Dictionary Helper President # One and Long Vowel A

George Washington the first u.s. president 1789 1797 dy did say a e I can say a a space he can say a e IG H can say a and y can say a a I sounds like a dictionary.com all the A's will represent by E Y and in American heritage all the A's will be represented by a with a line over the top let's go Glenn he Y ay ay ay ay hey what a way a Y found a a say a hey what a way a I sound like a her a ray all rail her a ray hmm rain wait what a way wait a space Esau is like a a cake cake eat your silent a late-late eat a song again hmm a made made he is silent again he a sound like they ate ate G H is silent her a rain rain like a horses rain what a wait wait good job good good 44 sounds of English language a is the first of the 44 sounds of the English language but George Washington is the first of the 44 presidents of the United States of America okay you

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