Do the Right Thing (10/10) Movie CLIP – Destroying Sal’s (1989) HD

What you got to say, Sal? Your son called the cops! Get the fuck out of here, man! Somebody’s getting hurt! Fuck that, man! Hate! Ohh! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! What are they doing? What are they doing? Sal, come on.
Come on, quick. Get them out of there! Get– That’s my place! That’s my fucking place! Sal! Fucking niggers. Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Burn it down!
Burn it down! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Radio! Come on.
Let’s clean house. Shit. Come on. l no white.
l no white! lt’s your turn, sucker! l no white!
l no white! l no white!
l’m black! What? l black! Me black! Where you black at? Me black! l’m black! You, me– same! We same. Same? Me black! Open your eyes,
motherfucker! ML, leave the Korean alone, man. He’s all right. Yeah? He’s all right. He’s black. Shit.

100 thoughts on “Do the Right Thing (10/10) Movie CLIP – Destroying Sal’s (1989) HD

  1. 2:06-Sadly, in real life three years later in 1992, Koreans would feel the same kind of terror, as rioters in LA destroyed Korean business for the murder of Latasha Harlins by a Korean store clerk. Rioters didn't just express there angry towards white people for the Rodney King verdict, but took it out on everyone else who had ever hurt or killed black people. That's why we shouldn't loose are tempers, and treat everyone, no matter what race they are, with the same rights, and all of us will get along.

  2. Degenerate black thugs just like Mike Brown; you can't play the victim when you are a violent criminal thug in the first place

  3. When Sal says You people , the dynamic shifted, people who supported him knew that after all, Sal thought the restaurant was his castle and everyone owed him fealty like some Don Corleone. And it got only worse once he thought he could do whatever he wanted up to including letting the police murdering yet another black man

  4. Spike lee is a big race barter and black supremacist, but the ending scene of this movie does a great job of portraying people as they really are.

    These asshats that are willing to burn down a hard working innocent man’s livelihood are animals and nothing more. They deserve to be treated as such.

  5. I think it’s sad because of how real this is and I think sometimes we lose ourselves in anger from hatred and then do actions with the same if not more hatred

  6. Years of racism will not go away in one generation and neither the resentment. As long as minorities are scapegoats when economic crashes occurs this will always be the result. Hello from 2019.

  7. I'm free to interpret this movie any way I want. Lesson: don't do business with blacks. The rest of you people can go ahead and justify senseless acts of violence and vandalism that help no one.

  8. I know what Spike lee was trying to say here, but srsly this is the mindset of so many black people. They start trouble, get their asses handed to them and then they riot and blame everyone but themselves. I hate to say it but no wonder there's so much racism against the black community :/ Their actions/behavior give so many reason to not like them.

  9. I’m Italian and one of my closest friends ever is black.

    In a situation like this, him and I could wind up on opposite sides, which is a scary thought because he’s someone I care about and he cares about me.

  10. Spike was not a visionary or a prophet. Rather, a leader. John Ball inspired Wat Tyler's rebellion in the 14th century. Human nature gave into its baser instincts then, as it did now. The difference is that John Ball was hung and quartered whereas Spike won all kinds of awards.

  11. Sal asking what are they doing? Uh, Sal, the hoodrats are wrecking your place, can't you see that? You blind?

  12. When I first watched this movie I thought what happened to Sal was extremely unfair. Now, a few years later I feel like i understand this scene, nobody did the right thing.

  13. That ain't right. I see both sides of the argument, not of this would've happened if sal had've put some colored folks on the wall of fame. That's the double truth Ruth 😂💯👊 if you stop and think about it for a second.

  14. At least they didnt burn down a black owned business. But where are they gonna get their pizza 3 times a week now. Why didnt they just open their own restaurant instead of destroying something someone else built.

  15. Ironic that the point of contention was over the Italians on the wall, when so many rappers idolise those guys. A lot of them view Pacino as sort of a role model…That wasn’t analysed at the time, because there was no YouTube…lol

  16. Mookie should've stood alongside Sal in front of the stupid violent crowd and told them rioting would not be the right thing and go home. That would've been more epic and memorable.

  17. Fuckhead criminals were about to riot the Korean store too, even though the Korean wife was holding her baby terrified.

  18. Yeah Sal should have had a gun instead of a ball bat. Just like a black man to waste time bitching about a wall someone else owns with pictures of people the owner likes instead of trying to get his own.

  19. What no one gets- is that
    No one in this movie did the right thing
    Every side had their own racial biases-
    Not only whites against blacks
    Everyone against everyone

  20. So in other words they just keep destroying there own neighbourhoods an complain why others races do better in there neighbourhood

  21. 2:30 LMAAAOOO SAME ?????? MEEEEEE!!!! BLACK !!!!! open yo eyes mothafucka !!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  22. 2019 and ain't nothin' changed.
    …and people wonder why blacks continue to make up over half of the prison population.

  23. he fed them for decades they bournt hi place down and they wonder whyh we don't want to live with them

  24. The really stupid thing about this part before the cops show up is that tomorrow where will they go for pizza?

  25. A character in the movie stated Radio "died because he had a radio." I understand what Spike Lee was saying in the movie. But would Radio Raheem killed Sal if the police didn't intervene?

  26. i think what the film is trying to say is, ‘what even is the right thing to do?’ Mookie believed that throwing the trash can in the window was the right thing to do, so he did it. but the film is so good at showing every perspective that it really makes you ask yourself that. Like what really matters is the police did the wrong thing, that’s 100% sure. Da Mayor is Martin Luther King Jr, a man who uses the peaceful route of love (think back to Raheem’s Love rings), and mookie’s end decision is him choosing to use the route of Malcom X (think back to the Hate rings). Raheem says that love and hate are static (referring to his rings when he tells mookie the story of love and Hate), they both equally kick some ass. This relates to the quotes at the end of the film, one by MLK expressing his choosing of Love>Hate, and one by Malcom X expressing his choosing of Hate when necessary. And then that photo is shown of them shaking hands at the end and smiling, the static relationship. The rings. Love and Hate. This obviously means that both sides have a point and are true. So when both sides are right, what really was the right thing to do ?

  27. Same!!? Forreal!!? Sure, but I can’t tell by the way we’re treated compared to everyone else…. The US got black people wishing they were anything but black these days.

  28. They had no right messing up those people pizza shop 😡 just cuz they didn't have any black pictures of people.why are you sweating it what's the big deal

  29. I watched this movie for the first time back in 1990 on a VHS tape rented from BlockBuster. I was a cornball twelve year old white kid growing up no more than a block from the black ghetto. This movie did nothing but reinforce all the negative feelings that were growing in me about the blacks in my neighborhood and school.

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