Discipline for a 12 Week Old Kitten – Feral Kitten Socialization

their nickname is no longer monkeys is piglets I claimed I'm deep cleaned in here yesterday and I came in this morning and it was a total disaster there was a letter every where food everywhere and all the toys were like pushed under something or against the wall you know grace grace look Greece hmm right okay hold on I forgot to let them play with our minds yesterday and so and it's almost bedtime now but then I remembered so I'm going to give them their minds let's see what happens [Applause] bear and song first [Applause] Oh big dis noticed Oh big does notice I don't like guys have figured it out yet no great you play it's so funny because anytime you give it to them they each will go to like a separate place and play they won't play like in the same area think this came out in close races oh I just don't know what I'm gonna do about him because I don't think I know how such a discipline I can't other than post have reinforced me I don't know how to positive reinforced I'm not stealing other's minds he just came out and stuff you see how you just swipe the beard stop it he just came out and stole Grace's mouth and then ran up on the bed and so I picked him up and I took the mouse out of his mouth and walk his watching I handed it to grace and then I stuck him right back in the cube with his mouth oh okay better not go to it again this is about where he's still at last time I think he's looking for it you have your own nope babe it wasn't he's just Perrin no but you're bad luck in there grace hey tell me you know max Elmo wasn't Street no I don't know graze on Bailey their rounds you have a louse Venus no-no-no

24 thoughts on “Discipline for a 12 Week Old Kitten – Feral Kitten Socialization

  1. I know this does not show much of their day but I have spent the last 2 days trying to find a foster for 2 other feral kittens that showed up at my dog's vet office. It is very disheartening that no foster has been willing to take them so far even for the next 4 weeks. They are kittens not wolves. If any of you watching foster, please know that feral means afraid not violent or dangerous.

  2. HI again I love the mothering you give to these adorable youngsters. I see that the "grey" is developing beautifully. I truly enjoy watching Baron. You asked about how to correct unwanted behavior . My vet suggests one quick spray of water from a spray bottle at the moment of the unwanted behavior . Thanks again for the joy of watching Baron. Signing off the wife.

  3. Fig is like the kid that has the same thing as his other brothers and sisters but wants theirs too lol. He is so cute I would have a hard time disciplining him. I know he has to learn boundaries though. Keep being firm like your doing saying no and taking him away and giving him his toy. He will eventually get it and understand what no means and that he has to play with his toys and not take the others away from them when they are playing with it.

  4. I think the main reason of him stealing the toys of others is not dominance, but him being bored with that toy & unclear rules. He gets more interested, when the toy is moves by somebody else. I would not scold/grab & remove him from the other cats. Frankly I`m worried he may will get aggressive with you, if you continue to do that.
    The first thing I noticed was, that Fig saw this as a competition, since the toys were in the middle without any rules/not directly assigned to anyone. So, he had the best opportunity to use his dominance by stealing an occupied toy. Giving each toy directly to each cat (& in different locations), prevents that. Also moving his toy (better is a feather on a stick or something) & keeping his attention to his toy, will prevent him even thinking of stealing. But he also needs to learn, when his turn is and when to wait.
    My cat Otani is very dominant & bolt, he would like to steal anything from his sister. When I play with both, I show clear rules how the playing will be done from the first moment. When there are 2 toys, then those are directly given to each cat. Both play with distance to each other, on different cat-trees or one on bed the other on the ground etc… Also I move the toys, they are bored moving them on their own for the most part. I play with one cat around 10 seconds, leave the toy with that cat and go to the other & play with that one 10 seconds, and the same again and again…till its done. So, I basically play with both almost at the same time & everyone waits their turn.
    The most energetic/dominant one gets the first round to get the first burst of energy out.
    So, I rather like to prevent bad behavior than scolding bad behavior. But if one cat is not patient & walks to the other cat with intent, I would block with my hand and say "wait." and push softly the cat a little back (it may needs a few tries). If the cat waits a moment without moving, then it gets rewarded with a cuddle (while playing with the other cat at the same time.) And then the waiting moment is over anyway & the unpatient one gets its turn (again directing the cat to its own play-spot with the toy…not carrying the cat there, letting it follow the toy..that is very important. So it will remember, it will only get play in its assigned spot, it cannot barge into another spot & take over).
    I think he will get less intense when they will have more than 1 room to live in & meet an adult cat taking over the alpha position. But he may stay like that & will still need clear rules.
    You may see it completely different, I don`t know. I just thought sharing some tips, maybe they help.

  5. I love these videos that you post your an amazing person looking after them and others that come your way. Fig is going to be dominant I think what your doing stopping f him and removing him is what you should do thank you so much for these amazing videos

  6. OMGoodness, Fig is just like my friends dog Barney. They have a toy basket at my house because they spend so much time here. When he sees Sophia playing with a toy, he has to have that toy too. He will actually hoard all the toys and hide them in the chair. Fig is a mouse hoarder!! LOL
    The kittens have gotten so big!! And they are absolutely beautiful!! They really love those mice!! LOL
    You've done such a wonderful job with these babies!! 💖💖💖

  7. Fig is cute and he purrs so he thinks that will give him what he wants. I guess Grace will have to tack a stand and let him know that this is my mouse, not yours. You are doing great. Fig is being a little stinker about the mice. The other day he was being possessive and a little crazy but with his own mouse. Tell him he may get a lump of coal in his stocking if he's not careful. 😀

  8. I personally is trying to discipline SImba because he will not share like Fig sometimes and is not easy he will get nasty with me at time so he gets a 5 minute time out in my lap which he hate so you can try that. I love watching them play so cute😻😻

  9. I see very well what u mean about Fig. Seems like to me that he wants all three mice and I know he's not being fair to the others. I have an idea on a disciplinary technique that might work if you'd like to try it. Get u a water gun or a small squirt bottle and fill it up with nothing but water. U know most cats and kittens don't like water anyway. Every time u see Fig go toward one of the other kittens and grabs up their mouse squirt him without letting him know what ur up to. It's well worth a try. I'm so sorry that nobody is willing to take in those other feral kitties. It's a shame. I'd be more than willing to help with that if I was close enough to u. Hope someone will come along and wanna help. Love and hugs for u and rubs for the kitties. ☺️🐈🐾💜

  10. …/../ VERY BEAUTIFUL !!!!
    =(’•..•’)= HAPPY CHRISTMAS !!!!! 🎅
    .(..||./.)¸.•*° ❤ Love from Ilario

  11. OMIGOSH, This is just hilarious to watch! I remember bringing home my first kitten, Jaz, whose cat parents were feral. I was just like Tom Hanks in the movie 'Turner & Hooch'….Walking her through the large apartment, "This is NOT your room!" Your footage here reminded me of all that – "Fig, this is NOT your mouse!". Hahaha…..
    Side Note: Jaz slept in my bed w/ me that very first night & every night thereafter for 10 years straight. Yes, in the room that was "NOT her room". 😉

    Your guys are at that perfect age where dominance is everything. I think they're working out their own pecking order & (sorry, Mom) there's not going to be much YOU can do about it. Grace & Baron will figure out how to cope w/ Fig stealing their stuff, in their own time. If you step in & "rescue" their mice, you will soon be seen as Fig's enemy, as well as make Grace & Baron appear to be wimps that NEED your help. So just let them work it out, because they WILL work it out, I promise. One day, when you least expect it, Baron will body slam Fig over Fig trying to steal something that Baron really likes (my prediction). The other two, right now, just aren't crazy enough about the mice to want to fight for them. If Fig steals all the mice, then Baron & Grace will have to figure out how to get their mice back, see? This is all part of their mental growth, as well as anything else ~

    My personal mantra (esp during the 10-16 wk stage) is: THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY!

    So many changes coming for them soon…..One day you'll find them sleeping in different areas than they "normally" do. Then you'll find 2 sleeping together with the odd cat left out. Then one day you'll find the sleeping pair will be different cats than before. They may also change what treats they prefer. They are the equivalent to human 'tweens right now, so there's THAT to consider.

    Fig is just the first one to step up & try to be top cat. It'll be interesting to watch & see who, if anybody, will step up to challenge him. It will be far better for them all if you can just let them work it out. I watched my second cat, Dillon, as an 8 wk old kitten, get smacked around my apartment by my 9 month old Jaz…..It was BRUTAL to watch. But I watched them closely enough to see that she never drew blood….within about 3-4 days (seemed like an eternity), I found them curled up, sleeping together. Pecking order had been established & all was peaceful in our home for the next 10 years (when Jaz died).

    Think of Genji & She'Ra outside on a Spring Day….gorgeous weather & they are happy cats, skipping around. Then, out of nowhere, a squirrel appears right in the middle of their turf! Squirrel makes eye contact w/ both cats, then tears off running up the closest tree – w/ Genji & She'Ra in hot pursuit.
    Trying to stop Fig from stealing his siblings' mice is the equivalent of trying to stop Genji & She'Ra once they've spotted that running squirrel. You might succeed in slowing them down for one second, but you won't be able to stop them completely…and they'll blame YOU for slowing them down!

    Deep breaths help a LOT when you're trying not to interfere. Personally, I drank a LOT of booze during the "pecking order" battles. But never, ever…..NEVER any type of discipline.

    We'll all be anxious to watch these three continue w/ the stages of their growth. You can vent here, and we'll all be supportive, for sure. Just remember: THIS IS ONLY TEMPORARY….. 😉

  12. My kittens go absolutely nuts for the mice toys. Aww watching cats play is one of my favorite things.

  13. I love watching them play. It seems like Fig has tons of energy so maybe a feather toy or a toy with a string on it would be good. You can wave it and tire him out 😂. Ziva taught me a tired dog is a good dog lol

  14. Poor Fig! He is one determined kitty. I am terrible at disciplining cats, I tend to feel bad if I don't let them have their way. Meanwhile, you are doing a wonderful job with them! Plus, you do all the work while we just get to enjoy them. ☺

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