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excuse me right we're just trying to raise money for polio today Polly yeah for polio and Eterna raise awareness anything at all because never get on you pitch yeah my auntie actually has polio so oh I appreciate what you stand for well you know it's not actually probably out of sickness it's an acronym it's the pedophile organization of legal Investigative operations sounds a little different what's that it's a charity let me explain did you know that two out of three pedophiles struggle to make ends made it home with their ongoing legal fees and their excessive legal fees some of them are teachers who cannot find employment after that when they get done so they turn to this group here and give them great support in these times and that is very similar to how other charities are run it's a great cause yeah I think I want my money back you can't have your money back once if we become this is a Josie's in a joke my people's suffering is not a judgement thanks for your donation Mike it may excuse me do you know what that's actually for yeah it's a poll in which I assume is the pedophiles organization native operations knows where it's at this is much if you're not happy with this charity we got a couple more than more so yeah this one's for kids in Uganda child soldiers ammunition doesn't grow on trees we got to get them bullets we got to get an ASAP this one's for women's health which one arrays a cure for periods two seconds smash them every day a month which ones are gone by you're kidding I'm not kidding like with some money incomes much money you got a lot of money make people want to support people want to help you are you charitable make a difference buddy okay which one's the period one the red one obviously we color coding but thank you very much hey before you go though I forgot to give you your I support pedophilia sticker there you go say where that one proud might have a good one that's the period cup come good cuz I'm gonna feel this way tomorrow same I know nobody

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  1. Commenting in 2018.

    Sacha Baron Cohen's second episode came out today for "Who is America?"
    I'm pretty sure he got the child soldier charity idea from you (this video) Mr. Alex Williamson. Well done!

  2. I know a pedal filer..used to work at Malvern Star..filing the sharp edges off the pedals

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