Digital SLR camera autofocus class

Well let’s give it a test it is all set up
so let’s just give it an easy test that little centre area thing that we can
use to focus Put that right in the middle of that wall and take one
photograph Hurry up! So we’ve broken the camera? Well why don’t you put that little dot
on the edge of the TV and shoot Aha! So your first lesson in autofocus
The camera does autofocus when you give it contrast, dark and light
there needs to be contrast When we don’t give it contrast
it can’t focus and so we set it to not take a picture
unless something’s in focus, right? so it won’t take a picture
As soon as we give it some contrast no problem straight in then bang! So you are in charge of what’s in focus
You have to make the decision Let’s assume I was going to take …
What’s your name? Let’s assume I was going to take Evan’s picture He’s going to fill the screen
and I’ll point the camera at him What am I going to focus on? Hi eyes? But he has two eyes so it’s a 50-50 …
Center? 50-50 Not just you, every single class when I say it’s 50-50
that means either this one or this one somebody straightaway says “Nose”
which is not included in the equation 50-50 50-50 I’m asking you which eye? (The better one?) The better one? the ones nearest to you
That’s it When you are doing a portrait, that’s all you have to do
Get the eye that’s nearest to you in focus Your’e fine. That’s it. (what if you are straight on?) then either eye is correct Straight on they are both the same distance
it just has to be because we as humans we’re not used to, if you look around
you don’t see things coming in and out of focus generally It’s just, unless you are on LSD or something
as you look around, everything is sharp so we are not used to this ‘out of focus’ thing
in particular were not used to ‘out of focus’ in front of the subject. We’re not
and if we pick up … this is a instinctive thing. It’s pre-language, right?
So we pick up a photograph of somebody because we don’t, in language, look and say
“You know what I’m going to do?” “I’m going to look at the eyeball that’s nearest to me”
It’s not a language thing but it’s what we look at because, you know,
‘Windows to the soul’ all of the drama, threat, everything that’s going on
is going to be be right in that eyeball So we pick it up and look at it and
if the ones nearest to us is out of focus Whoa! That’s very creepy! If the one that’s farther away is out of focus,
thats okay we can accept that So I want to put it in his eye that’s nearest to me
I will put that little focus thing right on there and I press the button and it even beeps to tell
me it’s in focus, so I can shoot Bang! We have a sharp eye so we’re really good
Or are we? What would be the problem with this picture? Where is the eyeball?
in the centre that will be my new style I could be ‘Eyeball in the middle of the picture’ guy
but then I would be treading on your toes because you, as beginners, automatically do this thing
You point the camera at people you don’t even know, you get the eyes right
in the middle and then you take a picture So then we’ve got this big space either side
of nothingness and huge space above here Does that look familiar to you? Yeah.
So we don’t want to just point it and then shoot so When this beeps, it doesn’t have to beep
When it’s focused so… it’s focused it now stops focusing whilst I hold it.
It’s locked. It stops So, if I focus on my hand, it’s now focused at this distance. It’s a distance thing
So it’s not here and not here only here So long as I don’t move further or closer
it stays in focus but I can do this I can get Evan’s eye in focus and then I can
as long as I don’t move forwards and backwards I can put him anywhere that I like in the picture
and then shoot. His eye is going to stay sharp That is your game when you are taking any kind of photograph you look at “Aha! Okay, this is what I am going to take a
picture of. What is it that I want to be in focus?” “Ahh it’s that” Put the focus thing on it
Bang! Get it in focus, hold it, now “Where do I want this thing in the picture?”
and then shoot. Every picture that you take. That’s it. Of course, if I was going to take 200
pictures of Evan without changing the setup then I would move
the focus point to his eye so I don’t have to keep moving it around, but when you’re
just taking different pictures, keep it in the middle Let’s try that out so
We are going to focus on this, hold it locked then move up and across so that this
is in the bottom, right-hand corner of the picture then shoot Are you ready for the advanced version?
Here is the advanced version We could not focus on this
so it would not let us take a picture We could focus on this. This is the same distance
focus on the edge here, move up and take the photograph you couldn’t take before
It is unforgiving so if you take your finger off at any time,
it won’t let you do it So that’s how you do it When you have your two friends drunk at the party
You want to take a photograph of them and you are pointing it straight between them
to shoot, and it won’t take a picture. Why? Because you are trying to focus on the wall
behind them, in between You have to select one of them, one that’s nearest or either
focus, lock it, get them both in, shoot It’s always going to be that. Always
That’s how your camera’s going to work from now on

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