Doctor of Social Work (DSW) – USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

this is Anne Devora Peck School of Social Work decided to develop the DSW program at this moment in time because the leadership perceived a need in our society right now for a different kind of way of approaching the grand challenges that face our society the thought was we need an innovative style of leadership that is able both to communicate what the innovations ought to be and to engage communities in problem-solving in ways that haven't really ever happened quite before I decided to pursue my doctorate specifically at USC because this program focuses on innovation being an owner of a private practice I knew that there were ways that I wanted to expand and I knew that I wanted to do it in ways that had not been done before things that I had not seen before but felt like masses the social work is really helpful but some of the systems that I was the owner were more complex what we found is that current trends more and more today are looking for practical people in the community to translate some of their experiences and I know how this program draws from successful and effective strategies from other fields in business and in the for-profit sector for example and it forces us to implement and apply these strategies theories and concepts to our human services world and to the complex organizations and systems in which we work I think what's unique about the DSW program is that we're doing systemic interventions we're actually applying a lot of those principles and trying to solve really tough situations that are ultimately going to make the room please I'm attending a university with a solid program with very supportive professors with a very rigorous curriculum that's going to benefit me and ultimately benefit the community in the short time that I've been in the program I'm a better leader I'm a better social worker and in many ways I'm a better person because of this program

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  1. This is fabulous marketing. The cohort is relatable, articulate and full of passion. Way to go School of Social Work!

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