[Download 2019] Slipknot – Interview + All Out Life + Duality

28 thoughts on “[Download 2019] Slipknot – Interview + All Out Life + Duality

  1. what corey explains we are not your kind 1:12 to 1:56 truly shows how down to eaerth these Americans really are. I can tell that corey and slipknot are clearly left wing Americans which i like more than republicans. United States is a divided country and those republicans are bastards which Slipknot clearly are not if if you listen to them. The band can be misinterpreted very easily but they are fucking amazing heavy rockers. Thumbs up if you agree or down if disagree.

  2. 8:14 pause right here. Isn't that the same red haired kid nolifeShaq pointed out in the Solway Firth video and said he was about to cry cause the song was too heavy?

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