DOLLAR TREE PLANNER Social Media PLAN WITH ME Week 31- JUL 29-AUG 4, 2019 Scrapcraftastic

hi this is Rochelle scrap craft tastic and I'm gonna do my social media using a Dollar Tree insert inside of my Walmart travelers notebook so I'm going to take the insert out this is the same insert that I've been working in for a wild man check this out I'm gonna be working on July 29th through August 4th these are the washes that I've selected and they were inspired as is this entire spread inspired by the patient's neon sticker from Coco's vision I will leave the information about the shop in the description box below I also have a discount code rachelle 20 that will save you 20% off your order I've already started pulling out some stickers I had purchased this sticker book from Hobby Lobby $4 25 cents on clearance last year I think so I'm going to be using some stickers from that I was going to be using these date covers as day covers but I don't think I will but there are some other stickers in here that I may use as well so I kept it out I'm gonna be using this Walmart sticker book it had a few stickers that I thought would look nice with this color scheme so I'm gonna be using the oh and I'm also going to be using these date headers and last but not least these are just the ones that I've pulled out that I think I'm going to use this is another Walmart sticker book and I'll be using stickers out of here mainly the green floral it just really jumped out at me it's a green floral similar to what's on the cover I figure now is the time to use that because these colors are really outside of what I normally do so I need to make use of all those colors within the sticker book okay so let's get busy first I think I'm gonna use the floral washi to do my header area and I think I'm just gonna go right in the center of that area so that if I want to come back with a thin washy 2x in it I have room if not it still kind of gives it a border and looks nice and these are also washi tapes that I rarely use so it's nice to get some use out of them I see I think I laid this one down too tight because it's causing the paper to curl so let me see if I can loosen this up a little bit you just lightly lay it down that's a little better okay so for I really wanted to use this too I don't know if I'm going to be able to use it so I'm going to put that to the side for now then I have this I don't know if this is gonna be too busy and over over the top for this spread I think I'm going to just end up using mostly the paint but this goes with this though sticker so well I hate to not use it and this one to it it says hello they just match perfectly for now I'm just going to see I don't know that this why she looks good with these pink date covers but I'm gonna use it anyway let's see what happens I won't be alternating colors this week oh maybe I don't know it's not gonna look good so I'll just be using pink for all the day headers you okay so now I'm gonna go in and put down the date covers I'm not sure about what I'm gonna do about Saturday and Sunday and I can actually I'm gonna scoot them down one line I think like that oops I'm making a mess already this is Sunday okay so it's all dated see what with the other ones in here that I might want to use this was one put that right there believe in you and I'm gonna use this plans sticker let's see if I can incorporate some of this washy there we go just gotta get a little of that washy in there because this just matches so perfectly and then you can stick plans right there I think that works so let's see what else we have over here that I might want to use I think that's pretty much it unless I use some of these exclamation points but I saw a tracker that I wanted to use maybe that was in another one okay so I think that's it for that I think that's it for that I wanted to use this lime green even though it is on that shiny paper I still want to use it and the spread I'm guess we're gonna go ahead put the doll down okay so I think I'm gonna go ahead and again try to incorporate and some more of this washing and even though I put washing their I want to add this here these pages aren't cut evenly okay so I'm taking the doll off I want to put her here I won't be doing a whole lot of work on Wednesday I kind of wanted to cover up that edge right there so she's gonna go there and I'm gonna use good times since this is kind of that angle I'm also going to add another box you hmm maybe I need to line things up a little better there we go you know this is my social media planner I am gonna note a birthday that is on the first just because pretty much do that in most of my planners especially when it's birthday in my household these little hearts to do a list you so this is where I am with using the stickers from those sticker books and some of the washi tape now I'm just gonna go and add the word stickers and social media icons to the spread so sometime last week I went through and tried to kind of clean up my sticker storage reorganize them since I've added quite a bit to the collection these are neutral icons from JD and Brooklyn that I'm using and I like these a lot I think I talked about them every time I use them but I really do like them a lot the fact that they are neutral is awesome because they don't interfere with the colors of this red yes they have some muted tones but they're very neutral tones so they're not going to interfere with those and I don't really know how I want to use the social media icons I have an idea of a routine or schedule that I would like to use them for and I think I will be working on that and I'll share it once I come up with it but other than that I kind of just like putting these icons on the social media spread as a reminder to work on these areas of social media throughout the week I do need to do certain things daily but I don't need to write that down that's why I want to do a schedule or I don't know like a guy a daily guy that I would use every day but I see probably won't be doing this on Saturday but I'm gonna put the Twitter icon there and I don't think we'll just catch it and I use Instagram here maybe I should put the Twitter up there I think I should so they can be nice and balanced and then put the Pinterest are here okay I'm gonna use some of these to do even I have this to do here I want it to use just some plain word stickers even though I have the cash icon there I'm going to put the payday so Wednesday while I'm at my appointment I can D working on the buffer and I'm gonna put it on Saturday as well and I think that's about it I guess I could use one of the YouTube stickers here and start working on the list of videos for the next week in this box so maybe I want to put some bullet points there for the listing let's see what you have and then use the circles I think I should use the green so that that paint doesn't doesn't clash with the red and I'm just gonna do three and I'm going to leave this as a before the pen and what I will try to do is once I fill out the planner and finish it through the week then I will try to remember to show you the previous week when I come back to do the following week so that is it for this spread the colors in this doll are just vibrant and beautiful don't forget to go check out Coco's visions if you like videos like this please hit that subscribe button and the little bells so that you'll receive notifications each time I upload a new video make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you liked the video don't forget to check the community tab and also check out my stories here on YouTube thank you for watching I'll talk to you later bye you

16 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE PLANNER Social Media PLAN WITH ME Week 31- JUL 29-AUG 4, 2019 Scrapcraftastic

  1. love all the budget friendly materials πŸ˜€ great idea!!
    i just uploaded my august plan with me and did a plant theme~

  2. I've been using the dollar tree planners for work for a few years. This is my first time decorating my planners. The paper is SO flimsy and rather unforgiving. I get it's just a dollar and not the best quality. I'll try again. Thanks. Your channel is great!

  3. Love this!! I'm disabled, on low income. But you have inspired me so with your posts. I've already been to Dollar tree & Walmart to do some planner damage πŸ™Œ

  4. Another pretty spread!! I am just getting into the whole planner spread thing. I have not even started and July is/was my month to start and nothing is in my brand new planner. I have to get motivated soon. I have watched tons of planner videos and I am still watching them. I am not doing anything in my own planner that was given to me as a birthday present back in March. I am just carrying it around and that's it.

  5. Thank you for posting plain with me videos that are budget friendly. This spread is cute. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΎ

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