Difference In The Three Aspects of Saturn [Eng Subtitles] The Astrologer I Kept Hidden – Part 2

Music. Asutosh ji, till now you kept it hidden about Madhubani pandit ji. Today you must share some thing about him. Say something simple and also say something advanced. One advanced thing I'll share about rahu gochar and one ordinary thing i'll give a simple rule. If you look at 8th house it is all related to occult science, spiritual knowledge, astrological knowledge and cultural knowledge. Now if 8th lord is debilitated he gives certain rajayoga. 8th house is of occult knowledge, spiritual knowledge, astrological knowledge and also related to our dharma. So person who's work is related to dharma or occult sciences he should be doing mean jobs related to his profession only then it triggers a rajayoga or else it will not create any rajayoga. That is so great. Very interesting. Madhubani pandit ji 'jai ho' (which means victory is yours) That's really amazing. If 8th lord is debilitated it gives rajayoga. 8th house is all about occult science and if your work is related to occult science you should do menial work related to your profession only then you see career advancement, you get good money and only then the rajayog gets activated otherwise it will not get activated. Hm.. It is quiet possible few may feel bad but what ever he had shared with me i'm sharing it with you. See what ever you are saying it is just fundamental. Even in that for example take Gajakeshari yoga not every Gajakeshari yoga is exactly a Gajakeshari yoga, you know. When you meet very rare astrologers you will get to know that. What we read on facebook, blogs, in youtube video's about jupiter moon conjunction that is not a true Gajakeshari yoga. If we really write about true Gajakeshari Yoga it becomes minimum 300 pages book. True. Same is true with Vipareetha Rajayoga. You said some astrologers may feel bad about what you said regarding 8th lord in debility. If you are doing astrology specially when you are doing it with honesty you cannot make money. At the max you can earn 1000 or 2000 per day. To that astrology if you add tadka, vastu, this thing, that thing also included selling rings (gemstones rings), after adding so many things to it only then you can earn some money. If not normal astrologers can not earn money. Either he (an astrologer) should be lucky or young people (around 19-22 years age) might have approached him for consultation and he made 'baba' kind of image out of him and charged 5 to 10 thousand rupees per reading. Only then he can make some money. Or one can also earn on You Tube. Second thing i always keep saying we astrologers always do the work of karma. But if a business man come to us for consultation we cannot simply push him out. Or a corrupt politician come to us or an IT person or any businessman for that matter.. most businessmen are straight forward. In a way we have to sell our knowledge in front of them. Now a days astrology people if some big businessman comes to them they take photographs with them and keep it on their website or back side of their chair. Astrologers keep famous corrupt politicians photographs for their business growth. That's all together different they are trying to miss use true knowledge. That's only my personal view because of that I've got severe enmity with astrologers real big powerful enmity with astrologers. If you also offer online services then you cannot refuse people. Sometimes I do manipulate few things. Like if i feel something wrong with a horoscope i tell them i made a prashna chart based on the results i cann read this chart. Tell me something more advanced prediction's of Madhuban's Pandit sir. One thing he used to say often. If sun is in saturn's house or saturn in sun's house What exactly happened was a 40 years old man came to him. He got his son's birth chart with him. Madhuban Pandit ji saw the chart and said to him the chart whom it belonged to that boy must have lived up to 12 years, he should have died long back. The person was looking up and down got confused how come this man came to know the truth and simply left. After he left i asked Madhuban Pandit ji, i wonder how come you could predict like that? Then he said to me, if sun is in saturn's sign or saturn is in sun's sign then that person will suffer at his 12th year. But this happens only for the capricorn ascendant. What ever you just said that is really great. Asuthosh ji: That's only for Capricorn ascendant. All these are very rare slokas nobody even knew. Only very few people knew. Please tell us few more predictions of Madhuban Pandit ji. Lot more good predictions like if something goes wrong he knew it very well. Some where around year 2007 or 2008 he passed away. He know jaimini, prashna and gochar. He uses them all very well and will give great predictions. He said one more thing about malefic planet. Generally we think any planet in its exaltation gives best results. Normal simple rule of astrology. Its a simple rule of astrology which ever planet is in exaltation gives good result. But he used to say if malefic planet is in its exaltation it gives bad results. Sunil sir laughing 🙂 Like if sun, mars, saturn or rahu in their exaltation gives bad results. If benefic planet is in its debilitation it also gives bad results. Malefic planets in their exaltation gives inauspicious results, benefic planets in their debilitation also gives inasupicious results. Okay. What was Madhuban Pandith ji saying about moon's debilitation. First see if moon is strong or weak. If he is strong then he is coming under good planets list. If he is also exalted then he gives good results. If he is weak and coming into malefic planets list and also debilitated then he gives bad results accordingly. Noramal rule. For example jupiter is a good planet but if he is in capricorn debilitated then he gives bad results. If he is in cancer exalted then gives good results. Saturn is in libra exalted he never ever gives good results, please note this. What If he is in cusp? Even in cusp saturn will not give good results. Sunil Sir: Even then saturn gives bad results. Only in one state saturn gives good results. If he is in libra and also in cusp (means 0 or 1 or 29th degree) only then he gives good results. Apart from that there is no other place saturn could give good results. I've seen many charts where saturn was exalted still didn't give any good results. Usually people say it is a good chart when they see satun exalted but it is not true. Trines (1st,5th and 9th house) are considered very auspicious but as far as saturn is concerned even if he owns a trine good results cannot be expected. Sunil Sir: Continue.. Saturn gives good results only when he is in cusp of libra that is if he is in 0 degree or 1 degree or 29th degree of Libra. If some good planet like Jupiter is exalted and in the cusp then what could be the result? First of all jupiter is unable to give 100% good results because such combination (jupiter in cusp) gives pitru dosha to the native. Only after doing complete remedies for jupiter one will get good results. If he is satisfied only then he will give 100% results. He will not give good results until he is fully satisfied. Sunil sir: Are the results will be same if Jupiter is debilitated and in cusp? Yes sir, results are same. Tell me about that one, when we both were in Benaras (Varanasi) and you went to your guru ji. You went to meet someone else in between. Tell me about it. Yes sir Sunil Sir: What was his name, where was he living at that time? Ashutosh ji: He was from jodhpur. I don't remember his name exactly… it was something like Dandi Maharaj. I remember now you used to call him Daandi Swamy or Daandi Maharaj something like that. What have you seen of his expertise? I met him only once. I con't remember exactly .. it was something related to children. As far as i remember, it was also on records, you went along with someone else who is suffering from childlessness and that astrologer gave him some remedy something like that. Yes yes exactly. Dandi Maharaj gave him remedy on his last visit and it worked. After the remedy this person got kids so he came back to pay him respects. Once you told me some interesting prediction of him which i could not remember exactly. It was an amazing prediction that's all i remember. I am unable to recall now. He was very new for me that time. We simply met him and came back to our hotel. Tell me some thing about people you have met or seen like Santh Mahatma ji or any Baba or any other miraculous events you remember. I'll tell about one more person. He is from Ramghad and his name is Pandit Kesavnath Pandy ji. He was good at Parasara Hora Sastra. He used to take out 5 to 6 meanings out of one Laghu Parashari sloka . He was really good at it. He told one thing now i'm sharing it with you. We all know mars, jupiter, saturn, rahu and ketu all these planets have special aspects. All of them have special aspects, what is the difference among each planet's special aspect. Take for example saturn is in ascendant and he aspects 3rd house with his 3rd aspect and also 7th house with 7th aspect and 10th house with 10th aspect. So here what is the main difference between each aspect? What are the results of saturn's 3rd aspect on 3rd house how is different from his 7th or 10th aspects? Generally we all think Jupiter is a good planet he has 3 aspects (5th,7th and 9th), his every aspect gives equally good results. But in reality each aspect is different. Now i'll share saturn's different aspects and their different results. Saturn's 3rd aspect is painful aspect which gives lot of suffering and pain. Saturn's 7th aspect gives bad karma of the sign which falls under saturn's 7th aspect. And saturn's 10th aspect is killing aspect. All 3 aspects are not killing aspects only 10th aspect is kills. Sunil Sir: Okay. I'm asking an hypothetical question. If saturn is in 9th house his 10th aspect would be on 6th house. What happens to his enemies? Nothing happens to enemies, but his uncle will not be there. 6th house also represent uncle (mother's brother). Either he'd lost his uncle or he will not get any happiness from his uncle. You just said it correct. A dear friend of mine has saturn exalted in 9th house. He got 6 uncles one of them became father like and he loved him a lot. Now his mother and his uncle got some disputes for which he lost his relationship with his uncle. He says 'I miss him'. His uncle is there (alive) but in a way he is also not there. Where ever 10th aspect of saturn falls he kills the entire happiness of that house. I watched it working in many horoscopes. All these rules i just shared here you'll not get them in any books. You might have read many books and generals, but this information you'll not get any where outside. We made a video on this with kethan popped ji. Earlier also i spoke with him once or twice in one of our sessions. And also Nimmi arora ji is doing these series. She has already done video on saturn and mars. We already recorded and uploaded jupiter series. Subtitles work is going on as that video is in hindi. Can you repeat what are the results of saturn's 3rd aspect as per Madhuban pandit ji. Painful & suffering. Which ever house falls under saturn's 3rd aspect lot of suffering comes from that house. I did mental cross check with 2, 3 horoscopes and you were very right about it. 7th aspect gives karma. Can you repeat the results of 7th aspect of Saturn. Bad Karma. Person do the bad karma related to that house which falls under saturn's 7th aspect. Like if saturn is in 10th house his 7th aspect falls on 4th house. Such person will do real estate or related work and in order to get good gains in trading he will do bad karma. 7th aspect will give bad karma. I knew a person who's saturn is in 8th house. okay If he opens his mouth its a lie. Bad Karma. Second person i know, he has saturn in 2nd house. 8th house is occult related. He did p.hd to fraud in Astrology. I was teaching him BSP. One day all of sudden he said, if a client comes to me i use 5 BSP techniques client feels so happy. Then i'll find some loop in the chart and ask them to do some pooja . For that i charge 5000 thousand, 25000 thousand or even 1 lakh some times. Then i came to know that he is misusing his knowledge. Then i broke relationship with him. It took almost 1 year for me to break it. But you are right, you are 100% right about it. 6th house is also health related. Yes true. Decease which also means your health. My saturn is in 12th house so i keep spoiling my health. I constantly smoke. And i got many more deceases because of that. So i agree with you on this. Tell me more sir. Just now you were talking about donation or remedy.. that person was charging 5000 to 1 lakh rupees. If you go to any senior most astrologers, old astrologers, authentic and genuine ones who are completely renounced worldly pleasures they all say only one thing donate. There is no other remedy that works better than donation. If you donate all your problems will be solved. Sunil Sir: You said original astrologer Yes sir. Now a days astrologers say give all the donations to me. Let me do all the poojas. I was in Bangalore in december. I met one of the most famous astrologer, a big guru, he also shows up in television channels. Usually what he does is he makes people to donate, he also teach them some mantra and make them to recite it. He tells people which mantra works for what and make them to do that on their own. We also did his video. Many months over by till now i didn't let that video out. Will release it soon. His name was Lakshmi guruji. What happens these days you know, astrologers tell remedies. No remedy is not less than Rs.10000/-. Or else they recommend gem stones. And people don't get original gem stones in the market. In that also cheating. Then they recommend some pooja or mantras should be done by any Brahmin. And people say why any other brahmin you do it yourself for us, you are the one who's giving remedy and he charges money for that… this is how it goes. The best solution for this is native himself has to do the remedy because it is his own bad karma which he did in that past. Now he is suffering on account of it so he only must do the remedy to get out of it. That's really amazing you just said. One's own self done past bad karma best remedy is person himself should be doing remedies only that gives great results. People did bad karma and they are suffering from it right now and they think someone doing some remedy for them takes away all their pain. Can someone really have such powers to remove others bad karma? Sure you are going to make more enemies after this video. Start doing narayana kavacha. Anyway now tell me the difference between 5th, 7th and 9th aspects of jupiter. Sir i said i'll only share about Saturn's aspects. Sunil Sir Laughing… Okay then we will do one thing. We will do this session again, we already did part 1 & this is part 2. Next time in part 3 you tell me about some yogis. Especially about your guru's book on Bhagavad Gita. You knew i had a special taste to understand gita. 8 years back you downloaded that book and send it to me. But i cannot read hindi it goes very hard on me. I want one thing. If you wish you can give it now or if you have to think about it think and give it in your next video. You told to me sometime back, while going to bed before sleep by doing one simple thing soul's progression will happen. Soul's spirituality will be progressed. You also said it takes only some minutes..something like that… do you remember. What i said to you was focus on your breath. You sit peacefully. Sunil Sir: Its okay.. i can hear you clearly.. you continue… Sir one minute please. What i said was, sit peacefully and focus on your breath before sleeping. Just focus on the breath how the breathing goes in and how much time it stays there. And when the breathing comes out and how long it stays out. You just have to focus on these things. This is what i told you sir. While constantly doing this for 4 to 6 months then slowly add 'AUM' or 'RAM' to your breath. If you breath in then 'AUM' if you breath out then also 'AUM' do this repeatedly. Suni Sir: How many times we should do this? You are doing it so you don't get to know, you will simply get lost with the process. This has to be done before going to bed. While going to bed and also once you get up, do it two times. But this only happens when you do the mantra japa along with the breathing. Mantra should not be so long. My guru ji used to say mantra should always be small. Only small mantra can go along with the breath. The breathing we are taking in and out mantra can easily combine with it if it is small and simple. If you take a larger or longer mantra like "Aum Bhuur-Bhuvah SvahTat-Savitur-Varennyam Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat" that's a long mantra. Such a long mantra how can you combine this mantra along with your breath. People are born only & only to worship 'Eashwara' (GOD). Apart from that what ever man do its a waste of time. Rest all going to be waste, nothing stays permanent. Only one thing is permanent that is worshiping god. How do we do this? Only way is through breathing. As long as person takes breathing he is alive. So Tulasi das once said 'Say ram ram in every breath'. Make sure not even a single breath go waste with out taking god's name. It is only possible when you practice your breath. Do it daily while going to bed also after you wake up for 5 minutes. Keep doing it.. Its not going to happen in one day it may take two years or many years all together… its just a practice you should keep doing it. If it is Kabir or Tulasidas or Santh Mahatma or any other Rushi's they all said only this. I read all the Upanishads, Vedas, Gita then i came to understand what to do. I met many yogi's, while meeting them … then i came to understand what to do. You can call this 'Ajapa Jap" or most people call this 'Vipasana' as well. Okay. I just asked this because while listening to you if someone gets this into their practice .. Mr. Asutosh brother has told me this is the most powerful practice he could recommend . Do it for 5 minutes everyday. So you please do it and share your experiences after few months. We only wish you could come, we will put your email id scrolling. I only wish that you should take astrology as a profession because today if someone gives anything free… This i can say it with authority i spend these many years on Saptharishi Astrology Magazine and after that Saptharishi Astrology youtube channel We astrologers while roaming around we live in 3 star, 5 star hotels sometimes we also live in very small spaces, sometime we live in very unclean places to meet astrologers Travel becomes harder sometimes and after so much travel most of the money go waste also These days we can see some people in modern cities or on youtube .. if you mail them or call them they will give interview with in seconds. Mr. Ashutosh ji visited 40 times Shri Hindunath ji to get his one interview.. It also happens to us.. The way we spend money to bring out astrologers , to make meaningful long term relationships with them Mr. Asuthosh ji also did same spend his money to gain knowledge … this is my personal advice to him.. if you take it or not its up to you. This is my advice to you, start doing professional readings, make your living, look after your parents. I already told you as per my opinion astrology is why you are born for. Don't charge any reading less than 4 or 5 thousand for one hour readings. Give the best of the best. But don't do it below 3 thousand or 5 thousand or 10 thousand below. People come and contact you and will take everything from you and leave you with nothing. I always tell only one thing to everyone, why a person earns money? only to sleep well. To make a good living and to sleep well. He needs one bed to sleep, but these days costliest among beds is the hospital bed. If person gets different different deceases then person realizes at the end of the life the costliest bed is hospital bed. This is Steve job's quote, Apple I phone's founder. So thank you so much, i took so much of your time. Thanks for coming on Saptharishi's youtube channel. Thank you Sir. Music.

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  2. Saturn is in 9 house w Jupiter aspecting 3 house mars in Scorpio, I am going to be a soldier, I will get bad karma from this as Saturn 7 aspect mars Scorpio? It would be great to know, if so

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  4. Saturn exalted gives bad result? What a joke. Saturn exalted can make a person a king from a beggar. I'm sure he's missing the gist of what his Guru was trying to say. Sun exalted gives bad result? Haha.

  5. Waste of time.It is not Astrology but a drawing room talk between two friends.Gives a wrong impression to viewers about Vedic Astrologer.And Pandit should first improve his SANSKRIT pronunciation before claiming to be a Vedic Astrologer.

  6. Ashutosh Ji ko mera Pronam. Really AJOPA BEEJ NAAM from real Part of PAROMPITA is very important and rare. I don't wanna show my face 😊, can provide you address. He's SRI SRI THAKUR ANUKUL CHAKROBORTY. Thanks

  7. गुरुवर हमारी कुंडली में सिंह लग्न में शनि हे छठे भाव में मकर में सूर्य हें
    हम कब इस भारतवर्ष का कल्याण कर पाएंगे

  8. Dear Sunil John,

    Sir is absolutely correct in his point that mantra taken while you take and release your breath is the most important thing since it clenses our mind and intellect and also our concentration in desiring to attain the divine vision of Lord Krishn the almighty as we have bern advised by our guru to take the mantra Radhey while we take the breath and then again take Radhey name while releasing the breath and this would slowly happen all the time automatically means you won't be able to stay without it. He is also correct that the soul taking a human form is only meant to do upasana or devotion towards the Lord and nothing else. Even though I am a very ordinary soul however would suggest you to listen to the divine lectures of Kripalu ji MAHARAJ on you tube and also go through the website www.jkp.org where in you would gain a lot of spiritual knowledge and since you stay in Mumbai Kripalu ji MAHARAJ one of the formost disciple stays there who would be able to guide you through in the spiritual relish if you so desire, her name is Braj Parikari Devi you can get her details in www.jkp.org under contact us section.

    As far as your interest in Bhagwat Gita I would suggest you the only authentic Bhagwat Gita from the self realized soul or mahatma is from the founder acharya of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada of which I am sending you the link to download it since you won't get the original one in ISKCON since they have done a lot many editing of the Bhagwat Gita As it Is so has lost its original meaning since it is a spiritual offense to edit the words of a mahatma. One point which my Guru suggested about Bhagwat Gita I would like to share with you us that the last chapter chapter no 18 is the utmost and the ultimate chapter and also within that the cloaks from 62 to 65 are the most important and the most confidential of all its written clearly what a soul in a human firm need to do to get release from this 12 houses, 9 planets and the 27 nakshatras of the kal chakra of infinite good and bad karm.

    Following is the link :

    Hope you would read my comments and be benefited in the spiritual path.

    On the service of my Guru and Lord Radhey Krishn.

    Haribol !.

    Radhey Radhey !.
    Sujoy Ghosh

  9. गजब बात आपने बताया की नीचभंग का रहस्य का बात बताया।आपसे बातकरना चाहूँगा।9162257358

  10. गजब बात आपने बताया की नीचभंग का रहस्य का बात बताया।आपसे बातकरना चाहूँगा।9162257358

  11. Ashutosh sir aapne jo sun saturn wala btaya…usme dono ek dusre k ghar me hone chahiye ya koi 1 bhi ho to chalega….makar lagna me?

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  15. मैंने अपने जीवन काल मे इससे बेहतरीन बातचीत नही देखी, सही मायने में ज्ञान की पराकाष्ठा, जिस दिन भी में आप दोनो से मिल पाऊंगा और परामर्श प्राप्त कर पाऊंगा वो दिन मेरे जीवन काल का सबसे उत्तम दिन होगा। पूरा प्रयास करूंगा कि ये शुभ घड़ी जल्दी आये।
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