I don't know how to even describe this right now look I really am just oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you it's gonna guys and welcome back to another video I know this isn't a vlog it's not a challenge not a crazy prank I know it's a little bit different of a video today we're in the setup and we are going to be donating to small streamers this is something that I have always wanted to do and I've just never gotten around to doing it and I saw a lot of other youtubers doing it and I figured why not sending money like this one hundred two hundred three hundred dollars to these small streamers literally allows them to upgrade their computer buy a new microphone maybe buy a new chair or a new desk anything they need it to help improve and it gives them hope and more motivation so I'm all for that and today we're gonna be donating money to these people and hopefully helping them kind of move on in their life I guess we're gonna be doing donations of 100 150 200 all the way up to maybe even five hundred dollars if we can find a good enough streamer so let's do it before we get started I would you guys leave a like on this video because the more likes and the more support we get on this video that's gonna show me that you guys want to see more videos like this so if we get a lot of likes and a lot of support then I'll definitely do a part two to this where I donate even more money to streamers so live a lot all right let's click on this guy's dream so what do we got yo that is insane though okay here let's try to donate he even just tweet like he tweeted nine minutes ago any small streamers and you're probably googled minecraft or something and maybe I'll tweet a couple of minutes ago okay speakable gaming let's donate $100 to him a hundred dollars live stream enjoy unspeakable yes be real one alright we're gonna donate a hundred dollars okay we'll do the the hearts okay alright we're gonna tip alright alright guys we're about to donate hold on alright oh we just donated even says fifty four dollars for new PC this is it gonna pop up oh wait hold on hold on sorry sorry I didn't I didn't confirm the tip okay submit ten okay there we go now it shouldn't now it should go even has a thing on here $1,000 for a new PC so hopefully this will help um help them out a little bit we just donated $100 all right your tip has no process there we go now we just gotta wait let me type in great stream man oh it says I'm paid okay it's a pop-up any second now you know stop stop doubting it is unspeakable we checked his channel and it's verified I'm watching you you better win this you might win this whatever you doing oh my god oh my god you just don't need a hundred dollars I'm not even kidding first person you donated to I don't expect these people to know me there I mean I had nice I'm sorry screenshot dude we need to get you to your new PC man you're 50% of the way there oh my god there you go look at everyone in ciao my gosh I didn't even notice Chad that's crazy dude you're welcome dude enjoy that new PC welcome back to the sky and maybe we will donate more but for now I want to try to check out some other people he's just gonna go tell his mom wait hold on I wanna see you're gonna hear his mom in the background she legit go to tell the mom and he looked it when to go tell his mom my mom she cuz she basically said I heard you you were screaming I heard congratulate that's awesome dude all right well that's good let's try another streamer he's still freaking out it's gonna be freaking out for the rest of the stream probably we have found another streamer and it looks like his top donation is $65 so we're gonna top that real quick my username is unspeakable gaming and we're gonna donate 100 in your dollars bonanza a couple puffs bite and you'll be ready stream you can soon because it says right here it says funds to move out there he needs two thousand dollars to move out so extreme hope hope you can move out soon then we'll do some that comes Betty there we go donate here's the donation one hundred and fifty dollars submit donation okay there we go your two-person process there we go okay let's do this guy let's see street whores out soon oh my god let me straight my eyebrows off for the short voice unspeakable gamer look mate we're just we're just enjoying a couple we're just hitting a couple bucks yeah we found another streamer this is on YouTube gaming now let's comment something see if he notices my chat comment see if he does oh he didn't you know this is my comment ok whoa you know what he's gonna notice the biggest donation yes okay unspeakable gaming stream donation hundred dollars this is Canadian so we'll actually doing Monday we'll do $300 great stream pay no attention it just notices me verified bought verified by okay well let's see if this is a verified bot there we go I was like YouTube has been process actually him there we go there was some imposter before which now it makes me think was that other dude that Kok before with his name actually him on another account and it just four million subs purpose and he acted like he was a fanboy but he was actually the big street they're talking about really big YouTube channel okay thinking let's see if my donation will pop up welcome the string dude oh there we go there it is so that works right guys it reaches four blocks away do you not notice it oh look at chat people in chat are seeing it is he noticing good he hasn't noticed it yet donations Oh 300 what wait it's loading it's Logan it's slow giving me some issues all my stuff is broken it's got a three hundred dollar donation I actually get a three hundred dollar donation from who yay did for me what was the name from me unspeakable gaming let's go three hundred from unspeakable gaming oh yeah great stream i limp it up what thank you so much food what hi you're walking what does the manual for million souls come to the stream and say great what thank you so much dude I I just I don't know what to say you're walking on you nation I've ever had before yeah and this was like years ago probably like when I used to stream on Twitch $300 thank you so much dude enjoy enjoy all right a lot I've noticed to watch this boy stream I'm gonna let him continue his stream over there we found another streamer we turn down the volume a little bit I'm gonna call me I'm gonna be like great streaming man just see if he notices it because before I donate to people I want to make sure they're like you know watching the stream watching the chat and stuff let me ask you accepting donations I just wanted to acknowledge the chat because when I donate I want him to acknowledge it and be like I just said wait you oh I thought they said peeps at like no check the stream oh I feel like chappy it's a flat wait what's up on this people gaming well on the stream are you accepting donations today uh yes and no like you can if you want but like you're not like you don't need to play it's not obligated pretty much oh its obligation description oh I got you man unspeakable gaming dude yeah we're gonna go all out on that's $300 $300 here we go to you at my man great stream hope you use this to upgrade your setup let's go ahead and tip $300.00 here we go here we go your tip has been processed humbly it's under king my dude my my my dude unspeakable gaming you thank you thank you oh I don't know how to even describe this right now this is uh I'm really just oh my gosh thank you thank you thank you yo dude you're welcome no you can't hear me but I can't leave that's crazy beyond sweet okay missus great stream hope you see the UH see an upgrade to your setup oh oh my gosh my dude thank you thank you thank you guys oh he got me right there you see that no idealistic on like that is crazy that does insane like I'm joking like I've been needing to get a new graphics card to try and like basically handle which imma call it doing like life she meant like 10 exe frames per second and I'm like Lily dying hereby GTX 650 full like oh my gosh thank you thank you that is that that's insane honestly God not to mention I could start doing VR possibly oh yeah you good yeah you good dude all right oh my god all right I'm gonna let this guy continue to stream and I want to thank you guys so much for watching this was our last donation we definitely donated over a thousand dollars in this video we spent over a thousand dollars I think we spent like 1,100 or 1,200 dollars in total but guys thank you all so much for watching this was an incredible incredible video to make I know I want you guys to leave a like on this video if you want to see a part to you but even if you guys aren't leaving likes on this video I'm probably still gonna do a part to you because just because this was so much fun I love the feeling of giving to other people I love a feeling of giving to these small streamers that you know are going through maybe a hard time because it's so hard to grow on YouTube or it's so hard to you know grow your own brand grow your own YouTube channel or twitch channel or live streaming or whatever to give them money like this really just motivates them because they see an opportunity when they get a hundred or three hundred dollars and they go to upgrade their setup or buy a new microphone it motivates them because that's that's a lot of things that motivated me you know when I upgraded my setup and stuff but I was a smaller youtuber when I got a new microphone or I built a new PC I was like alright this is the next level like let's keep going let's keep going let's get another PC after this let's keep going so hopefully singing this money to these people really motivates them and really kind of helps them out of course and if it's not forgetting or upgrading their setup then hopefully they use that money for good maybe to buy food or maybe they use it to pay a bill or just anything you know so or you know buy a toy or or a ticket to a concert for themselves anything well I just want to thank you guys so much for watching this has been such an incredible video I love making videos like this and I would love it if you guys believe it like but if not I'm still probably good enough doing a part two to this because I think it was awesome and in part two we'll double the amount of money so it's gonna be crazy guys thank you so much for watching have a safe and fantastic rest of your day and I'll catch you guys tomorrow in a brand new actually sorry sorry sorry this is the vlog Channel we do not upload daily yet we do upload we do upload every other day though so not tomorrow but the next day I'll see you guys in another video definitely be sure to stay tuned for the next video because in the next video I'm gonna be playing from fortnight and pub G on a hundred and twenty inch projector and it's gonna be crazy so guys thank you so much for watching and I catch you guys tomorrow or not not tomorrow not tomorrow but the next day Saturday in a brand new video [Applause]


  1. I literally don't have any good recording things. No mike, my best chair is (not complaining) a big joe, and no gaming computer. So yeah.

  2. OMG this made my day just by you making ppl happy! My mom and dad says me watching you is a waist of my time but in the furture this could help me!!!! Love your videos i subscribed and liked your videos and cant wait for MORE!!!!!!

  3. Unspeakable, if you are reading this, you are so kind to everyone you see and you make my day watching you give these people ways to make things better. thanks.

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