Don’t Fall For These Hoaxes About Nipsey Hussle And Dr. Sebi

– A conspiracy theory ran wild
after rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed. – Maybe he was shot and killed because he was working on a
documentary about Dr. Sebi. – I take his products, for sure. – Here’s why the internet fell
for it and why you shouldn’t. (intense hip hop music) Hey guys, welcome to Trackback. So there’s a crazy conspiracy that Nipsey Hussle was
killed by mysterious forces because he was working on a documentary about a quack celebrity healer. If you don’t know him,
Nipsey was a huge deal and his death hit the
hip hop community hard and got responses from the
likes of Childish Gambino, Rihanna, even Barack Obama. So far, Los Angeles police
have arrested Eric Holder as the main suspect in Hussle’s death. Police said it was a personal matter between Holder and Nipsey. The LAPD confirmed to BuzzFeed News that they’ve not found any
evidence linking Hussle’s death to the documentary or Dr. Sebi. Despite that, there is
still this popular theory that Hussle’s death was
connected to Dr. Sebi and the Big Pharma industry. Alfredo Bowman, who
called himself Dr. Sebi, rose to prominence in
1988 when he took out ads in New York newspapers
claiming to have cured AIDS. There’s no evidence that
he’d actually done this. Bowman was not a licensed doctor and he didn’t even believe
in proven scientific facts like germ theory. Instead he promoted holistic healing to his celebrity clients who
paid him thousands of dollars. His clients included Michael
Jackson, Lisa Left Eye Lopes, John Travolta, and Eddie Murphy. Now Bowman’s claims landed
him in court a couple of times and in 1987 he was charged for practicing medicine without a license. But a jury found him not
guilty for one reason: they were not convinced that
Bowman was making diagnoses. That verdict led people to falsely believe that Bowman had proven his case in court. – In 2016, Dr. Sebi was
arrested in Honduras on money laundering charges. He died in police custody
from pneumonia complications. So the conspiracy theory is that Bowman posed a threat
to the pharmaceutical industry and anyone connected to him is a target. – Have you met Dr. Sebi? – I never met him. I met his wife and I take
his products, for sure. – Nipsey even believed that
he too may become a target because of his documentary. – He just died mysteriously down there. – You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – And so you know how they play. Now ***** is tweeting
me, Hussle be careful, man. Your plane gonna go down
(laughing) I say ***** better ride for me – Now these Nipsey interviews
fueled the conspiracy that the rapper was killed
for his connection to Bowman. Nipsey’s last tweet
added fuel to the fire. On social media countless
posts promoting the conspiracy received tens of thousands of shares. Now Nick Cannon’s announced that he will complete
the Nipsey documentary and already there are viral tweets worrying about his safety. Nipsey’s death was the
perfect circumstance for conspiracies to develop, but all of it based on no evidence. We have facts in this case. Eric Holder is the sole
suspect in the killing. He knew Nipsey and police say the murder was because of a dispute
between the two men. But in the hours after Nipsey’s death there were few details available and it’s that void of information that allowed conspiracies
to spread unchecked. Here’s your Trackback Tip. In the immediate aftermath
of breaking news, there is always an information vacuum. Be wary of the false theories that begin to fill that
vacuum when details are scarce and be sure to find their sources. And that concludes your
episode of Trackback. Be sure to like and subscribe and also if you have
any conspiracy theories that you want us to debunk,
please be sure to comment. (intense hip hop music)

100 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For These Hoaxes About Nipsey Hussle And Dr. Sebi

  1. Imagine having prove of curing people and it’s proven in COURT ‼️, and robot ass niggas diss him

  2. this fat sucka a joke he didnt prove shit on the contrary he actually made nipsey n dr sebi conspiracy even more intriguing

  3. And then he didn't provide any evidence either lol. No evidence is not evidence. It's called time you idiotic $fool$. Time will tell us because nothing is ever left in the dark. Things eventually come to light whether it takes seconds or centuries but either way light eventually shines on the truth.

  4. The government paid buzz feed to say this. Don’t fall for it Dr.Sebi cured aids and possibly cancer.

  5. Buzz feed is well known illuminati propaganda I knew this video was bullshit when they started it off with "Quack Dr." Put some respect on his name and the eye in the intro smh they dont even hide it anymore

  6. Call dr sebi a “quack” but yet he got acquitted of all charges in FEDERAL COURT. He was not convicted because he was able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was innocent of making false claims. Meaning he literally had research, findings, results.

  7. Use the “Coon” escape everytime a black person says something, other black people don’t agree with. Blacks People are the biggest haters of black people lol

  8. This dude is stupid as hell! If he knew anything about Sebi, he would know that he took 77 patients into the Supreme Court with him and their clean bill of health. Do some research before you post ignorant videos like this.

  9. go to hell, you need a license to practice medicine and becoming a healer. that's what the school industry controled by the Jesuits thought you, we had lot of doctors in Africa before the western education arrived.

  10. using an unhealthy looking black man too lmao shame on you.. need to put him in Alaska and put that weight to use

  11. What's your gain on telling people not to "fall" for what you call hoaxes? It's not all one way or the other. I listened to Dr. Sebi's several videos and most of what he said is very solid, even before some real researches have been proving that we are what we eat. And how your gut is the center of your immune system (proven). And different ethnicities, require different food, very logical. The guy had something going. I would not call him a quack at all.

  12. The food affects your gut system, the immune system is in your gut which can also affect your brain. The role of gut microbiota in immune homeostasis and autoimmunity so you can develop autoinmune diseases like diabetes, lupus and many others. Leaky Gut As a Danger Signal for Autoimmune Diseases

  13. So the gut affects the brain, no quack, here is research The Brain-Gut-Microbiome Axis just search gut and brain, gut and autoimmune, gut and autism. no quackery but all kinds of research popping all over, And what you eat affects the gut bacteria.

  14. bitch was paid by a white man to say soeshit to shut us upp…..
    we know yall….white in a black man skin

  15. These guys get paid, I'm so glad that the people know better and about the white supremacy, GUYS LOOK UP (NEELY FULLER JR) ON YOUTUBE AND SHARE HIS WORK PLEASE, you will not understand one show, listen and listen ALL YOUR QUESTION WILL BUT NOT IN ONE SHOW

  16. Yeah we’re gonna believe a person with the all seeing eye behind him. Don’t listen to people figure it out for yourself

  17. Trackback is wack af, fucking jokes! Sole suspect for the murder over a dispute… Dispute over what then? Trackback doesn't even have any reliable sources on what they've dug up. Mad disrespectful. AND it was a melanin man reporting this false information smdh. BuzzFeed is part of the false news conflicts. If anything, BuzzFeed/Trackback just fuels individuals to do more self-research on topics that concern their viewers. That's the only credit I give this organization and it's upsetting at the same time because not all viewers go out and do their own research after watching their videos. A majority just accept what they report. Disgraceful.

  18. Wow if anything this video only proves that Nipsey Hussle was killed for shining the light on Dr.Sabis work…. thank you for the effort though for trying to shut it down but everybody knows the truth!!! What happened to Ebola, A few year of fighting the deadly disease all of a sudden white doctors starting getting sick and they came up with a cure. Isn’t that a coincidence? Get Real Nipsey Hussle had a platform and that’s why they killed him, in other words people were going to start listening and paying attention to the corruption.

  19. U fake fat nukka.. Quit lyin nobody believes ur ugly ass funny how they put this guy to try n konvince us lmao gtfoh!!!


  21. Buzzfeed has just become buzzshit to me.
    Textbook American media follower or paid off guy.
    Making a video deriving evidence from 'American media' is just plain dumb.

  22. Just because its not “scientifically proven” doesnt mean his work and studies has to be discredited. If sebs says he can cure or reverse aids or anything then cool let him do his ting but dont just immediately say he’s bullshitting just because next scientist says its false, scientists dont know everything because everything aint known!!

  23. This is the thing the pharmaceutical industry is not into carrying anything the last thing they cured was polio what you got to understand you're probably paid anyway so I don't even know why I'm saying this to you but the thing of it is is is that the holistic medicine to been around for centuries and they've been working once you take the body and you turn the body into alkaline instead of having an acidic environment in which most of our bodies are in this state disease cannot exist within an alkaline balance body this is what holistic medicine does for you the pharmaceutical companies are not into this they're into making money they can't make money if people are sick and then take your chatter down because you sound stupid and what you call scientific approved is nothing but a bunch of jogging that is been spread by the pharmaceutical companies in order for them to make tons of money you can't use their data because their dad is full of lies in order to bolster their sales

  24. More and more people are waking up. The damage control you're doing for your masters are pointless. This video is cringe.

  25. Debunk this. I wish this man and his followers would stop their nonsense. It's as if his channel is an occult.

  26. I love these hidden in plain sight videos. As soon as you hear 'the internet' 'conspiracy', 'quack', praise Elohim and keep it moving. The world is evil indeed.

  27. No. He won the case because the herbs are considered food and not medicine. He has indeed healed people and everyone who uses these same plants heal too.

  28. It is not a theory it happened "how many holistic doctors and scientist died for preaching the same thing " it is funny every body connected to Sebi was killed so was he you Buzz Feed are feeding us bull shit.

  29. why did they contaminate the diet all food is contaminated telling us it is not our diet that makes us sick that is saying God made a mistake when he made us God did'nt make the mistake man did dumb fuck you are supportive of this Elite agenda you are a fucking sell out .

  30. what is happening in Hollywood is not a theory why did Nick Cannon say he was picking up the doclimentary on Sebi and had to drop it because he was receiving death threats what you saying mother fucker "NOTHING".

  31. Is Dave Chaplelle a liar what about Kanye West Michael Jackson Jackson was going to work with Sebi Michael is dead clean your fucking clock Buzz Feed get it right sell out .

  32. This fat unhealthy man talking about "proven scientific methods" that have others fat and unhealthy as well, try Dr. Sebi method and see and feel the difference

  33. Sweaty fat sellout working for BuzzFeed, who probably gorges himself on swine all day, telling me not to listen to Dr. Sebi?
    I’ll take my chances with plants.

  34. So I'm going to believe you before Ms London? Nooooo… She said it, so until u can prove otherwise, I'ma go wit the normal Amerikkkan scenario.

  35. We all know that buzzfeed is a propaganda pushing parrot site/ channel that will spew anything that discredits the mainstream narrative.

  36. What this man wants is ratings.Everyone coming to his channel and No I don't like and will not subscribe…You were paid to LIE..Go on a diet cause you looking hella FAT!!

  37. If you have a brain…you know Sebi WAS a FRAUD. Nipsey lapped up his garbage and now you all are doing the Same lol. The ignorant surely attract ignorance

  38. You said there was No evidence he actually cured AIDS. You all are misinforming people. He had to prove what he said in his ad about curing diseases, was true. The judge ordered him to bring in 9 cured patients. He brought in 77. He proved his case in court. And he won that case against the Federal Gov't.
    Also the patients were diagnosed by an accredited medical institution, meaning hospital or clinic. He did not diagnose them. An American hospital did. He was cleared of thise charges as well.
    I see now why people make fun of buzzfeed for being the worst information channel. You all did not do your homework. And FUCK YOU for trying to smear this man.

  39. We are of this Earth the Earth provides us to heal ourselves with natural things of the earth. Humans roamed the earth for thousands of years with no Medical Doctor & no modern Medicine it was having knowledge of plants & herbs & that is why we are still here today Old knowledge of natural healing has been suppress by modern day pharmaceutical company that only been around 100 yrs or so where were they hundreds & thousands of years ago. I’ll tell you the roots are in the earth & having knowledge of what these plants do was the key to our survival

  40. In China & other countries like them, there are Herbalist like Dr Sebi who knows Herbs are a proven medicine for hundreds or thousands of years. A license Doctor & modern medicine only exists in this 21st century, hundreds of years ago families with there sick will travel days to go visit a Herbalist they heard of who had healing powers. but more powerful healing came from the Bible & the church for GOD was to heal them, the monks grew herbs & vegetables & prepared them in a teas with a certain diet to eat (Medicine) with 1st accepting God the church & spiritual prayer (Meditation) that is why the church was so powerful & in control many believed that the monks (priest) was sent by GOD to heal you, all they were, was herbalists the church had knowledge & know how about herbs, stress & spiritual healing & was against other people knowing of this knowledge & practicing was considered evil & doing witchcraft.

  41. You better not listen to this bull shit. Hell yes big pharmaceutical companies thrive because we don’t research our own bodies. America wants us to only know thier bullshit education system and they only recognize doctors that they school. I been in healthcare care a lot of years and no doctor in the United States is trying to save ur life ever

  42. I'd like to believe that a good hearted black man involved in alternative medicine cured aids. I can even rationalize that Big Pharmacy and government have a vested interest in suppressing alternative medicines as they have done with alternative fuels. But so far I don't see any more evidence for that than people who say weed cures cancer.

    Dozens of testimonies. Hundreds of videos. But where is the actual proof. Where's the science. Its all well me telling you that weed can cure cancer, it would mean more if I showed you it cure cancer wouldn't it. But I can't. Just like its all very well me telling you to have an alkaline diet and have an alkaline body… but what the hell does that even mean with natural stomach full of acid. Part of critical thinking is to let go of the emotion, and what you want to believe, and instead assess the information. As of right now I can't see any real information that proves Sebi was anything other than an alternative medicine healer, of some success, not completely unsuccessful, but not the kind of miracle cure all diseases mastermind some paint him as. Be honest with yourself. Would you feel the same if he wasn't black. Sometimes I feel like people find the story more appealing on an emotional level because of the skin color.

  43. How much the government hire you for sellout you just talk what you told to puppet I dont blame you I blame you send you and better yet who send them smh to washtheir hands off nipsey should be alive but hey this marathon will continues on for decades to come el que sabe sabe cabronnnn… that part

  44. Crack Celebrity healer!?… They seriously still trying to paint Dr. Sebi as a fraud!?😤

    Bitch ass idiots! That shit won't work!

  45. I believe this because Nipsey & Sebi unlocked the key to black empowerment which is a treat to white capitalist.. Ownership & Organic Nutrition for blacks..
    Look it up..


  47. Our society is so pathetic believing in a twat con artist like “Dr” Sebi. It really goes to show how badly our education system has failed. Eh, he’ll be forgotten in a few more months.

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