Do the Right Thing (7/10) Movie CLIP – 20 “D” Batteries (1989) HD

# Fight the power # [Music Slows] # Fight the power # # Fight the power # # Fight the pow… ## 20 ”D” Energizers. 20 ”C” Energizers? ”D.” Not ”C.” ”D.” ”C” Energizers? ”D,” motherfucker.
”D!” Learn to speak English first,
all right? ”D.” How many you say? 20, motherfucker. 20. [Speaking Korean] Motherfuck you! Motherfuck… Motherfucker, you,
you all right, man. Just give me
the motherfuckin’ batteries. 20 ”D” fuckin’ batteries. Hey, yo. Yo, wait. What’s the date on them? What’s the date on them? The date!
The fuckin’ date! What? Can you fuckin’ speak English?
The date! The date? Marcha! Marcha? What you talkin’ about–Marcha? 1991. Oh, March.
That’s March, motherfucker, March. Yo, man,
you sure that’s 20? 20. No. No. Take them out.
Count them again. Count the shits again, man.

100 thoughts on “Do the Right Thing (7/10) Movie CLIP – 20 “D” Batteries (1989) HD

  1. Bill Nunn(RIP)who played Radio Raheem made me laugh arguing with the Asian store owners in Do The Right Thing movie LOL. Asian man said some funny stuff LOL. This scene was played on Ice Cube's Horny Little Devil song at the end on Death Certificate album. I like Gerald Alston of The Manhattans and Lori Perry's So Hard To Say song that's playing in the background while Bill and Asian man store owner are arguing and cursing. The song is on Do The Right Thing soundtrack.

  2. spike lee is a worm. all this wrong language. it's just wrong. spike, like all of us, is going to judgment by a holy God. Jesus the Lord and Messiah. and Jesus isn't going to ask to see his movies.

  3. Radio Raheem says, "D Mothafucca "D"! Learn to speak English first, alright!? "D"! "
    Korean woman: How mauch do yoo wahnt!?
    Radio Raheem said, "TwWENTY mothaFUCCA' TWENTY!"
    Korean guy: Moddafockcca 'YOU'!!

  4. I remember when I first saw this as a kid. I thought "are those people idiots?? He's saying 'D!'"
    Since studying Korean for a year, I see now why they had trouble. In Korean the D and C sounds are kinda the same 🙁

  5. Sheesh listening to loud music all day like that with the radio at my ear would eventually make my head explode!

  6. If your shopping at a bordega i highly recommend checking the date on everything (including batteries) you buy

  7. I’m with Raheem on this one. Full words I can see, but you don’t know the difference between C, D and G? That’s crazy.

  8. This is such a misunderstanding on both sides. Thats just how asian people are sometimes and for the black dude he literally asked them what he wanted and nothing else. They both trippin on each other for no reason lol.

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