DONKEY in our HOUSE!!! Meet the Newest Family Member, WOODROW! (FUNnel Fam Farm Vlog)

you got one to check this out it's like a weird oh you're so stubborn you're just like a donkey I just want to go home [Applause] [Applause] just kidding guys we actually got a donkey right we adopted a puppy a big puppy alright guys this is our new pet his name is Woodrow he's got literally like two sets of teeth not really but it looks like that his lips are colored like teeth he's a jerusalem donkey and he's now part of the funnel fam it's actually a rescue and he's such a good little boy but he's just getting to know us he's ten years old you know you can't feed a donkey like this cuz they'll put your pizza you have to feed him out like that you want more look at him looking at me it's been cold today's hot it's gonna go out in the field isn't that right buddy thanks mom he doesn't like the harness that he has to wear all in my bare feet I never thought that I would be able to walk with donkey you got it have you ever seen socks next to this much food do you see donkey okay opening are you stuck okay I help you then you pull down off the tree hey buddy can I get the ball back hi well I'm surprised he's letting me get this close that's poop you don't want that feeding donkey head donkeys hey donkey forgot your food what row he's coming to eat we got your food yeah we can't hit him with that dude hi buddy well he's eating that quick Oh No what is this those back up back up the donkey because she's a donkey whisperer he dissed you come on let's go see donkey we're taking Oreo to go meet the donkey what's his name donkey hi go see donkey he's right here oh he wants to see Oreo if I freeze maybe he won't notice me oh no he's coming oh you're such a scary cat go away from me I just wanna play hey are you scared up hey it's okay and you want more don't step in the horse poopies k right here look we gotta go slow around this guy because since he was abused he doesn't trust a lot of people I'm watching you that's way wrong that's your donkey I would rub you keep messing with him and he's gonna get you you're gonna feed donkey follow that crunchy crunchy dried-up grass the grass is greener on the other side hey Mike you know my favorite kind of fruit you can find in nature watermelon yeah we're oh you want to ride a four-wheeler whoa do don't try to kick me aren't afraid of you I know Gerty derpy [Applause] hey hey hey hey hey you know what do you know what Rove's get more hate today oh yeah and a little Apple keeps the doctor away but eggs what do you say we drew what are we introducing to your friend mr. buzzy Oh still jakey

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