DIY Japanese Bamboo Noodle Slide Family Fun Activities!!!

[Laughter] hi guys today we're gonna do a noodle scuse me challenge hey guys or should I say konnichiwa today we can do something different on our video now that she saw man you guys know what that is it's a family fun activity we do in Japan during the summertime so this is the rig we have the biscuit is looking like waterslide and putting noodles so you have the noodles and you let it fly through the water slide catch it with a chopstick and it's really fun and sometimes it's typically fly down really fast all right you guys up for the challenge yes let's do it alright so guys for another storm and you have to use chopstick to grab the noodles so mommy has chopstick and for Ryan since he can use fork so once you grab the noodle you dip that into this ball with the soy sauce I got one bite here zero hungry go again only one note when you eat noodles in Japan it's quite to make a sound kind of weird you have to make a sound I'm gonna go lower this I haven't got any I want to get the leftovers down here yeah I'm gonna get all before mommy gets the mommy all right so keep it going all right guys let's eat more keep it going this one I go ah look at this all right the final round guys okay Ryan since you did so well in the previous round I'll give you a bonus round this time only you get to do it I'll give you 30 seconds all by yourself unlimited noodles you ready 3 2 1 go all this big ones on your land Oh grand finale ready that's how much Ryan got let's see if I can beat that all right daddy ready for your 30-second noodle challenge again I can still try here got it got it all right keep it going mommy go go go go don't stop don't stop I only have 30 seconds Wow got it five four three two time's up all right guys let's compare how much needle we got so here's what I got for my round Ryan's not so much like Oh mine's bigger all right I guess why all right now let's eat thank you for watching our video I hope you liked it here's some fun clips where we have to fish for our own food roll the clip to fishing daddy's ready fish for the fish but he's not having any luck Ryan we might not have dinner tonight because daddy don't know how to fish they got it you got it dinner Ryan I gotta give us some dinner can you fish so we can have dinner No crying got a fish root down we're sitting back at the table because we gave our fish to the chef so they're going to yeah I know but now I'm super hungry waiting for them to cook it it's so exciting because you get to keep the bitch that you trust yeah fresh fish fresh fish so take this look at it this is the one like yeah this is out there yeah oh yeah pictures pictures I saw the your dad's gonna try of paper there yummy yummy and your tummy come in here I know we just got it I minutes later and bam it's here sorry I always do this some tricks so it's going to take a longer time because art is to me it's raw so it just comes out he like you yes yummy in my tummy this is my favorite daddy shake sorry Ryan that's my favorite your first fish bite or get you a spoon what you think it's a good good John Ryan you did it I hope you liked our video bye thank you for watching remember happy bye you

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