DIY – How to Make: Carmen's Family | Fully Articulated Custom Dolls

well hello there I would like to welcome you to my humble home oh where are my manners I forgot to put away my jewels I won this tiara when I won the DARPA via winter pageant in case you didn't notice this video is all about little Oh May oh and my family my full name is Carmen Rose Woodhouse I absolutely adore flowers and momma must have known that's why my middle name is rose just look at my room it's covered in roses I got flowers on my shirt pink is my favorite color in case you were wondering born and raised in southern dhaba vo some people say I have a little bit of an accent but if you ask me I don't know what they talk about hmm what else is there well I love pageants and my best friend is Sophie Darby but you probably already knew that oh he is something you probably didn't know about me I love to write short stories about elegant times beautiful dresses and tea parties Carmen so far in this video we've only talked about yourself maybe it's time to introduce the rest of the family fun this is my sister Skye hello everyone I would like to show you something a little less floral this is my room my favorite colors are black dark gray light gray graphite oh and ash my style is totally chill I mean I'm not saying anything negative about my sister I mean it's like flower overload over there I totally can't do the whole flower thing you know her first name is hyacinth right and that's a flower Carmen her whole name is Hassan Gwyneth Woodhouse and she had an accent until she went to Europe and decided to drop it sit-outs where was I oh yes I am totally authentic I love photography but only with a Polaroid and it has to be aesthetic I am all about the aesthetics well enough about hooks that must be mama and daddy Carmen and Sky's mom was originally a Barbie basic but I can't seem to find her so we're just gonna have to make a new one and since our Barbie lady tremaine is just sitting on the shelf let's use her she has red hair like Carmen and a complexion similar to sky however this doll has the basic 5 points of articulation so let's give her a made to move body however the skin tone might be an issue here is the hand test yeah it looks it looks pretty close alright everyone say it with me Oh put their heads ah the skin tones are definitely off but maybe we can find a way to hide it like maybe with a dress with a higher neckline first I rinse some of the product out of her hair to soften her curls we dressed her in this black and white Barbie dress that goes a lot higher on the neck borrowed jewelry from our holiday Barbie cut a small piece of a stocking place it on her arms for a shrug completing her look the name is emma Woodhouse not too bad I think as long as we keep a jacket on her we can totally get away with it for mr. Woodhouse we are going to use james t kirk excuse me dear but our dinner guests will be here any minute please go and change when he's not flying spaceships mr. woodhouse is a derby Ville councilman so I'm thinking he should wear a suit it fits but it's a little snug Captain Kirk comes fully articulated with movement at the head elbow wrist hip knee and ankle so there's no need for a body swap oh man common rosewood house why aren't you dressed oh dear mama unless the lost track of time just give me a few moments and I'll be ready well hurry she'll be here any minute oh no she's early you all are gonna love her what do you think of this dress well you can never go wrong with pink and flowers I better go because you don't want to keep grandma waiting we are going to use Professor McGonagall for Carmen's grandma she comes fully articulated with movement at the head shoulder elbow wrist hip and knee I really like this outfit so you might see her wearing it here and there but right now she gonna do a little bit of magic and pull into something that won't scare the muggles well this dude dear grandma you might want to put the wand away oh yes right Carmen's mother and grandmother run the local art gallery it's crooked well there you have it that's my family my sister Scott whose real name is hi synth loves photography we don't always see eye to eye my grandmother one of the smartest women I know and runs the art gallery with my absolutely fabulous mother now you can see where I get the red hair from and my daddy a local councilman in job reveal and I'm common Rhodes Woodhouse see you next time bye we want to give a shout out to Katherine's world was okay I've had enough of people still in my vlog it's the Darby show because I'm Sophie Darby it's not the Lopez show or the Whitehouse show oh just calm down Sophie and have a seat okay maybe you're right Carmen maybe I'm overreacting I'm common Woodhouse and let's get ready to play some roblox

46 thoughts on “DIY – How to Make: Carmen's Family | Fully Articulated Custom Dolls

  1. No hate but I liked the old Carmen better

    But that’s just my opinion you can like either one I don’t care

  2. 3:40 lady tremain's face is the same color it's just lighter cuz it's made to look like there's blush on it

  3. Naveen should have A family it would be nice to see Naveen baby sister or a older sister and a little brother hastag get him a family

  4. Skye: My favorite colors are black through grey shades I’m totally aesthetic and chill.

    Me: YeT yOur hAir iS pInk

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