Dr. Alix Casler Explains How She Addresses Side Effects and HPV Vaccine

(gentle music) – Side effects of vaccines
are side effects of vaccines, so we know that when you get a shot into your muscle, your
muscle’s gonna hurt and ache. We also know that when
your immune system turns on and starts processing what’s
been introduced to it, we feel a little bit like we’re
coming down with something, just like we would feel
if we were catching a cold or catching a virus, so people can get a little
bit under the weather for a day or so. That makes sense. That’s the immune system turning on. It’s not worrisome, it’s not dangerous, and I think if parents understand that this has been looked at
in huge numbers of patients and that an ibuprofen or two is probably gonna take care of it, it makes them feel a little
bit more comfortable. When we’re completely
up front about the fact that some teenagers
really do hyperventilate, get nervous, hold their breath, and after it’s all over
and they completely relax, they may drop their blood
pressure and occasionally faint, but that can happen with a shot, that can happen when they get blood drawn, that can happen with anything
that they’re afraid of. It happens all the time. Then they understand that it isn’t the actual vaccine content, it’s just the process of getting a shot and that we know that this
is safe for their kids. (gentle music)

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