Don’t Be a Menace (2/12) Movie CLIP – Bet You I Could Get Her Number (1996) HD

Hello. She wants me.
Why you keep wastin’ your time
with that trick ? Tellin’ you,
you need yourself
somethin’ with some class. Someone you can take home
to stepmama. You know
what I’m tryin’ to say ? Get yourself arealwoman. A real woman. Hey, tray, you see
that bitch over there ? I see her.
Now, that’s a lady. [ slurps ] I bet you I can
get her number. Nigger, you ain’t gettin’
nobody’s number.
Fool, watch me. ♪ you run with me
I’ll show you things
that you would want to see ♪ ♪ you afraid of protection
put your affection
out to show ♪ ♪ [ continues ]
hey, sweetheart. Break yourself !
Gimme your goddamn number.
Come on ! Hurry up ! Cool, cool, cool.
So, um, I’m gonna give you
a call about 5:00, all right ? I said all right ?
Y-y-yeah, yeah.
Yeah. All right, sweetheart.
Take care of yourself,
all right ? I told you
I’d get her number. ♪ [ continues ]

99 thoughts on “Don’t Be a Menace (2/12) Movie CLIP – Bet You I Could Get Her Number (1996) HD

  1. This movie also had a bumpin soundtrack. I remember having girls over my dorm and playing Joe's "All the Things (Your Man Won't Do)"

  2. Did anyone notices how the man with purple was dancing behind loc dog then ended up behind ashtray and then again behind loc dog?

  3. ! can someone tell me the name of the song playing in this scene? i been singing it all day … don't ask why lol but i wanna find it!

  4. Marlon Wayans: "Break yourself and gimme your god damn number? Hurry up! Cool, cool, I'll call u around 5 o'clock aight?"😀🤣

  5. It all makes sense now .
    I need to have a weapon to make woman scared of me that so they would desire me
    Thanks movie 😭🙏

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