Does Bernie Debating Warren Help or Hurt Progressives?

Okay, let's get to audience questions first
one now. Very timely. Next week we have the second set of democratic
2020 primary debates a viewer wants to know. Hey David, does Bernie debating with Warren
in the second debate help or hurt either or both of them. Yeah. So last time Elizabeth Warren was on night
one and Bernie Sanders was on night two. Um, there's sort of two answers to this question. One is, let's deal with the specifics. Is it better or worse for Bernie and Warren
to be on the same night, given that they are appealing to a, a, a largely similar wing
of the Democratic Party before we even get to that. Remember, eventually it's gonna be just one
night. This entire thing of having two nights is
only happening because there are way too many candidates, including a ton of candidates
who have no chance whatsoever. So understand that on the first night, along
with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, uh, Tim Ryan is going to be on the stage. That guy has zero shot. Marianne Williamson's going to be on the stage. Amy Klobuchar, Delaney Hickenlooper Bullock. They have no, and the only reason why we're
even talking about the possibility of them being split up on separate nights is because
there are so many candidates and it's pushing the debate into two nights that ends after
this debate. They're going to be on the same debate stage
eventually. So the conversation applies only to one more
debate, but let's actually play it out. Uh, if they're appealing to widely the same
a slice of the Democratic Party, are they better off Warren and Bernie by debating on
separate nights and being on each of their respective nights, the sort of prominent progressive
choice or are they better off on the same night in order to create the perception which
is not an inaccurate perception that there are multiple good choices if your priority
is a more progressive candidate, particularly when it comes to the primary economic issues
of inequality and economic fairness and so on and so forth. I believe that they are better off on the
same night. Uh, they are two of the most prominent candidates. If you look at who is in the lead right now,
it's Biden, Bernie Warren Harris and then is it's uh, Buddha, judge Biden and Harris
are on night to booted. Judge Warren and Bernie are on night one. And by being there together, my hope is, and
we'll see if it actually is born out by their performance, that they are going to eclipse
everybody else who is on that stage as clearly being the folks who are the furthest to the
left. And have the specific ideas and understanding
of the issues. Bullock's going to be a non-factor. Pete booted. Judge is climbing. He's, he's just desperate to climb. His polling has gone nowhere. If he wants to be in this thing, he has to
make a move to get closer to the top four candidates. He is going to be trying really hard but he
has a lot of trouble talking about substance. I think Bernie and Warren are going to do
really well in relation to two. Pete, Buddha, judge Delaney and Hickenlooper,
they're not going to be factors. Uh, Amy Klobuchar often embarrasses herself
and last debate she did terribly. I can't imagine she's going to do much Beto
or Rourke imploded in the last debate and he'll be lucky to avoid any possible gaffes. Tim Ryan looked shellshocked during the entire
last debate. Can't imagine he'll do much in Marianne Williamson
has this sort of funny cult following but she doesn't really have a shot. So Bernie and Sanders being together I think
is going to show how strong the serious detail oriented policy oriented progressive wing
of this primary is. And I think that that's going to be a really
good thing for them. Assuming of course that the timing and the
spread of the questions is not unfair in some way. Assuming that the format, even though it's
designed to prevent actually by definition, serious depth on issues allows Bernie and
Warren to really show how much more detail oriented and how much, uh, how much more sophisticated
their understanding a lot of these political political issues is compared to the other
candidates. If the format allows that, if the moderators
allow that to some degree, I think it will be a really good thing for Bernie and Warren
to be up there together. My guesses, you will start to hear discussions
after the next week's debate, uh, of there should be a Bernie Warren ticket warrantee,
Bernie, Bernie, Warren, Warren, Bernie, whatever your sort of preferences. My expectation is that assuming things go
as they often do with both of them, uh, in their respective debates, that is a conversation
that's going to be happening. I'm not worried about them being on the same
stage and more importantly, by the third debate, they will be on the same stage because there
won't be enough candidates to justify to nights.

31 thoughts on “Does Bernie Debating Warren Help or Hurt Progressives?

  1. I think they could not have drafted it better. The focus is all on their ideas, while the other night is probably the downfall of Biden.

  2. I think people underestimate Marianne but she might have just played herself listening to some consultant telling her the public option is better.

  3. Warren is no progressive. She's a neoliberal Democrat with milquetoast quasi-progressive economic policies.

  4. My thing with Warren is, I like her a lot. She’s right on a lot especially Wall Street but when I imagine her debating Trump she just doesn’t seem tough enough to shut Trump up, cause Trumps a classic bully, but Bernie can be a real bull dog and that is a big deal for me and Bernie debating trump would be AMAZING

  5. Yeah I think after they clear out the rest of them they ought to just say the 13-minute up and one's going to be vice president and the other one is going to be president I mean I think Bernie should be president they should have been last time and Elizabeth Warren she could look at it this way if she don't make president she she could be the first vice president of the United States ever

  6. yeah I think that they're socialism word kind of scares people little bit and specially coming from the Republicans when they mention it but I think that's how they kind of got their name in the first place but they didn't call it socialist when it started out they called him communist and now they call him social is cuz I don't know there was some human stuff you know they didn't like about the word communist and just the way it went but yeah I don't know why they call it socialist cuz that there's just what it was before now now that's what it is now but it's not communist at all

  7. 2020:Sanders/ Warren
    2024:Sanders/ Warren
    2028:Warren/ Sanders
    2032:Warren/ Sanders
    …16 years of progress

  8. my guess is that Bernie and Warren will feed off of each other and build a strong progressive case..
    Harris and Booker will knock Biden down another peg..
    5 candidates left..

  9. Before watching the video, my answer would be:
    Helps. If one of them starts to attract the progressive vote more than the other and unify it, that's better than having it divided. The sooner leftists unite before the general election, the better.

  10. I know I will take heat for this, but I would love to see a ticket of Warren/Sanders. This is why I feel this way. Americans need a kick in a better direction, but if the kick is too hard they will only feel the kick, not the reason for it. Bernie is a very hard kick in the direction we need to go. Warren addresses the root of the major problems we have in politics without being a slap in the face. She address the issue of money in politics without sounding like she wants to remake the entire political system. Bernie wants to move the political system further left than warren. Warren wants to correct the system that favors the rich and powerfull over the average person. Bernie wants to give the power to everyone. Unfortunatly, the average person in America has no idea anymore what is best for the country and can only see what would give them the biggest advantage. It will take time to reverse the indoctrination we have received over the past 30 or so years (Reagan +) about what America stands for.

  11. if warren is running as president or vp, trump is just gonna throw the whole Pocahontas native american thing in her face

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