Doja Cat “Go To Town” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I’ve never had a problem with a man not
being able to go down on me. If you’re on the internet long enough, you
see weird comments and you see weird stuff where people just aren’t really into that
kind of thing. And it’s disappointing and it inspired me. I have an alter ego. It’s like a middle aged African auntie. She’s very high pitched and she’s very mature. There’s kind of like some oomph in there. You’ll hear it in the hook. “Go down. Go down. Go down.” “Yeah.” “Let me see you go to town, yeah.” It’s almost like a meow. If you’re not gonna go all the way in, don’t
go at all. It’s just a very feminist sort of female empowerment
kind of message. When I was thinking about shaving your cootie,
I was thinking about baldness. And the cutest thing I could think next to
shaving your … It’s a messy process. So, you know I tried to make it cute. I took Charlie Brown and I just made that
sort of the metaphor. I think I had Googled what rhymes with like
incredible and I do that a lot. I think that’s cheating. I think you’re supposed to be able to be creative
enough to just sit there and like come up with something that rhymes in your mind. It’s more creative. I don’t know if enemas work like this because
I don’t think I’ve ever done one before, but I think you put it in your beep and then you
kind of like squirt squirt. I don’t know if you goes back into the bag. I put that in there because I don’t thought
it was super duper clever. Just like how in Austin Powers, Dr. Evil was
something like, “Long, hard, and full of seamen.” He could be a seaman in a submarine because
it’s so wet. FreeTress is a very affordable wig line. They do half wigs. I think they do lace fronts, but this is the
first wig line that I used to use when I was younger, when I was in middle school. I do my DIYs and it doesn’t mean I fold my
body over and eat myself. It means that I have tools and I can take
care of myself. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up
on the life. It doesn’t mean you gotta you know be so distant. Come on, like what are you doing? Like donkey like is the booty. The donkey is an ass. So you know he spends time on the donkey. “Even though I yeehaw,” doesn’t make any sense. It’s just fun. We just vibing, you know what I’m saying? If you know what an eggplant is, it’s like
when dudes send you pictures of down there. They could have put a remote there. They could have put a cucumber. You know? It looks like a peanut to me, sweetheart. That don’t look very big. So I texted him a peanut right back. You know? If a dude doesn’t wanna do the whole shabang,
then he can’t shabang period. You know? That’s it. That’s pretty much it.

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  1. 😙Ouu👨‍🚀🐛ooohhh Awkward Saheed k 🌵🙆🏽‍♂️messy like ay pizza👩‍🚀🙍‍♀️🌵bornflyjuly51💬👽1991bornflyjuly1922

  2. Natural , can sing, can rap, funny, love anime, makes beats, writes own songs, goes moo, and to smooth.
    Ddg:Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  3. and all this time i thought it was "he text me an eggplant, i text him a PENIS" 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. she called it a cootie but my mom call it a Twinkie and if it stinky she would say that girl prolly got a poochie LMAO

  5. i love how you are promoting smaller artists like doja cat! keep giving less popular artists the spotlight!

  6. The double standard is also kinda fascinating to me, if you're a guy and say you dont like to go down on girls people think you're weird, but if you're a girl and you say you dont like going down on guys its seen as more normal because apparently penises are considered gross and sucking cock is considered nasty (i mean, it is, but in a good way 😏)

  7. Someone tell Doja not everyone knows everything and you're always allowed to learn more, I guarantee you nearly every rapper has looked up a rhyme at least once. If Eminem can be like "fuck you yes I read the dictionary" in a diss track you can Google a bar.

  8. 🔥 🔥 🔥 This song is so groovy it should be up on the charts.
    You are an excellent lyricist.
    Very good listening experience. 💕🙏

  9. 😂😂 “it’s a very feminist female empowerment message” awww ffs no you just like your pussy are which is beautiful 🙂

  10. My girlfriend honestly thought the line about DIY was talking about shaving your pussy into a design Like a landing strip or heart or whatever 😂

  11. I thought the lyrics were
    “He texts me an eggplant, I text him a penis”
    As in she sends a dick pic. Like that was so hilarious to me but now it’s ruined lolol

  12. If your not gonna go all the way in then don’t go at all it’s almost like a female empowerment message” girl how is getting eating out an empowering message I love you doja but like cmon 😂

  13. you heard correct. Disappointment inspires. so u can be you and i can be me.(“how to rock” theme song continues in background)

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