District offices open pet shelters during Chuseok

pet owners who had to travel during the
Chuseok holiday but couldn’t afford Pet hotels might have found the holiday
stuff but some districts offices in Seoul have decided to help hurt a nurse
by looking after their dogs our Kim bo-gyung has more these days we can see
pets everywhere according to a report by KB Financial Group last year one out of
four families have a pet and more than 75% of pets / dogs but traveling with
dogs is difficult forcing many pet owners to leave their pets behind during
the holiday season people worried about their dogs while they’re gone can use
the hotels and kindergartens where their pets can build their social skills and
do a range of activities to relieve their stress
however these services can be quite expensive and this is the reason why
district offices have offered pet care services during Chuseok to district
offices siguiendo wongu provided public dog shelters for $5.00 per day we
decided to open those shelters during the holiday season to prevent people
from abandoning their dogs and for people cannot afford private pet care
facilities thanks to these district offices
offering public dog shelters at affordable prices local pet owners can
enjoy their holiday without worrying about their pets dogs needed to be at
least 4 months old and have their vaccines up-to-date to be registered
pregnant dogs or dogs that were sick couldn’t stay at the shelters Luongo
district office made temporary dog shelters with a playground fences and
waste pads for choku district office hired qualified staff to look after the
pets qualified workers trained dogs to sit
wait and lie down we also give them toilet and social skills training if an
emergency happens after the workers go home
associated beds nearby will take care of them such a good district office used a
local dog hotel it had originally planned to use a public bath Center
which looks after abandoned dogs but that Center needed to be fumigated so
the district office made alternative arrangements at the
minute as people who think of their dogs as members of their family increase
district offices are following the trend and are providing public pet services as
best as they can Kim bo-gyung arirang news

1 thought on “District offices open pet shelters during Chuseok

  1. You should make a national apology to dogs for your shameful past atrocities against them!
    If you don’t I will make “about to be eaten” dog statues in front of all your embassies the world over!
    And I will freeze the assets of your corporations until you pay damages for every dog whose ancestors you ate!
    And you must revise your textbooks to reflect your shameful dog eating past!

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