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well the less okay this is exciting the KGW school supply drive officially kicks off today and of course this is a chance for all of us to come together to make sure local kids go back to school with all the supplies they need so to celebrate a little friendly competition between all of our shows to see who could sort supplies the fastest we're sorted in school supplies so the kids can have all the things they need because when you go to school you need to have all your school supplies or you can't focus you can't get your work done you can't achieve actually won't stop achievement like I think will just keep my children got the energy achieve a TV show be cheap when Christine and I are on the same team we did not stop achievement and we achieved and we won by a lot and was that safe way with us [Applause] they're hungry for from achieving we look forward to being a part of this every single year so we know that this helps kids get school supplies who otherwise wouldn't have them and so it's something we feel great about love school supplies and so I feel like not only is that what kids need but it's also what makes you excited to go to school and what makes you excited to go back to school and have fun all the time and like I don't think I'm the only one that thinks all the school supplies are fun everything they need [Applause] Safeway in second place with 61 I'm sweating I'm like genuinely sweating right now yeah you got to the ten seconds and I think I got another backpack so I'm feeling proud whoa I'm pumped up okay our goal is to send more than 12,000 kids back to class ready to learn and so far we have collected enough cash and supplies for more than 60 kids but of course there's a very long way to go so you can donate cash or supplies at any OnPoint Community Credit Union location you can also give supplies at local great clips locations or you can donate cash online at KGW calm

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