Message from the president of the United States To the Congress This generation has altered the composition of the atmosphere on a global scale through radioactive materials and a steady increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels. President Lyndon B. Johnson 1965 Last year was the hottest ever by the largest margin on record Earth has just experienced the hottest year since record begin This was the worst drought to hit South Africa New El Niño phenomena has changed the weather from coast to coast 12 thousand square kilometers of coral are in danger of being wiped out Food sources for many of our people in the other islands Climate change migrants, people who can no longer grow crops on their lands Scientists are highlighting the urgency of cutting greenhouse gas emissions 2015 is the hottest year ever recorded by mankind Over 750 deaths have been recorded Powerful category 5 storm is the strongest ever to hit the South Pacific nation Data published by the US and UK meteorologists say the sharp increase in 2015 can be attributed to human activities notably the burning of fossil fuels We begin this news hour in Paris where world leaders have gathered for the UN Climate Conference known as COP21 It’s now or never to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels Over the next few days, we will decide
the fate of this planet Breaking news: after years of negotiations,
a Climate Deal has finally been reached The real headline, the real news
is the voluntary aspect of this Yeah,
NOT LEGALLY BINDING This is the same old thing
There is no enforcement mechanism The original goal was to limit emissions so the planet would only warm by 2°C Every scientist who has looked into the agreement says “that’s not going to happen” The planet will still warm by 3.5°C by the end of the century And that’s not nearly enough to stop the very worse impacts of climate change from impacting the planet More needs to be done DISOBEDIENCE Coming out of this climate summit
we see a very clear gap The politicians are not stepping up We are seeing the people and the movement stepping up to close that gap There are groups around the world organizing to shut down the fossil fuels industry during May 2016 It’s time to get issues that impact our climate and our environment seriously Break Free is a global moment where for the first time in a movement we’re seeing very concrete time frame when escalated actions are happening across 6 continents targeting major fossil fuels projects with the message that oil, gas and coal need to be kept in the ground It’s our future! We must say no! The level of urgency is coming together very clearly worldwide We need to introduce May 15 to people. We can’t wait for the politicians to catch up with that understanding So people are basically taking things into their own hands and doing what needs to be done on the ground Batangas, Philippines What is legal is not necessarily just Proposed Batangas coal plant JG Summit Holdings, INC. Coal per year: 3+ million metric tons CO2 emissions per year: 7+ million metric tons We cannot simply confine ourselves to what the law offers it is for us to demand a different world I remember the time when to even distribute flyers about the issue of oil was against the law Things remain the way they are because we allow it The moment we do not allow it, we take away our consent then change happens very, very rapidly EDSA REVOLUTION, 1986 In 1986, we were able to successfully oust the dictatorship Marcos It was not just a struggle
against repression of our civil and political liberties It was also a struggle against
the dictatorship that had many dirty and harmful energy projects We create change through empowerment of people because we believe that’s the only change that will last From what you see here on our coast, do you see any change in our lifestyle? Of our homes? Of our citizens, who they said were supposed to benefit from the rise of this type of energy? The promise of job opportunities, roads, schools You don’t see any of it I’m turning 60 soon I was only 22 when these industries began taking over I’ve been fighting for so many years and now there are more of us! How could I lose hope now? Will this stop if more of us stand up to them? We are not alone The citizens of the world are calling for the shut down of these power plants And in May, we will join the global movement
against the coal industry We allow our nature to be destroyed by selfishness And the progress that has been achieved
is only for the few The church has to educate our people
to oppose this false progress Globalization cannot be avoided What is globalized materialism
consumerism, lack of care for others What must be globalized is concern for one another The whole world is our responsibility Everything that we do, we are responsible before God to make our world better each day Most changes in society come from ordinary people who band themselves together and embrace the same vision and really sacrifice for the accomplishment of their common purpose we have to protect every individual and we have to protect our environment The laws of nature and the laws of economics are in conflict at the moment Either everything changes because the climate changes and it changes our physical world in ways that we can barely fathom Or we change our economy in fundamental ways but the idea that there is some middle road where we continue on pretty much as is, that’s actually not available to us Vancouver like a lot of port cities in the Pacific Northwest is being eyeballed to be a significant export point to fossil fuels Kinder Morgan is, I think, the biggest, baddest project on the table right now It would be expanding a pipeline currently moving 300 thousand barrels of tar sands a day to close to 900 thousand barrels a day 5 TANKERS A MONTH TO OVER 30 TANKERS A MONTH KINDER MORGAN PIPELINE SPILLS IN THE PAST 60 YEARS: 70 There is no way to clean up a tar sands spill in this kind of water They are saying the best they can get in ideal conditions is 50% cleaned up If there is one thing about this part of the world it’s that ideal conditions are pretty few and far between The pipeline itself crosses a lot of very important rivers for people’s drinking water, for communities, for the salmon stocks, which are so important for this region All the way as it goes back to Northern Alberta, where we already know the impacts that it’s having on the Athabasca river, which is becoming one of the most polluted waterways in the world and human health
impacts that’s having on First Nations communities downstream Alberta tarsands, the biggest industrial project in the world where the size the of Earth that you wanna move is the size of Texas Kinder Morgan makes 13 million dollars a day and not only do they make that much but they’re subsidized by the Canadian government We are mobilizing the community, with 100% consensus
by this Tsleil-Waututh nation where we had a referendum and they said “we can negotiate for millions of dollars with Kinder Morgan That can help some of our people out of poverty Or we can use our own little resources that we have and fight them” 100% consensus we chose to fight them So right here, is home you know, we haven’t left. This is where we’ve been for thousands of years 85% of our diet came from the waters behind us We’ve been measuring the quality of water here for 20 years It’s getting progressively worse We are devastated, and what we are trying to do is rehabilitate the damage it has caused We are going to court to sue for Canada for not consulting us on Kinder Morgan expansion One of the ministers said “why the first nations don’t take the money, they need it” we don’t need it more than our land We will do it, whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t happen in anyway possible We are going to launch a massive flotilla of boats from here and surround the terminal on the other side, where tankers fill up as well as have a group of folks on land march to the gates of the marine terminal so that we block it from both the land and the water That is in a lot of ways a battle between a story of the old and a story of the new There’s a lot of powerful forces trying to make sure that the story of the old continues for as long as it can We’ve seen disobedience move from being something that A few people do to the mass movement confronting the fossil fuels industry SEATTLE, WASHINGTON
JULY 18, 2015 A massive oil rig outfitted for Royal Dutch Shell’s remote Artic exploration parked in Seattle’s harbor on Thursday But not everyone is happy about it They have convinced us that progress is only made from the exploitation of the Earth Everyone is coming to protest We have scientists, ecologists and city council members who are willing to get arrested because they understand the severity of this moment Stand up in whatever manner you can This is our lunch counter to sit on This is our history to be made We hold the world in our hands SHELL TO CEASE OIL EXPLORATION SHELL ABANDONS ALASKA ARTIC DRILLING Civil disobedience is a powerful tool
in social justice work The law, its not sacred
and to challenge it shakes our consciousness If you can take that radical action in a way that genuinely speaks to everybody else Then you not only have their attention You have their inspiration And you build movements that way Number one: preparation Calibrate what you are asking for And how you ask for it,
so that you can win it Then you’ve got to choose your strategy You’ve got choose a tactic,
a target that can successfully grab public attention Then you’ve got to make sure that you execution is flawless The media will look to every opportunity to delegitimize you If there is one misstep, one act of violence, it’s over I’ve never been in the White House But the ability to chain myself to the outside of the White House turned out to be important, and empowering, and anyone could do it Most of us don’t have huge sums of money All of us have a body that we can put in the way I wanna say very clearly that civil disobedience is but one tools in the activists’ toolbox It is not the first one you should reach for and if you use it all the time, then like any other tool, it’s going to get dull That said, civil disobedience has a role to play Nobody should have to go to jail about the climate change in a rational system, that would be the last thing that would happen But because the way power is distributed in our world, sometimes we have to One of the central threats to democracy today is the corporate capture of government We are up against tremendous resources, and those resources are smart The corporations go strait to the politician that is going to be in the committee, that is going to pass the law they want to pass and threaten their reelection exactly the right time The strategy of global corporations on Climate Change was partly to recognize that they had a trump card with the United States’ government They could stand in the way of global action by blocking American action There’s a lot of state failure in the United States The legislator is bought and paid for oil companies
and another companies We have to roll back the corporate capture of our governments if we want to try to fix these problems that conflict directly with their industry bottomline There’s nothing radical about anything we are talking about Radicals work at oil companies If you are willing to get up in the morning and make your fortune by altering the chemical composition of the atmosphere, and you’re willing to do it when scientists told you what will happen and when you’ve seen it happen, when you watched the Artic start to melt If you’re willing to do that, than you’re radical and our job is to try and check that radicalism An investigation is underway on Exxon Mobile The huge oil company buried research about the effects of climate change Reports suggest that more than 30 years ago Exxon’s own scientists were taking climate change projections into account in its operational plans Exxon was on the cutting edge of science They wanted to be in the cutting edge of science 40 years ago in climate change October 31, 1997 The Greenhouse Effect assess the potential environmental damage of CO2 They understood that farther down the road, if the science was accurate there would be limits placed on emissions from fossil fuels so their strategy at that time was that “we want to have a say on what those limits look like” When their senior scientist told their senior executive about what was coming, Exxon started making sure that all its drilling rigs were climate proof, so they could stand the rising sea level But they did not tell the rest of us Just the opposite Exxon is providing leadership through API
in developing the petroleum industry position Exxon position
Emphasize the uncertainty Around 1989, there was a shift in the thinking of the executive level and that was when Exxon joined this group called the Global Climate Coalition which sounds very green, but in fact they were put together to fight any policy reaction to climate change Victory will be achieved when average citizens “understand” Media “understands” uncertainties in climate science Exxon and others ended up hiring the veterans of the tobacco industry to try to make the same The basic argument that the cigarette’s guys have made After 3 decades of investigation, no causal link between smoking and disease has been established Scientific evidence remains inconclusive as whether the human activities affect global climate It was effective, and it cost us a generations worth of time man has a time window of 5 to 10 years before the need for hard decisions regarding changes in energy strategies might become critical JUNE 6, 1978 We just recently crossed 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere We are literally releasing all that CO2 that got buried underneath Earth surface over a 100 million years And we are releasing it over a time frame of a 100 years a million times faster than nature buried it That is without precedent It’s unclear that living things, including human beings, can adapt to changes that occur that quickly In the Philippines, at least 6 thousand farmers were blocking a highway to demand the government to provide rice The farmers are starving Behind all this, there is the rising global temperatures causing the whole region to suffer the worst drought in more than 20 years We’ve began to see serious stress on the global food system And we simply won’t be able to grow enough food to feed 10 billion people in a warming world There is a study that looks at temperatures to come in much of the Middle East And what they found was that the combination of heat and humidity for stretches of time, by 2100 would not be compatible with human life A new study published yesterday finds climate change exarcebated the worst drought ever in modern Syria, aggravating social unrest in the country and helping to push it over the brink into civil war A record of 1 million refugees and migrants that have now crossed into Europe in Europe’s worse refugees crisis since the 2nd world war In other words, the very real security threat posed by climate change is only going to get worse You got to put your bodies upon the gears, and upon the wheels, upon the levers upon all the aparatus, and you got to make them stop And you got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you are free the machine will be prevented from working at all Social movements are different from ordinary politics in that they are not simply about how to divide up the goods but about what a good is it enters a domain that goes beyond immediate self-interest into what’s – we’re part of this as responsible human beings The secret of civil disobedience is moral clarity Gandhi said “I’m a human being first and a citizen of my country second” He targeted the fact that Indians weren’t allowed to make their own salt And had a massive salt march, across India to the coast where he bends down and picks up sea salt How could someone possibly prevent you from doing something like that? He was taking the weakness point of his opponent, and targeted it to generate the most moral clarity Different forms of civil disobedience shaped the basis of the abolition movement the women suffrage movement of the civil rights movement It is time for us to say that if you don’t do something about it we will have no alternative but to engage in broader and more drastic forms of civil disobedience in order to bring the attention of a nation to this whole issue in Selma, Alabama In the core of activism is one single things, and it is voice So many people in the world, their voice is actually not heard The civil rights movement had a grounded belief that the first and most important thing to do was to allow the people who are on the ground to be able to shape the direction and to be the front of what was happening It was about building the capacity to organize one action and mobilizing the public, to show up in support of an action The effect of civil disobedience is often to raise the cost of business as usual to disrupt normal processes and procedures, which makes it more costly to resist change than to agree to it The African people are realizing that apartheid means nothing else but oppression and exploitation To change these conditions, the leading Black liberation organization, the African National Congress, has began a mass movement of civil disobedience defying the laws of the racial superiority, called apartheid Civil disobedience brings a spotlight to the violence of oppressive states and industries The civil disobedience that occurred in South Africa the Apartheid years Defied all the Apartheid laws and it was really, really strong because it happened everywhere, from street committees to unions, to labour movements, to students’ movements Everybody found an aspect of Apartheid laws that affected them And then used some kind of mechanism to defy it It didn’t change over night, and it wasn’t one day of civil disobedience It takes time and you will have obstacles But I really don’t that there’s any fight that we cannot win if we have the numbers We’ve been struggling against this pollution for years, by which I mean the reeckless industrialization in the Aliaga region, called the “industrial zone” TURKEY 101 coal power plants by 2023 TURKEY CO2 EMISSIONS 268+ million tons of CO2 We’ve been through times dominated by capitalism and we still are Now it is the private companies They conduct environmental studies among themselves When we stand up against it, they prepare another environmental report and study to build those plants When new plans were built, or in development, people were promised new jobs and money – people were deceived a lot
– it has always been like this In March 1989, me and my friends had been elected mayors A lady from the General Directorate of Environmental Management in Ankara called and said “we haven’t met, but I will give you some bad news about Aliaga because it’s important” “A thermal power plant of 1000 megawatts using imported coal will be built in Aliaga” I summoned all the mayors from çigli to Kinik Such an attack of wild capitalism starting in Aliaga will spread to other areas in Turkey. The thermal power plant will not be built here, because our people don’t want it! We will plant our trees, in the thermal power plant site, with our children! Come and uproot them if you can On May 6, 1990, then Izmir mayor Yusek Cakmur, and our 18 municipalities made a human chain in protest Approximately an area of 60 kilometers, with over 50 thousand people When we did it, it was the biggest environmental action ever held in Turkey We managed to stop a thermal plant by our struggle But we couldn’t prevent a wider industrial site Today, in Aliaga, several thermal plants are being built No one speaks up People there were almost about to chase us out They openly said it. “You’re destroying our source of living” We said, “you get cancer, you’ll die here” “But we don’t have jobs. Shall we live in hunger?” They tame people by hunger I put them on buses and took them to Yatagan We arrived in a village where villagers told about the impacts of the thermal power plant One villager had a nose like a rabbit’s One had half an ear They told about births with malformation because of the power plant When we returned, everyone joined the protest We have a movement plan We invite all the anti fossil fuel, life advocates both in Turkey and around the world to help us stop the rot caused by the fossil fuels hand in hand, altogether We’ll keep that 90’s spirit alive You cannot pretend that we do not exist You cannot plead ignorance to our problems, because we are here What power means in the context of social change is of course the story of David and Goliath When the Philistines sent their powerful warrior Goliath to go confront the Israelites, who are afraid Until finally David, who is not a warrior, but a shepherd went to king Saul and said “let me go fight Goliath” the king said “you are not equipped, you’ve got take my sword, my shield, my helmet” he is so heavy that he can’t move. And he reflects for a second He says “Wait a second. I’m a shepherd, not a warrior” He takes off all that armor, picks up a few stones goes to face Goliath It’s only when he discovers his own resources, not those of his opponent, as the foundation of his strategy, that things became to shift And that’s what creates those moments of opportunity for the Davids of this world Lignite has a very low energy density That means that you have to dig up a lot of it to get not that much energy And in burning it, you emit a whole bunch of other dirt essentially which it is why this is not just bad just for the climate, but it is also terrible for people’s health GERMANY PRODUCES 178 MILLION METRIC TONS OF LIGNITE COAL PER YEAR OR 248 MILLION METRIC TONS OF CO2 Germany produces and burns more lignite than any other country in the world in absolute terms, including India and China We look at this now and we see the dirtiest of all the fossil fuels being dug up And of course it is the central driver of climate change which is a central driver of conflict, hunger, destitution, depravation around the world This stuff has to be left in the ground This little town called Proschim produces 100% of it’s own electricity from renewables and still exports stuff into the grid Like this village is actually the future we need Here you have agriculture, biogas, solar power, you have a functioning community And this is the frontline in the struggle against the madness of profit-driven extraction The government has slated Proschim for destruction because there is coal underneath it What was seem here is the future being eaten by the past Fossil fuels are the past in more than one way They are the past of the capital, the past of energy, the past of our relationship to nature Hello! We can leave your land if you want Ok, so this was Frau Rösch, who was asking what we were doing in her land and her… I started explaining “we are doing this film” she said “are you against lignite?”
“yeah” “ok, so you can walk wherever you want” Folks lived here a few years ago, this is their lives The government said “you can’t be here, because we are going to dig this up. Because there is coal underneath” They have grown up here, they were planning to maybe die here This kind of images, that’s also why we are doing this This folks here being evicted from their homes because we cannot stop destroying the environment This cannot go on All the political work that you do when you’re mobilizing for a big disobedience action will ultimately be for naught if the action is not a success in tactical terms We are telling the situation as it was last year Here is the opencast mine in Garzweiler This whole area was our action target Now, there are always 2 kinds of obstacles that you have to have in mind The first is geographic, or let’s call “technical obstacles” Then, second challenge: police and corporate security. let’s call this human or political problems Our goal is not to fight the police Our goal is to get around, because they are not our enemy Our enemy is lignite production inside the pit So when the police started forming a line, with sheer determination, we are walking through the police Not hitting them, not engaging violently just walking through We ensure that all the four actions that managed to get into the pit I’ve been doing civil disobedience actions for 17 or 18 years now It’s very hard to get a sense of empowerment, to actually feel with every fiber in your body that you can make it that we can actually stop this The moment when we were running towards this diggers, when we saw that they were all shut down I remember this moment us “we’ve done it!” It was an unbelievable moment of personal and collective empowerment in a struggle that all too often seems brutally hopeless In May we’re gonna be more people, and hopefully they won’t be able to stop us Last year they couldn’t, so let’s see if we can do this again We think we can If you say you can’t deal with climate change without a revolution in values, a revolution in the way we think, people will say: well, we don’t have time for that kind of thing. The truth is, what we don’t have time for is continuing to try the same thing that hasn’t worked for two and a half decades. We continue to be inspired by ordinary people having the courage to stand up against corporate interests, even against government policies that will bring harm to their communities. Hope is belief in the plausibility of the possible, as opposed to the necessity of the probable. Organize, organize, organize There is no other way We don’t have the tanks, and we don’t have the armed forces. Nonviolent civil disobedience is me making my voice heard against a powerful force that is holding us back. Keystone turned out the be a great victory because all over the country and the world, people looked up and saw that you actually can beat big oil. It may seem impossible right now to defeat climate chaos, but social movement have shown that the limits of the possible are there to be moved. My hope is that we come out the other side of this with a global sense of a new kind of power for the climate movement. What we need are new ways to do new things. To practice civil disobedience is necessary to be able to pursue a better life for our people. Batangas now is the center of action against fossil fuel It’s quite possible that a more radical approach will bring rapid change. It’s straight math. How many people are active and engaged on this issue? How hard are they pushing? How coordinated are they? It’s the people who are engaged that determine what government does. And all we have is a choice to make about whether we’re going to be one of those people or not. The science is pretty dark and things are changing very fast. But I am absolutely sure there is going to be one hell of a fight. Join the global movement to keep fossil fuels in the ground

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