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for a child to thrive he needs two loving parents that’s the conventional wisdom in Western countries like Britain and America the last few decades have seen an increase discussion about whether the nuclear family is best suited to one male and one female parent or the same-sex partnerships can raise children just as well but the conversation tends to take for granted the importance of a two-parent household the supremacy of a two parent partnership may not be all it’s cracked up to be current research at Cambridge University Center for Family Research lays out the case for single parent families who were never a double power of family so these are days research all those women who made the choice to have a baby on their own using sperm from anonymous male donors who they will never be required to meet but no nuclear family structures are nothing new as Bruno Bettelheim research from the 1960s shows rather than studying solo Parenthood bettelheim’s been seven weeks on a kibbutz in Israel to study common or parented Bettelheim lived in the caboose with the community he was studying as he observed them he didn’t aim to change anything by being there just observe the systems that were already in place this research technique is a non-participating tree observation study in his book the children of the dream Bettelheim wrote a caboose child is not beholden to any particular parent before the study Bettelheim predicted that communal Parenthood would negatively impact the children’s development into successful adults was he was amongst the caboose community he noted that converts children fostered fewer one-to-one relationships compared to nuclear family children in America the books children instead demonstrated a high number of more casual friendships which contributed to an active social life a follow-up in the nineteen nineties found that a large number of the children battle i’m at met in 1964 are now successful professionals suggesting that Camille parenting can and does produce successful adults accepting the Western captain this influence definition of success bettelheim’s results have been complemented by a number of other studies not just in the relatively Western State of Israel but in remote African tribes where common or parenting has developed out of necessity rather than political or ideological ideals what is it then that makes parental style a success or not of course different psychologists have varying answers and perhaps what works on a good books wouldn’t have the same outcomes in Harlem or mayfair or a Romanian orphanage psychologists who want to develop a universalist approach have to consider what factors are intrinsically human and remain constant regardless of location or circumstance following this line of thought children require food shelter and emotional attention do you think one model of parenting is optimal for providing these needs and which of these basic requirements do you think is the most critical for a chance development into successful adults join the discussion in the comments below and remember to subscribe to receive the next video

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  1. Kibbutz structure was born out of necessity because of the horrible life threatening conditions in the holyland before the turn of the 19th century before Israel the state was born. Nostalgia kept it hanging on. Today, I don't believe that any kibbutz now demands a communal children's house and close family ties are now encouraged.

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