hello Dick Van Dyke Show friends welcome to my youtube channel my name is KJ Ricardo and today's episode is a special video it's a compliation video of the best Jerry helper moments from the entire Dick Van Dyke Show today is Jerry Pierce's birthday he was born on July 25th 1925 and so in celebration of his birthday I decided to create a video compiling all of Jerry's best moments Jerry is a really nice friend on the show he's always there to assist Rob but sometimes he's a bit of a know-it-all can be cocky sometimes but he's an enjoyable character to watch so I hope you can sit back and enjoy who's the guest Valerie Blake Blake wants to switch jobs for a week I'll write the show he can drill teeth girl's name hugging my wife we don't know what Rob is doing yes we do oh no we don't he's working that's what he's doing working with Valerie Blake hiya lefty yeah you're working with Valerie Blake again huh yeah you're just awful isn't he you're just he's only joshing you Rob you know how Jerry is don't worry about the bridge game you just write a nice show and we'll see that Laura doesn't get lonely and you see that Valerie doesn't get lonely bye Rob say if she wants a cheap fix about this Valerie Blake is she you know nasty little thoughts are crawling around and that warped little mind of yours is so bad about I don't like the innuendo in your voice or in Laura's forgotten about the PTA coming to your studio well help out I think she meant this for you do you really think you're gonna make for no-trump no but a lot easier now I want to make 44 no tickets let's play tickets honest opinion doesn't mean I'm gonna say it was a lousy show all right it was rotten thank you very much Jerry helper don't look course he's kidding you know Jerry yeah I know Jerry and I can never tell whether he's kidding rod did you think I was serious with you you sounded serious well I was yeah okay the truth you want to know what I honestly thought of Rob show tonight yeah if it's an honest opinion well it is no bet I thought it was very enjoyable and highly entertaining well thank you if you like jump it's a good thing you don't have any tickets but a night show if you saw that he would have locked up the cast and confiscated the cameras well I guess show business is like everything else you can't come up with a winner every week look I just so haven't we had a pretty good show tonight hey now wait a minute Rob you know you can get arrested for perjury oh if I'm Rob I'd pour that coffee right on his head now listen don't give him any ideas I just sit down all right this won't help you believe me pouring hot coffee on me will not sir that's my tongue the world will still hear my message the Alan Brady show was rotten who are you women you sure like the overdramatize holy kidding boy I should have married Sam fine Schreiber who's Sam fine strike [Applause] [Applause] get off my chest I'm doing what anybody would do all right oh there's a pressing pain on my chest what's the pain feel like boy feels like a hundred and eighty pound dentist sitting on it we'll never really be friends again unless you get it out of your system come on it means will you please do it if not for your sake then for mine huh I can't the show is rotten hey Rob your shoelace is untied you might trip oh oh Jerry doggone it hey coach you again just kidding Jerry won't you ever learn I don't know if I were robbed if I'd be so quick to forgive you I've been telling him about his kidding and teasing for years and he just can't control himself oh now come on honey I'm not that bad oh honey listen I know I went a little overboard with Rob but some teasing is fun don't you think so Laura well Terry I don't like being teased oh here comes the dessert hey Rob now look out for that truck you might trip don't get me again Jim I'm not kidding you there's a truck right [Applause] [Applause] truck they're on the floor oh oh yeah you knew that truck was there well Jerry you'll never know open your eyes and you'll assume the personality of the person you most admire I repeat the person you most admire this hero San Francisco is the home of my birth 4 4 1 & 1/2 of feral speed I went through grade school of high school as a star basketball player earlier life I wanted to become a dentist which I now AM I'm highly proficient in root canal listen to a lecture on prosthetics and find out what's new in dentistry this year why that's very dedicated of your doctor how do you think I got to be the best dentist in the world you know something you're always saying that how do you figure that you're the best there is a bit simple logic I consider you one of the smartest and brightest people in the world oh thank you kindly and who does your dental work you do see put some onions in yours Jerry what ruin the effect of this great shaving lotion that I'm wearing yeah I forgot boy if you weren't married cherry your neighbor actually it's Jared our neighbor what in the devil you think you're doing Rob I I didn't want to ring the bell and wake up Richie so you decide to shoot a gun off in the room I just want to give you this listen I spoke with the police and they're not as sure as we are that that burglar won't come around here again just take it Rob for one night it'll make me feel better well if you aren't the insistent one thanks Ronald and here here's some bullets I don't want any bullets we'll just take one all right Gary I'll take one bolt it's good I'm a firm believer in preventive medicine Oh Laura I hope I didn't disturb you not at all Jerry was a wonderful surprise so long I know you'll be thankful for this yes good night Jerry Jerry have anything to say to Millie Jerry ehman you have anything you want tell Millie oh just tell her that I that I love her okay Jerry says that he loves her and telling her to uh that I love her and to wait up for me I want to give her a big kiss when I come home yeah well you really did look like you knew what you were doing out there what that think of it jerk came Lucia she needed up the pole let her be stirred Rob you mean when the shoe came off the sail track and I used the bosun's chair to go up the mat let's know that salty talked to you that it keeps me so today Rob you know for a guy that knows something about everything you know nothing about boats well when you're brought up in the Midwest it's a long walk to the beach during is the same as a kid and when I tell you something when the sea gets in your blood and nothing else in the world matters oh boy another week of looking at him and that hat we live in naval battle our laps complete lack of maritime knowledge is a valuable stupidity you will learn to do things on the boat the right way my way little bit through here like that right long in through there and the short in pulling it here with the long end all right now look you are the boat this is the dock right now you y'all cast off cast off boy Jerry you make it look so easy well it is easy it's all right there in the book our authority can turn a neighborhood dentist in to the seawall while you were trying to tie a Spanish running noose I died overboard to rescue those two girls which wouldn't have been necessary if you hadn't rammed their canoe which I wouldn't have brand if you did it your watch on the bow Oh foul-mouthed Jerry I was at the pointy end of the boat where I was supposed to be just so happy I can't see in a drive didn't have their backup lights on well for your information canoes are not required to have running lights hey Rob what goes Lauren I saw you at the white peacock last night you saw me why didn't you come over to the table Jerry I was with my wife you weren't know who was she I told you rod I know you said a good old friend dr. Tony Gagliardi are you gonna stick with that story Rob that is hey wait a minute you don't think that I was I'm not here to think Jerry Oh Rob that's why I was with that blonde was Tony Gagliardi Tony toni90 ga all right Jerry who was a redhead dr. Zorba which redhead which what you mean there's another redhead come on look you were seen two weeks ago getting into a cab with one of your friends now look what do you do hire a private detective to follow me Jerry who is she and don't tell me she's a long-lost relative Rob I don't owe you any explanations Jerry I know that and I want you to know I'm not doing this for anything except my affection for you and Millie then who was she she's my cousin for cryin out loud what's at stake here who sees my cousin Sheila Jerry if you want me to butt out just say so butt out right won't it affect our on I look Rob we're going over there and we're gonna kill his crabgrass and nobody's gonna stop us Jerry that is vandalism it's not vandalism we are not gonna poison one blade of acceptable grass you haven't got any right to poison anything ethically legally or morally is undemocratic is the Democratic for one guy to louse up 43 lawns Jerry look just because I don't like that button there on your coat what's wrong well let's just say it offends me all right now do I have a right to walk up to you and rip it off you huh legally morally ethically do I have any right to walk up and yet well that was a reflex action and that's it that's all I have for you this week another episode that I'd like to talk about is love thy other neighbor that's another episode where Jerry is featured and he feels a little bit left out that Rob and Laura might have other friends in their lives but overall Jerry once again is a great friend he's always there to assist Rob sometimes Ron gets in trouble and Jerry is there to help him Jerry is a very comedic character he thinks very highly of himself and Millie teases him about it but he's just a wonderful character he was a great addition to the show and I wish that he was on the show more often as Jerry Paris began directing more episodes Jerry helper didn't appear on the show as much and I really miss Jerry and so I hope that you enjoyed this compliation video looking at some of Jerry's best moments from the entire show so please let me know what your favorite moment is from this compliation and I would be happy to read that and once again happy birthday Jerry Parris he is no longer here with us but his legacy will always live on with a Dick Van Dyke Show thanks for watching and I'll see you guys next time with another video and remember to always laugh often


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