Donors Help Humane Society with 416 Fire Evacuees

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Serious Texas Barbecue. We take our meat seriously. thanks for
watching Durango TV news I’m Wendy Graham Settle When two thousand residences in
the path of the
Four Sixteen Fire were evacuated last month
dozens of pets were displaced from their homes. That’s when the Plata County
Humane Society sprang into action. The Humane Society housed more than a
hundred and thirty pets including dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, turtles,
and ducks. Donors contributed more than 25 bags of cat litter and volunteers all
over the country sent more than 200 handmade kennel quilts to the shelter.
The shelter also received blankets and toys and more than 5-thousand dollars in
donations and the American Kennel Club reunite program provided more than $7500
dollars in equipment and supplies if you want to continue supporting the Humane
Society after the crisis be sure to attend the 4th annual Bow-Wow Film Fest
scheduled for Thursday August 2nd at the Durango Art Center tickets are available

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