– I’m hiding, I’m under cover’s bed. Shhhh – Shhhh. Daddy’s coming. – Ollie, where are you? We gotta go. (upbeat pop music) – Good morning guys. Welcome to our channel. Subscribe to our channel. I don’t wanna go to school today. Ewww. So we’re playing hooky. (gentle jazz music) Let’s go Finn. (soft jazz music) Where should we hide? Under the steps. (soft jazz music) Shhhh. Do you think they’re
going to find us here? – No. – I’m hiding (gibberish) Thumbs up this video if we
should skip school today. – Good morning guys and
welcome to our channel. Today I woke up and I have not
been able to find the boys. Um, we are actually at our
friend’s, Carl and Ginger’s, hanging out and having a good time. And I have some fun plans today, but I can not find them anywhere. I’m wondering if there’s
anyway ways you guys could comment down below if you
think you know where they are, because I have been looking everywhere and I can not find them. Do you guys know where they are? Let me know down in the comments. Hey, boys where are you? Ollie. Finn. – I don’t think this is
a good hiding spot for, – Good. – Come on, Finn. Go hide in here. – Under the bed? – I’m hiding under cover’s bed. Shhh. – Shhh. Daddy’s coming. Ollie, where are you? Ollie. We gotta go. Finn? Babe, do you know where
Ollie and Finn are? – [Mother] I haven’t found them anywhere. I’ve been looking. – [Father] Ollie, Finn. Where are you guys? We’re going to be so late, babe. Over here. Over here. Finn, where are you? Finn, we gotta go. Ollie! Not in here. – We have to go find
somewhere else to hide. (suspenseful music) I hope momma doesn’t find us, cause I’m hiding under the kitchen. Be really quiet. Shhh. Elsie’s coming. – Ollie. Finn. Where are you? We gotta go. Okay boys. I really need to go. Where are you? You guys under here? What are you doing under here? What are you doing? – We don’t like to go to school. – [Mother] You don’t want to go to school? – Yeah. – Oh, my god. I don’t know what is going on right now. Are you hiding cause you
don’t want to go to school? – Yeah. – Oh, my gosh, Oliver. I gotta tell you something. Come here. You know, the truth is,
you do have school today. Ya know? But we’re on vacation, so
you’re not going to school. Were you trying to like, play hooky? – Yeah! – And hide from mommy? You are crazy bud. Guess what? You are not going to school today. So we’re going to have a super fun day. Do you want to go do something fun? – Yeah! I wanna go swimming in
Carl and Ginger’s pool. – Woo hoo! That sounds awesome. Yeah, we are actually
at Carl and Ginger’s. We just got done with CVX. I guess he really thought
he had school today. Which he does. He is going to be skipping today. That is pretty hilarious that
he tried running from me. You want some muffins for breakfast? Alright, let’s get you some muffins, and get you ready for the day. Okay? Thumbs up this video if you
thought this was hilarious that the boys were trying to hide from me, and thought that you
would get away with it. You guys are so cute. Make sure you guys give
this video a huge thumbs-up cause they are adorable. But let’s go ahead and
get ready for our day. Alright, the boys are
all ready for the day. You guys look so cute! – Cause we don’t have school. – That’s right. – Oh yeah. Oh yeah. (gibberish) – What just happened? You guys are so silly. Yup. These boys are pretty excited. We are ready for the day, and
we’re actually going to head out and have a really fun day. But I think that’s so awesome that they, thought they had school
or trying to hide from me. You guys were so silly. Huh? You guys did a pretty good job hiding from mommy and daddy though. (gibberish) Oh, wow! Wow, wow, wow. Yup, these are my
rambunctious little boys. They need to get out and play, huh? Alright, let’s go do something fun. So since we are skipping school today, we thought it would be
super fun to head over to Ginger’s horse area. We are checking out her brand new horse. I’m so excited to see him! This sound good instead
of going to school? Alright. – Bro, you got out of school today? That’s amazing. – Look at his hat. – Yeah, you gotta have sun hats here. It’s sunny. I don’t wanna get crispy. (giggles) – Alright, let’s go see
Ginger’s horse, okay? – Okay. (guitar music) – Oh, my goodness. So who is this? – I don’t know. I forget what this pony’s name is. But look how cute he is. – He’s so cute! So this is Max. Look at this little baby horsey. – Do you want to feed him a treat? – Here, just hold it flat, ya know? Just like horses. – Oop. – Isn’t he so cute? – Yeah. – Oh, my god. See, you can ride this horse, huh? – Mmmhmmm. – That’s so cool. And, like, this is Ginger’s horse. This is Max. – Do you like it? – Go pet Max. – No. – He’s almost the same color as yours. – He’s in love with the mini. You’re so cute too. – [Father] So, not only does
Ollie get to skip school, but look who he gets to hang out with. A little horsey. What do you think, Ollie? You love him? – He thinks his name’s Cutie and he wants to take him home. – This is like the perfect
size horse for you, huh Ollie? – Yeah, you know we can
get horses like these and they are actually ride able. And the boys could ride them. – That’s crazy. – I wanna ride it. (laughs) – Hi buddy. Hey cutie. Oop. It tried to take a bite at your hand. By the way, what do you guys
think of my big ole sun hat? It’s pretty cool, huh? – I like it. – Yeah This is like the best
school ditch day ever. (laughs) – Look at him sniffing you. – Stop it. (laughs) (guitar music) – I’ve got an idea guys. How about, smash that thumbs
up button if you guys think we should get a little
horsey for Ollie and Finn. How cute would that be? – Ollie, what do you think? Should we get a little one for you? – Yeah. – He’s like, I’m about to break this
one out and take it home. (guitar music) Alright, did you say bye-bye
to the little horsey? ♪Bye-bye little Sebastian♪ – Hey, dude. Have you been having a
pretty good, uh, day off? – Yeah, but I’m in the hot tub now. – Yeah. He’s in the hot tub. And he’s been, uh, swimming in the pool. – But this is better. – This is, – Look it! I can tough the bottom. – Yeah. So awesome. Finn is over here riding his bike. He’s trying to keep up with the big kids. (upbeat pop music) I think Finn wants to be as fast as Carter on the motorcycle, but
he can’t quite keep up. Let’s see if he can win this race. Go Finn, go! Go Finn, go! He’s so fast on the thing. Look at that. You have been having a blast today, huh? – Yeah. – Yeah. – I wanna go with Carter. – You wanted to go with Carter? Carter just left on that little
motorcycle, and he was like, ‘But I wanna go with him’. He is loving all this guy time. He loves keeping up with the big kids. I mean look at him. He’s two-years-old and he acts
like he’s like four or five. I think he honestly rides the
scooter better than Ollie. It’s very possible. Anyways, we have been
having so much fun here and the boys have been just
loving hanging out with all these other YouTubers
and all the other fun that they’ve been having. It’s been cool that they
actually got to skip school and have a blast. – Is Ollie spoiled because
he got to ditch school. He got to see horses. He got to play with a little pony. He’s like, playing, with
all his favorite people and friends and stuff. We’re having so much fun here. Honestly, it’s really been a blast. But, as you can see, this
beautiful Utah sky is setting and it’s time to end the video. – It is time. We had such a blast. I’m super excited that Ollie
was able to skip school. But it is finally time to end this video. We’ve had a super fun day. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Give it a huge thumbs up if you did. – Here he comes. Go Finster, go! Go Finster, go Finster, go! Woooo! Thanks for watching this video you guys. We will see you manana. Bye! (upbeat pop music)


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