Doctors say Flu is bigger menace than Ebola

THE FLU BUG. SO FAR THIS YEAR THE STATE HEALTH DEPARTMENT REPORTS CLOSE TO 300 FLU CASES .. BUT IT’S STILL A BIT EARLY…FLU SEASON TYPICALLY PEAKS IN JANUARY. ANCHOR SULA KIM HAS MORE.. :28 bacteria being around a lot around the kids at school you know colds come home with the sniffles:35 ASHLEY HILL IS CONSTANTLY WORRIED ABOUT THE HEALTH OF HER THREE CHILDREN. SHE CAN’T EMPHASIZE ENOUGH THE IMPORTANCE OF WIPING AWAY THOSE GERMS. 1:47 talk to them every day letting them know to wash those hands being outside wash those hands, being outside, wash those hands HER DAUGHTER TERRIELLE IS AN ACTIVE ONE…WHO LOVES THE OUTDOORS. SO ASHLEY MADE SURE THE 11 YEAR OLD GOT HER FLU SHOT THIS YEAR. 4:00 I dont’ like being inside that much she’s gonna keep me inside if I catch any type of cold DOCTOR COREY HEBERT SAYS PEOPLE IN AMERICA SHOULD BE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE FLU THAN EBOLA. 16:47 even if we had an ebola outbreak in the united states it’s not passed by respiratory droplets but the flu is 16:54 so you could sneeze on someone and they will get the flu but If you sneeze on a person they won’t get ebola so you have to think about it like that 17:00 the flu is a deadly disease WHICH IS WHY ASHELY IS STILL NOT LETTING HER GUARD DOWN—SHE WILL CONTINUE TO REMIND HER KIDS TO WASH THOSE HANDS. 4:55 I constantly put hand sanitzier on my hand if i’m playing with somebody 5:00 SYMPTOMS FOR BOTH EBOLA AND THE FLU ARE SIMILAR. THEY INCLUDE NAUSEA, VOMITING, FATIGUE AND HIGH FEVER.

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