Dictator Erdogan Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Video

er douane in zijn ene cent dicteren het leestest wordt hier stelling zo just about a month ago herman spoken duwen en morgen focused on israeli occupation of by sinela dit is sam award c’est de die en journal simpele palestinian territory and 2 others like this help ik aan de mooiste trading places and justice teammanager business analisten in mijn moeders buik het bakkies risico te forces on de scheet chesterfield deze goal goede mako week conscience dan doe je er standing at the point where words but not sufficient worden snappen waar is ie weer weer testament het is religie en ik het eens met die helden misleading infographic de cruise hou nu op je my pals dienen in lijn en het meisje die stap waarin we gallery feestdag liever in uit invoering samen door was logosting in lijn you zijn erg mooi boog under the bridge mijn ding minder protection plan was procent en de er projecten rit en de kernwoorden djoez’ schlingemann hen dik-set in de partition plan om de green hier uur of minder kanker today bid u nooit uw for nine in night in secties emmen de groene jas bo control by johnny and i do not buy paal start de gist en zuiver mensen door was hulp als en de laatste show schaal van de first time in history belasting is voor him in the building to comment het was granted en bij in zware chauffeur de weinstock golden science fiction vroeg in van de main tower maybe you told is worden of having caleb ik hoor spoor titian dit murder bij de truc is mijn vriendin in beter tegen erdogan de lens is willen joke passion and then go zijn al khobar syrië inspanning 13 management experts en en occupation wanneer maal kleiner in weet je moet langs hiervoor zijn baan scores villages de lang te borrelen en nooit n grote stap ik honing toe voor een bitch en of chemical weapons organization of the one you chemical web en in syrië poetsen spoor headband by international at familie ham en heeft er 10 year old king is one of the big in zo’n truc is user chemical wakker nu te houden damage keasberry hoe lang gaat dit 16.000 koers people for this place van door ons in de last idee of other words dit is de cory techniek cleansing of pony nineteen er de one should give away we dus en dit is just woning shampoo 2d schip bakker thing for leaders kunt m israël en die hen en denken meat crimes against humanity hemzelf no wonder why veel zo af te lopen en de jolijn

100 thoughts on “Dictator Erdogan Doesn’t Want You To Watch This Video

  1. Shalom Israel’s solidarity with the Kurds is duplicitous, not only because it also arms one of the Kurdish people’s biggest oppressors, but also because it supports their independence while denying millions of Palestinians that same right. Toda Raba

  2. The PKK is worse like the AntifaTerrorists in Israel. Trust no1 who holds American Children captive. You better figure out where your loyalties are bc they all want to destroy you and US even the Kurds traitor

  3. Your video is ignorant bc the Kurds are working with Assad too. They are all terrorists. I keep telling you but you don't care so neither do I anymore.

  4. Erdogan is a hypocrite for doing that also he call the Kurds terrorists even tho they were fighting Isis for years and defeated them and now have to deal with Turkish forces entering their land.
    God bless the Kurds and Israel

  5. lmao
    the 1st map shows where the arabs are the majority and the Jews are majority
    the second map is the un plan to devide the land between Israeli and arabs (arabs rejected btw)
    the 3rd map is the boarders after Israel independence war (1948)
    and the 4th map Is after the oslo accords

  6. Thank you for exposing Erdogan. He says false info about Israel and intentionally started war to kill Kurds.
    Erdogan is actually doing what he is clearly misinformed about.

  7. a Christian is NOT safe surrounded by Muslims – Muslims ARE safe surrounded by Christians. Let that sink in!

  8. Hananya, Palestinian are Arabs and they are the ones who came from Arabia in 7AD and conquered the Middle East and later on also Israel. The Arabs are the occupiers of Jewish land.
    The propaganda maps Erdogan holding are maps that begin in 1945. Ask him to show maps before 1917 (when the Islamic Calipate of the Ottomans conquered Israel). There will be no Arab population on that map.

  9. Palestinian territory?))))))))))))))))))) Whet the freak is that ?)))))))))) Arabs came from Arabia so that is where their land is ! The rest …is not arabs and the whole world is tired of arab stupidity ! FUCK THE FUCK OF WHITH YOUR MOTHER FUCKING LAND and Turkey ??? The mother fucking Turkey can fuck off too
    Not one fucking body cares what this peace of stinking Turkish ( we all know who turks are )))))) fucking homosexuals who are hiding that they are ALL homosexuals that's Turks are NOT RESPECTED NOWHERE for centuries you home freaking freaks …dirty asswipes

  10. I’m staying in Galilee’ as soon as I get there Isreal is looking for a leader not a government in the Bible they will have a Great War and they would have to say to the lord your my messiah Jesus Jesus is coming soon my god why this child it’s bad it’s breaks my heart ❤️

  11. Love you dearest Hananya, look forward to your videos all the time and pray for our beloved Israel 🇮🇱💙forever

  12. It's sad to see so much suffering while Erdogan is pointing the finger at others. It's not really the United Nations….it's just a backdrop for his ego.

  13. צביעות הברית של ישראל עם הכורדים
    הסולידריות של ישראל עם הכורדים היא כפולה, לא רק משום שהיא גם מחמשת באחד המדכאים הגדולים של העם הכורדי, אלא גם משום שהיא תומכת בעצמאותם תוך שלילת מיליוני פלסטינים באותה זכות.

  14. Hey This is not true that Turkish Armed Forces use chemical weapon. If you look at the area where TAF liberated. You can easily see we are helping people by establishing new hospital,bakery etch. I think you should stop aim to establish kurdish state in this region.Because you will never have it. Peace spring operation should be good lesson for you.

  15. Here's a good rule of thumb when listening to Arabs/Muslims (especially in reference to Israel) … whatever they accuse others of, they have either done themselves, are currently doing themselves, or would do in a heartbeat if ever given the chance. If there was a world cup for projection and hypocrisy, they would win every year. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  16. Erdogan is no good. And this genocide must be stopped.
    However! The west should be careful with the Kurdish political organisations. Let's not forget that Kurds had ties with Palestinians and international left wing terror groups (such as FARC and ETA), and also had commited crimes against women and children. The PKK is a terrorist organisation, and so are another paramilitary kurdish groups.

  17. I support Israel and Jews, israel knows how to respond to friendship and how to treat enemies and threats, love from india.

  18. Erdogan is just another Islamic supremacist “Cry Bully.” We better hope Trump gets re-elected. The Leftists will play right into their hands!

  19. The Fake " palestinians" are the invasives , the followers of Amin Al Husseinì , the Nazi kommandant , mass murderer , translator of his "god" hitler's meïn kampf into arabic , the islam0Nazis , he was not from any "palestine", that concept & false name made to destroy Israel , a name made by the former occupiers & abused by the invasive Fakestinians , who are not indigenous , most invaded & infiltrated into Israel after their Turkish & German masters lost WW1 .
    Yassir Arafat Al Husseini was Amin Al Husseini's nephew , Arafat was Egyptian , his uncle was too .
    Only Bedouins & Druze are indigenous to Israel & they want nothing to do with the Fakestinians עם מומצא فلسطین= أناس مزیفون
    Who call themselves " palestinian" to fool the fools & useful idiots

  20. The Turkish leader is lier and terrorist supporter,he just given a statement in UN that Kashmir is occupied by india but reality is that the Kashmir is integral part of india.🇮🇳🇮🇱💖💪

  21. @2:[email protected] G d above please save the kurds and keep them safe. give Erdugan and his evil army the 10 plagues of Egypt for his sins.
    אלוקים שבשמיים שמור על הכורדים ותגן עליהם. תפיל על ארדואן ימח שמו ועל צבאו את 10 מכות מצריים על חטאיו.
    Aman ❤
    Biji Kurdistan
    from Israel

  22. Hey people If you want the truth here you go, and of course here is my opinion also on what Israel should do about Gaza.
    No such thing as Palestine, no such "P" in arabic, Palaestine the correct word is originated from latin, the Philistines do not have any connection to the land they are from the Aegean sea plus they are Greeks, the arabs currently in Gaza don't share their culture nor the language and they do not have a unique language or culture to even claim to be descendants, the Philistines arrived in Israel at 1250 BCE and invaded the lands of the jews who established a kingdom in 1300 BCE, The arabs as the idiotic Hamas minister said all of the people currently in Gaza are half Saudis and half Egyptians, There is no such thing as Palestine, stop lying to yourself the true cannanite were the Jews, Europeans and Africans, who didn't have any established Kingdom until the Jews decided after goign away from Egypt to establish a home and connect to the black jews in those areas, no one had anything in Israel no kingdom no nothing, everyone were nomadic and they didn't have a home, the Jews were the first ones to establish a Kingdom, I don't deny any arab from living there because after the Romans kicked most of the jews in 132 CE from their lands and Changed the area name and Jerusalem name, The arabs didn't know any better and they knew the land belongs to the jews but they also knew that the jews were kicked out, so they established homes in the land but, what you need to realize is, you may have a right to live in your house in Israel but you don't own the lands, the Lands belong to the Jewish people, And btw If people claim this Palestine fantasy why don't you call Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina? and why don't you say Palastine and not Palestine? You and the Roman Empire fabrication of history is not consistent at all and dumb, you are stupid if you think it's true, both in archaeology and history, we know of one nation that even the Quran himself knows that Israel belongs to the Jewish people.

  23. The Problem is the superpowers are just watching while erdogan is committing murder and America is simple betraying the kurdish people…, hope something has to be done.

  24. True. Ethnic cleansing is the only way to discribe what he's doing to the Kurds in northeastern Syria. At the same time Trump's criminal administration has allowed that to happen and instead of protecting people's lives, the lives of their allies who sacrificed the most in defeating the ISIS, it decided to instead protect the oil. The oil that doesn't even belong to them. And it's not even that much oil, most of the oil reserves in that region are across the border in northeastern Iraq. That's so pathetic and I actually feel sorry for those American troops who need to listen to their criminal in chief, while Iran and Turkey are achieving their strategic goals. I have a feeling that Lebanon is next. They're basically building a pretext for activating Hezbollah there, now that it's not needed in Syria any longer.
    Btw, Turkey is also one of the parties most responsible for the rise of ISIS in the first place. Both directly, by arming Islamists and indirectly, by letting through every ISIS fighter and their mother who wanted to get to Syria. It's been well documented that THE route to go, was through Turkey the entire time. Additionally, Erdogan has absolutely no qualms about using millions of people's lives as poker chips, both in blackmailing Europe for billions of euros and in justifying his war crimes in Syria.
    Finally, Israel has been the only country to actually do something concrete in Syria in order to destroy its chemical and before that nuclear weapons programs. It's also been the only country that's been hitting the Iranian weapons coming in to arm Assad's regime and Hezbollah, in addition to hitting ISIS targets.
    The United States and the EU did nothing even tho they've had the exact same intelligence all along.

  25. I think we can all agree that as a Neo-osmanic, islamic country Turkey should have never joined NATO in the first place!

    Many of the forces fighting for Turkey in the 'Free Syrian Army' are jihadists.

  26. It is amazing how many Arab leaders are all the same.
    They love war and only think about their own benefit!
    Especially those who want to spread the islamist movement and use it as a political weapon as it has been so often.

  27. I wish you explained why the arabs rejected the partition plan. Jews only lived on 7% of the land but they were given 55% of it. How is that fair especially considering they were European and not even from the land. You are lying by omission. Shame

  28. According to the Bible Turkey and Russia are Gogue and Magogue! They will atack Israel and our God will send an Angel called Miguel to destroy them! I can't wait to see this happen! Don't worry Israel, God is with you.

  29. Thus says The Lord 🌄 to Israel 🇮🇱 "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse the one who curses you. And in you all the families of the earth 🌏🌎🌍 will be blessed 💖."

  30. If ignorance could be recycled as energy we could save the planet.
    Wretched Type ErDOGan's hypocritical snout is growing rapidly.

  31. אני חושבת שלא הזכרת את החלק הכי חשוב… ישראל קנתה את השטחים שלה! זאת אומרת לא בדיוק… קקל התחילה לקנות שטחים כבר הרבה לפני 1948

  32. He's a supporter of terrorism and terrorist country like pakistan.. he's a bloody hypocrite.. love from India to Israel ❤️🇮🇳🇮🇱

  33. "break up SYRIA, LIBYA, YEMEN, IRAQ and create a KURDISH state"
    => The Plan of Oded Yinon (Jewish, Israeli) written in 1982.
    Without 9/11 this plan would have been impossible.

  34. "break up SYRIA, LIBYA, YEMEN, IRAQ and create a KURDISH state"
    => The Plan of Oded Yinon (Jewish, Israeli) written in 1982.
    Without 9/11 this plan would have been impossible.

    => To create the Great Israel one must first empty its population.


  35. Shabbat Shalom All Israel who really cares about IDF soldiers who are pretecting peaceful citizens of their country in Israel as well as in the UN 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇳

  36. You have 0 Clue about history of Israel, you are a smart ass YouTuber just catching the social trends for more views..if u shooting video atleast get some knowledge research it.. if u can't do anything atleast Google it.. how Jews get Palestine from ottoman , when it was a small land and look where it is now.. please don't B.S

  37. There is no such people in history called Palestinians, they are Arabs from surrounding countries.. the land of Israel is the Eternal land of the Jewish people. God said it, so it will be..

  38. Turkey has the 2nd largest army in NATO, it doesn't need to use chemicals. This is misinformation spread by kurdish terrorists to garner support from gullible westerners.

  39. Hananya don't you get tired of spreading bullshit? Palestine was never country?? what a joke! I guess Benjamin Netanyahu is now hiring from the circus cos u sure as hell make me laugh! Are u forgetting that most countries were part of multiethnic empires until the mid-19th century or so. Even Germany wasn't a fully unified country until 1871. Being colonised does not stop you from being a country. Oh right I forgot, they don't teach history at the circus. I think most people would be surprised (rightly) if you tried to tell them that Ireland or India were not countries until independence, or that Scotland is not a country today.
    Wikipedia: Country
    A country is a region identified as a distinct entity in political geography. A country may be an independent sovereign state or ONE THAT IS OCCUPIED BY ANOTHER STATE, as a non-sovereign or formerly sovereign political division, or a geographic region associated with sets of previously independent or differently associated peoples with distinct political characteristics.

  40. Me I would take the children to America and care for them I have compassion for kids who doesn’t know better I want to adopt a child in Israel and turkey and take them to America or Mexico 🇲🇽

  41. The turkish occupation in northern cyprus should not be forgotten either.
    Erdogan is really a repulsive hypocrite.

  42. מסכנים הקורדים ואני תומך בהם.
    אבל לפני תקופה די קצרה הקורדים עשו ביחד עם הטורקים שואה לארמנים בלי שום סיבה,אז אין כאן צדיקים.

  43. Same like this erdogan also says that India occupied jammu and Kashmir illegally

    Turkish government banned Kurdish culture and dressing while Indian government advertise kashmiri dressing ,Turkish government says terror to kurdish people while Indian government says Kashmiris to its citizens

    Anyway personally I'm supporting to you it's all propaganda of Pakistan, turkey and bit of Malaysia also

  44. Tayyip Erdogan is a Diktator Regime's cultures of Terror attacks jihad against israelites around the World’s also Supported islamic terror attacks jihad Regime's against israelites, Hamas's terror groups IS-terrorism Regime's cultures of Terror, Hezbulla terror tunnels missile Project in Lebanon today, Palestinian islamic terror attacks jihad on the border of Israel.

  45. Antisemitismus – Anti-Israel is a big Problem Today against israelites around the World’s!!!!
    Rayyap Tayyip Erdogan is a Diktator Regime's cultures of Terror attacks jihad against israelites around the World’s also Supported Iran's islamic terror Revolutionary gard Regime's cultures of Terror attacks against israelites around the World’s.

  46. Erdogan & UN had been
    Double Standard.
    Holy Land and People of Israel stand firm on your ground. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will never abandon you.

  47. Erdogan is a hypocrite and a very big liar…..he also talked nonsense about Kashmir in UN, spreading lies and fake information is his only job left.

  48. Nothing to worry about.
    Israel is the glowing PRECIOUS diamond in middle east. Stay strong in lsrael your country. GOD protect lsrael HIS nation.

  49. Turkey terrorist activities country 100% sure please don't go turkey because turkey land of supporter of terrorist group

  50. India helped Israel in war of Haifa and give independence to israel. Before attack on israel ,they first have to mess with India .🇮🇳💖🇮🇱💪🚩

  51. Erdogan's barbaric and illegal invasion of Syria and Kurdistan compares to Hitler's illegal Anschluss of Austria, Poland and Czech Sudeten in the 1930s, and his treaties with Russia are quite reminding of the German-Soviet Pact… History repeats itself…

  52. My İsraeli friend,
    Turkey don't have chemical weapon,and this child is not Kurd,Erdogan is not Turkey,we love jewish.God bless İsrail and Turkey

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