos those are destined helpers a Mentos can see further than June a mentor can advise you a mentor has been there ahead of you another danger we were to tell you don't do this don't do that six workers for example their process seven unsolicited support us we didn't ask them to support you they are supporting you David was in the backside of the desert playing the half and looking at a ship but somebody was in the palace telling the King about David and then we did not know that somebody was talking about him at the palace that person introduce David from the desert to the palace it's a testing helper and they did not even know who they were I pray that we you need a voice and you do not have a voice what is interview what I this job what is carrier what is business a voice is needed to support you what you do not have a voice the large other surprise for you the silencer points these are the points which are less the points which are a sequence which are a sequence is arrest requires in the name of Jesus [Applause] H good broadcasters and then in the broadcast for good instead of percussive or even good broadcasters their destiny help us line is facilitators they facilitate our journey in life time is compassionate associations those to associate with and they just have pity for you there must be folded up compassion on you that just help you without menu from anywhere we'll call them compassionate Association 11 is prophetic Association you God so bless you you are able your life to come across a prophet of God who can sit does say the Lord said there's any help 12 it's a voice raised for you your absence that's going to happen 13 good husband a good wife a good husband a lot The Good Wife they are destined help us in fact once you marry a deficit you are finished a good wife good husband doesn't happens 14 prayer partners those you play with those who pray with you then you're testing helpers 15 a lifter and I call them lift if find us all we're in now lifted you up find you somewhere lifted you up God will give you a lift in the name of Jesus let a man be loud and clear sixteen teachers also teach you the Word of God teach you the ways of life 17 pastors 18 godly parents now destined help us might in angels of God that destiny Epis and lastly recommend us they recommend you sir try this personal this person is good this person is good I pray for you one more time today that the end of the god of Elijah shall draw the right passes to you he shall push the wrong persons away I pray that your eyes of one astonish I'd be open to your destiny help us so what am I told you so far I've told you so far that when God wants to bless you and lift you if we send somebody away every one of us we need help us of destiny in our journey of life to lead us to a promised land your blood true may be connected to another person's birth true if you do not meet the person you should meet you cannot do what works better to do and if you do not do what tries whether to do then you cannot fulfill your destiny and you cannot live a fulfilled life there's somebody out there prepare by the Almighty to connect you to your divine destiny may you find that person deliver [Applause] you now see so any power that removes your destiny alpha is a lazy or destiny that's what is technically doing yes it written your destiny I remember that friend of mine it went for an interview now oil company their family friend was the deputy managing director of the oil company so it was from conclusion walkover because they are discuss it in the house that my my son is coming for interview tomorrow difference they don't worry if I'm dead I'm independent don't worry so this at least the interview started somebody was not written about one got him about you gotten my felt was number three to get him just as my film was about to get him the deputy MD that was going to help him there develop renews to mock the master tell rushing to the toilet it was random I was rushing in threat was was busy with the toilet that my friend came in and you know it did not prepare because he had resumed went my father's friend is why why should I need to lead anything did anything didn't die he just went there so when he got there the accent the first question you didn't know where the answer was there's only second question he was shaking he looked around YouTube we didn't see it's all one empty seat this is anybody there the is so much confusing I know this intellectual as the consultants very wicked when they find that you are a fool you may show up Turin at that interview so okay you call yourself a biochemist what is glycolysis the eNOS gradually suppose because they have confused him said fermentation it got so confused that ID the last person was once your name we do remember simply because the enemy relocated is destiny help I believe that the enemy will not relook at your destination when a man is disconnected from his destiny helper it will curl unknown each one unknown grief how do super that you see that I becoming great they have a helper I put that you know mr. destiny ever you know Obama's wife Michele Obama used to work as a Austin assistant song with the manager of that Austin didn't like her at all and she's one dish that I don't like seeing you here lately smelling just me I don't like so they sat down when Obama's wife now became president's wife this person now applied to our office to become a designer so she came to the office almost the first lady and as a woman looking for the woman wants to be a designer would you like to meet the woman so what's her name so they collected in a more human the British were of course she remember happening you know when somebody does something bad to you difficult for Kate she remember the name you said oh the woman that said I was smelling and threw me out say go antenna I do not want to see I'm too busy and I will not give a the work of a designer so very very early in life this woman had seen a divine help but she said she was smelling and chest if she had looked after her that time I was kind to her now that she had become first lady it is a new build it in today as a designer I'm praying for somebody here any part I want to change the way your destiny her path shall be buried alive submit buried alive shall be buried alive shall be buried alive Jesus [Applause] Valley to be travel weather is a problem serious problem these are the problems problem number one there are block spirits preventing people from meeting dues or Tim to promote them blog gospel is the block sure they keep the person wrong but Allah wronged wife loan goes bad wrong pastor's wrong colleagues wrong friends wrong advisors counselors from acquaintances they block the right one and give you the wrong code that's the first problem I had a friend he just went overseas for a simple medical checkup and the white doctor just made the mistake and give him the wrong conjecture and the millionaire this while to forgive him the wrong direction the breast of my friend began to swell up at the breasts of a woman it's in fund is hormones upside down wrong doctor ronk pastor the pastor that you went to is place to pray and you you add to a script with your underwear intact rohnke passed wrong friends many of you you think you have boyfriend it's not boyfriend it's killer friend he says like I said say I can't sleep with him they are making nickname mystic duties the block you from the right ones and they give you the I said you two before this sort of that my one-way old about this man was spent on travel abroad was spent on travel abroad he said and the other must has an English language in those days yeah leaders of am/fm whenever this man is given testimony everybody would love to listen to him because his English is sweet to hear you might have to travel about was a but it lacks go who would give you a helper no no no no no no it began to make research then Atlanta is a woman somewhere who made super to travel abroad easily do you mind uses needles needles so you will swallow any tools so after swallowing Indonesian the romance away you get to the approach they will not see him because must immigration like that and enter the plane and go I pray that you will not meet bad friends so they took this brother to the place where they why didn't he do it's very long queue of Nigerians there so when he saw about 10 leaders on inside the places swallow it swallow need to say between which we shook to pierce my intestine so you was alarmed when he was complaining a lot is back deep let me swallow nah that was it as a beauty place leave this so so in yellow the dead to pass because just went in put a liner Hamburg brought out oppa so the gal will prepare one ball of hip-hop which they need you inside a solid she swallowed alone and left when they brought us what I would say if a woman can swallow cut also animal need you so you two went out on what about swallowed leaders got passport and what ticket decided to travel so it passed through you know that if you have been to airport where the immigration understand you just walk across who was walking away there was a UH miss a man inside where you going instead of him to cook it run back there is that how you see me so they can you see me the man was angry said are you saying that I am blind I mean are you saying that I'm blind why is the password visa same it they gave him Sylvia BT I'm sent him back now the induced not began to properly run friends from friend I spent almost three hours praying for one I won one girl of a very important VIP Nigeria he went to but the party invited by a friend they put drugs inside a drinks she drunk and slept off and all this place began to see Buddha one by one she woke up to see the last man and held that one but the one she had is also the son of an important person in society so they had to bake including sexually before the new soup has got to do but now the girl is in trouble prayer lead by evofrance so the first problem is broken spirits they block you from the right help us the connection of Isaiah with Isaiah almost destroy the minister of Isaiah until that – from us problem or unblock us please – the path of darkness seeing your contact person before you we follow the path of mass of the person or even kill the person that is the contact person for you're lifting up maybe key by your enemies in a lotta limit you yes and once your app is dead very well three is the availability of satanic contact person to live a person back road to destruction a satanic contact person to lead a person back to destruction I was a lady this one who proposed to I said my husband is in America sir compressive my husband is in America not passive buzz – America fastest iguana blue Freda not married to this American man that I have not seen for five years so grandpa said my husband is America did they I was at the airport that day the husband in America came back to Nigeria and the family of doom a new idea but to the wore this uniform I shall be to welcome the man but when the man came and the man came from the plane I was coming down they had a white again with him and they called their hands around the neck like this and working ha and they came to meet say your wife is waiting for you here who is this woman that's my wife said but I didn't marry just tell her I was going to marry her I did mother say I like about that all over the woman would actually be fainted at the airport but this is she fainted and fell on the floor the powers of darkness will not mess up your helper 3 today is the availability of satanic contact person for is the tragedy of timing or delay time you know today it's a goal to the city you'll find the man with the job follow him the tragedy of timing or delay it is when your help I supposed to be somewhere we are so where's your advice in Russia you went to Yugoslavia you're a person idea what they are giving what they have relocated about give the American visa to leave Nigeria so tried it of time and then enemy times you out from the time of your helper and number 5 is the tragedy of the Russian let me die fast the additional person to where you will never meet that destiny helper I'm praying for somebody here that your life we experience the touch of heaven those who bless you who come into your life many years ago I read in a book in England a boy from a rich old fell into a pond of water and when he got there massa pool what we call must be Nadira party depart so the boy commotion the boys had a crime not a crime they won't boil from the farm rushed death to rescue the boy from sinking then the liquid an alchemist era thank you for rescuing my soul thank you for rescue my son what what do you do say at Medina farm say what do you like to become in life if I'm I like my father so apart from farmer is that if you want to de say I will have not to become a doctor but there is no money muscle okay no problem I'll sponsor your education so four four seven that born is the father dr. Richmond sponsored is education through the school of truth to the School of Medicine developments that person less cute the boy from that hole is called Sam Alex Fleming Sam Alex Fleming was the man who discover penicillin antibiotics the first antibodies will be discovered was penicillin before penicillin came to put die lacrosse like kill by bacteria so if an penicillin later the man who sponsored him to school was sick in the hospital of pneumonia the penicillin that Fleming discovered what was was used for that man to save his life if it did not sponsor and explained me to lead medicine and explaining will not have discovered the penicillin that has now turn around to heal him in the second position this is the power of destiny helper and i bishop the bishop had a big church in a big piece of land he did not know that he had bought the land from one unruly passing the famine is almost an area boy eleven people are supposed to hold the land this point went unsold it alone so it was not it was not supposed to do so in the family is so little so when the family now discovered the bishop to court answered bishop this is a court judgment this land belongs to us butcher charger so carry your church away from this land anyway the bishop not decided to go on plead with them so they took the bishop with the head of the family to plead with him when Bishop cotton and the other the family saw him say hello I need you all who stretches on that land say yes the other difference a look at me do you recognize him the bishop said no the cognizant look at me very well I don't recognize this okay I would remind you say many years ago my very cool hit the vapor and the front was damaged so your driver insisted that I must follow I must follow him to you I knew where sit in the office the car was damaged so I followed the driver to you so you were walking on your table that was an idea this man has a tower tire and the guy is badly damaged so you did not say you did not even bother to look at me who I was you can said did anybody die so no only the car okay it's really terrible say yes let the man go say I was that man that hits your car man you didn't but I said the man who so so Bishop I will give you from all and now I give him a land that is the power of destiny help us but you can push your destiny I pass away that place of work where you are and you are still in there you may be still in the kind of thing that will change your life forever that place right I don't fit you to your destiny helper that may backfire if you choose suddenly before a letter to you we have to be very very careful whoever will move your destiny forward is your destiny HEPA I've got as a will of originals to meet this destiny HEPA many of life's failure is due to the fact that destiny had passed did not show up at the critical period all do I got next to my destiny help us that's why we're in extra what you must understand your divine assignment you must understand your divine assignment you want to connect your destiny help us understand why God brought you here – you must repent from every once in three you must pray a quarry prayers you must pray what and quiet prayer for you must play in your destiny help us play them in just equai between here today trade them in for testing help us for five avoid destiny dilute us what did I call them we have plenty of in our days they are not dies woody have plenty of destined and it was when I was young now there are plenty around oh ha ha when I was young immediate ladies at 12:00 midnight yeah ba ba ba ba ba ba bam bam that was old national anthem and the television will close down film zero not any one sleep but now 24/7 television is a one-sided destiny diameters excessive exposure to television over sleeping brain only a convey name time watching movies even if they are crystal movies many of us say we're expert at Hollywood actress Angela back those useless dancing going to parties men of destiny don't waste time and Pattinson over relaxation long hours on the phone reading of useless magazines wasting time on Facebook and others other social networking sites the Facebook has destroyed especially for so many people that's where this go to church that's why they spend their life that's why the media partner that's why the media death browsing of Internet some people have become internet addicted fallen analyzing in lost they teen unbelievers going into relationship without divine direction all these are destiny diameters computer games have been siesta we all sleep in the afternoon as I walk he asleep so I wanna I want to relax on tourists okay at your age chatting on the Internet driving around leisurely just driving around the bridges looking at just driving around useless tried all over the place this one flew focus these are destiny dilute us I pray that Allah will help you life's a bitch

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  1. Sir Man of God, by listening to the scripture by talking about destiny helper I really need your help with that the reason why I always be a rejection on everything that I’m doing for example in my job I get good paid in hours used to work 40 hours a week instead of 40 hours it cuts lower than 21 hours I know I’m smart but no one see it in me yes I do know with God destiny in my life that’s nothing to worry about,please help me find my way out Sir I believe in your prayer life and blessings in Jesus name I ask you to help me please thank you for your divine prayer πŸ™ God bless you

  2. YES HOSSANA EMMANUEL 00h lord send me by the voice truth is mouth Sr Dr dk olukuya supernatural machine prayer my Divine Helpers.. lord jesus to buld a house please i belive distance is not a barrier a miracle is Real in jesus christ Amashia name

  3. Amen πŸ™Œ step in my life king JESUS!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œin Jesus name I pray πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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