Digital Membership Card Instructional Video: Android only (Cuseum)

Thank you for being a Frist Art Museum
member in this brief video we will walk through installing your new digital
member card you will still receive a physical card in the mail the digital
card is for your convenience for this Android example we’ll be using the
passes app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store let’s get started
first open the email you received about the digital card tap show quoted text if
the email appears blank the email should have a button that says download
membership card when you tap this button it will open a window in an internet
browser the window will display an ad to pass wallet button tap this button and
then tap the home button to return to the home screen tap the word Google to
activate the search bar and then type passes the passes app will appear in the
list tap the app icon to open the app your frist art museum membership card
will be in the wallets list of contents if your membership includes two adults
and you would like to share the digital card with the other member follow these
steps in the bottom right corner of your card
there is a lowercase letter I inside a circle tap this icon
tap share pass and then select Gmail this will bring up the Gmail app enter
the email address of the other member and then tap the send arrow now tap Done
on the top right corner of the screen the other member will receive an email
from the primary member with no subject the email will contain an attachment
after they tap the attachment the digital card will be installed on their
device in the passes app this concludes the card installation video for Android
devices if you have questions or need further assistance please contact the
Membership Department at membership at frist art museum org or six one five
seven four four four nine four seven thank you for being a member of the
Frist Art Museum.

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