Dog dumped out of SUV now in care of local humane society

3 GOOD EVENING, I’M STEVE CHAMRAZ, WELCOME TO THE NOW MILWAUKEE… A rtHEARTBREAKING CASE OF ANIMAL ABUSE IN BROOKFIELD AFTER SOMEONE DUMPED A DOG OUT OF AN SUV THE LOCAL HUMANE SOCIETY IS NOW CARING rtFOR THE DOG — AND SAYS IT’S IN VERY POOR CONDITION. RIKKI MITCHELL HAS THE STORY FROM BROOKFIELD. 3 Look live intro: 13:24 The dog is now in good rthands here at the elmbrook humane society — but she needs a lot of care following this ordeal. Now the shelter wants to find out who is responsible. 13:3rt3NATS 20:55 phone ringing find your best friend at elmbrook humane society this is sally how can I help you 21:00 FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS — rtTHE STAFF HERE HAVE ALL BEEN TALKING ABOUT GRACIE. 51:39 our focus is to get her healthy again HEATHER GEHRKE IS THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND SAYS THE 2 rtYEAR OLD PITBULL TERRIER MIX CAME IN FRIDAY AFTERNOON — AFTER WITNESSES SAW SOMEONE LEAVE HER ON THE SIDE OF BARKER ROAD — SOUTH OF NORTH AVENUE. rt 50:30 the person who left her I would not say kick used their foot to keep the dog from getting back in the rtcar And then quickly sped off 50:40 WITNESSES HELPED CORRAL THE DOG AND GET HER TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY — WHO NAMED HER GRACIE. rtSHE WAS DEHYDRATED — SEVERELY EMACIATED AND ONLY WEIGHED 19 POUNDS WHEN SHE CAME IN.52:02 the reports from her foster home the rtstaff member is that she either was Looking for something to eat all the time or was very sleepy 52:07 SEVERAL PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED INTEREST IN ADOPTING GRACIE — rtWHO WOULD JOIN THE 20 OTHER DOGS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AT THE SHELTER. HEATHER SAYS ITS AGAINST STATE LAW TO DUMP AN ANIMAL — AND THE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE COULD FACErt CHARGES. 54:30 this was not something we planned for regardless of whether or not we have the financial Support we will be taking care of her she will be not go withortut 54:37 LOOK LIVE TAG: 15:47 veternarians still need some time to care for the dog before she’ll be available for adoption in the meantime they’re asking anyone with information about who did this rt to contact the elmbrook humane society reporting in Brookfield rm for the now Milwaukee 16:00 3 3 3 rt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt rtrt

1 thought on “Dog dumped out of SUV now in care of local humane society

  1. why does owner not like dog and throw out or dumped of dog??..owner feel think " I(owner) can't stay with dog long years because my life is going job and peaceful mind..I won't push to bath time for dog daily..I don't have more money for feed dog daily…I don't disturb if dog start bark..I feel no interest clean if dog pee and poo.."…so,owner feel angry like this and throw out or dumped of dog…owner want peaceful mind..owner feel no interest for dog but dog always love owner…. abandoned dog should sent to animal society and adopted dog if customer feel interest..better life…

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