Dr. No (6/8) Movie CLIP – A Member of SPECTRE (1962) HD

Clumsy effort, Mr. Bond; you disappoint me. I’m not a fool, so please do not treat me as one. And that table knife; please put it back. Well, we can’t all be geniuses, can we? Tell me… does the toppling of American missiles
really compensate for having no hands? Missiles are only the first step to prove our power. “Our” power? With your disregard for human life,
you must be working for the East. East, West; just points of the compass,
each as stupid as the other. I’m a member of SPECTRE. “SPECTRE”? SPECTRE. Special Executive for
Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion. The four great cornerstones of power,
headed by the greatest brains in the world. Correction… criminal brains. The successful criminal brain is always superior. It has to be. Why become criminal? I’m sure the West would welcome a scientist of your… calibre. The Americans are fools; I offered my
services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay… for their mistake. World domination. Same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who
think they’re Napoleon… or God. You persist in trying to provoke me, Mr. Bond. I could have had you killed in the swamp. Then why didn’t you? I thought you less stupid.
Usually, when a man gets in my way… But you were different. You cost me time, money, effort;
you damaged my organization… …and my pride. I was curious to see what kind of a man you were;
I thought there might even be a place for you with SPECTRE. Then I’m flattered. I prefer the Revenge Department. ‘Course, my first job would be finding the
man who killed Strangways and Quarrel. Unfortunately, I misjudged you;
you are just a stupid policeman… …whose luck has run out. They’re waiting for you in the control room, Dr. No. No hurry. They won’t have started their countdown check yet. You won’t get away with it this time. Dr. No.
The Americans are prepared for any trouble. I never fail, Mr. Bond. What do we do with him? Soften him up; I haven’t finished with him yet. [Bond audibly struggles during his beating]

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  1. Marlon Brando said that there have been no Jewish bad guy in Hollywood movies. But what about Joseph Wiseman in Dr. No. I am sure he knew Wiseman from Viva Zapata.

  2. and just like the Dr No of the novel, Joseph Wiseman exudes that calm, cold , ruthless efficiency . when he walks he has that gliding effect. the Dr No of the novel ,though was bigger headed and bald and had pincers instead of metal hands. His long speech in the novel is better too, shows him as a real megalomaniac and highly intelligent.

  3. "World domination, same old dream."
    So Bond is basically saying "pfft, world domination, same old bullshit.."
    But he says it in a like-a-boss way.

  4. This is where it all started folks. The Dr. No Syndrome – A villain is capable of shooting our hero in the head but doesn't. The reason why is always a fleeting one that makes no sense. in this case damaged pride? Yet the syndrome is a necessary evil that allows a hero to get to know his enemy face to face.

  5. This dinner scene still has the best dialogue between Bond and a villain ever. Their exchanges are all so brilliant, I particularly love Bond's effort to piss No off while No keeps his calm demeanor.

  6. I really think they should remake Dr No…the original is good but very uneven…it was the first Bond after all when they were still establishing their style and best way to handle Bond…I also want to see more of Julius No…I think he is one of the more fascinating Bond villains but he hardly has any screen time in this movie! Emile Largo gets more screen time in Thunderball…and he's boring as f*ck!

  7. By the way :DD James Bond was so racist there, you noticed?
    'Our power? With your disregard for human life you must be working for the EAST'
    Hahhahhaa. He basically said Asians value fellow humans like trash. He just said Asians are bastards!

  8. "Usually when a man gets in my way…….I go to his home and crush his dining room table decor."

  9. If you look closely to Connery’s eyes, you can tell that the character’s eyes are light blue, NOT DARK BROWN!!!!!!!!!

  10. "Soften him up. I haven't finished with him yet." Now you see, there is where Dr. No made his mistake. 😛 He should have answered "Shoot him in the head."

  11. I love these scenes where James Bond just casually (while with menace in the air) converses with the villain. They're sizing each other up, and it's always fascinating.

  12. I really do wonder what is Dr. No's agent number within SPECTRE.

    If Blofeld is No.1, Largo is No.2, Klebb is No.3, Kronsteen is No.5 etc., then what is No's?

  13. Sufferin' Sucatash ! What a wonderful scene ! Dr No is my favorite Bond villian ! And the late great gifted character actor Joseph Wiseman was sheer perfection in the role ! THANKS so much for uploading this groovy clip ! 🙂

  14. "World domination, same old dream. Our asylums are filled with people who they're Napoleon…or God."

    Best line in the entire movie.

  15. Great dialog that sets up the predictable encounter between 007 and the evil genius in all Bond films. "I'd prefer the revenge department" and "You are just another stupid policeman, whose luck has run out." Great.

  16. I'm on Dr No's side. He has a very good point. Scientists are NEVER treated with the superiority they hold in regard to the wealth of knowledge. They are ignored unless they have sadistic endeavors. Bond is the sheep for his corrupted Government & doesn't know how to remonstrate on a purely practical level, so just reduces the conversation to sound bites & calumny.

    Funny thing is.. Capitalism has lead to world domination anyway. And we're in need of mad scientists to save the planet.

    The irony here is extraordinary with the passage of time.

  17. Sean Connery is one of the few old guys who can get away with claiming to have been a lady magnet in his youth. Stark age difference!

  18. Dr. No is a interesting and great villain. Ian Fleming's inspiration to this criminal genius -character is from Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu -stories. Maybe this character should be reboot.

  19. So many great lines in this scene. My favorite, "I'd prefer the revenge department" and "You are just another stupid policeman, whose luck has run out". Pretty good piece of screenwriting. Joseph Wiseman was so sinister. Such a great voice. One of my favorite actors.

  20. smoking bond vs non-asian dr. no? Boy, remake a movie like this today and you'll get hit with million angry millennials.

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