Donated Clothing Bin Scam

21 thoughts on “Donated Clothing Bin Scam

  1. I worked for a recycle store that had our bins at the front of the store, almost every single morning the bins would have been broken into over night and the parking lot would be filled with donated clothes, very sad

  2. Old used clothes is a dangerous business???!!!!! REALLY what a sad fu.kin world we live in SMFH shameful disgusting and disgraceful

  3. Have a good .. day.. and please dont take FROM the poor… folks.. of the poor world.. .. ok.. thats sad..

  4. Im laughing with my head up.. high.. and im not EVening smoking pot . LOL so funny .. ?im the joker EVEry one fears .. ha ha ha.. why so serial us… LOL

  5. We give only to the youth emergency shelter directly, or the Marian center, or the women’s shelter. Blankets, scarves and quilts to the mustard seed church.

  6. People in the Keys and Puerto Rico are telling me No One, no charity or gov, is helping them. That they are contacting all these places that say they help and no help. That was our experience too after losing our home and everything we owned to the three hurricanes in 2004 NO ONE HELPED. And that's fine if no one wants to help I have no problem with that, but everyone goIng around lying saying they help needs to stop lying. There was no help from FEMA or any FEMA trailors. We couldnt even get food water or blankets, literally nothing. Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way, all these charIty orgs help no one, but their big wigs are filthy rich from the donations everyone thinks are going to victims of natural disasters. Lets look one up.. Brian Gallagher, head of United Way International, salary= $1.2 million annually as of the end of 2015.Yeah that seems ok to collect donations for the poorest of the poor, people who literally have nothing left no fresh water or food, and then line your pockets with it.

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