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-Welcome back to the show.
-Thank you for having me. And congratulations
on the final season of Orange is the New Black. -Yes.
-Arguably the show -that invented binging.
-Absolutely. -Yeah. No, but-but… -I’m glad
to be part of that history. -You’re welcome.
-(laughs): Yeah. -(cheering) But it’s true. It’s true. It-it really was, like, the first show
where Netflix– ‘Cause before that,
Netflix was, like, that show -where people picked up things
here and there. -Yeah. And then Orange is the New Black
came out and it was this show
about a women’s prison and it showed all
of the challenges, and people just binged
the entire series. Why do you think
the show has-has connected with so many different people? Well, I mean, what the show
has tried to do is, uh, humanize people’s story,
um… people’s stories, people, especially, that
have been labeled as criminals, that have been
sort of cast away, um, uh, by this label, um, people
who have been affected, uh, inherently by this racist
and unjust system. Um, and people deserve
those real stories. And, honestly,
it was the first time we got to see a ton
of people of color onscreen, and people were really excited
about that. (cheering and applause) It was, um… It was really a groundbreaking
and is a groundbreaking show because of, you know,
just-just what you said. The way the stories were told
were-were human in a very real well– way. We learned
why people go to prison, why people stay in prison. You know, some people had
a history of crime. Some people were just victims
of a moment in their lives. -Right. -Your character,
Maritza, correct– connected with so many people, especially in this season, because we saw her– or, you know,
we-we were watching the show– and your character
gets released on parole and then encounters a different
part of America’s system -and that’s deportation.
-Yeah. Like, that was–
that was, like, a big story not just for the show
but for you to tell. Why? Yeah. Well, you see how, um, immigrants kind of have to pay
double sentences, right? You pay your, uh–
your dues to society. You– You know, people
make tons of money off you by you being in jail. And then, uh… and then you pay
a second sentence by being thrown back
into a detention center -and then ultimately deported.
-Right. And we saw that with Maritza.
We saw that with so many, um, of the other characters
on Orange is the New Black. You-you weren’t originally
gonna come back on the show, -and then it was… -Yeah.
I thought you meant this show. No, no, no.
No, Orange is the New Black. -You really pissed me off
last time. -(laughs) No. No, you-you weren’t
originally, uh, you know, gonna go back. I mean, you’ve-you’ve been doing
other shows, and-and, you know, you’ve been
spreading your wings. But what was really… what was
really wonderful to read was why you went back
for the final season of Orange, and that was because Maritza’s
story connected so closely -to yours,
but in a different way. -Yeah. You know, you wrote a book,
beautiful book, a memoir -about how you came home
at the age of 14… -Mm-hmm. -…and your parents had been
deported. -Yes. -And your life changed forever
from that point. -Yeah. Yeah, and-and the show certainly
inspired me, the people that I worked with,
uh, inspired me -to share my story, to use
my voice in this way. -Right. I mean, seeing the way
people were being affected, um, by hearing these stories, by empathizing
with these stories, I-I felt, um,
a sort of a duty to share mine. And, um, and the fact
that Orange, um… Uh, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know
if I was an example, or if, um… if… I’m glad
that they took this opportunity -to talk about this issue that
is affecting us so much. -Right. Especially, you weren’t… You weren’t quick
to tell the story. That’s-that’s something
that I… that I admired is that, you know,
it’s not something that you-you always wore
on your sleeve. It’s not something
that you acted about before. -This was a big decision
for you… -Oh, yeah. …to say, “Hey, I’m gonna
take my real life and basically portray it
on this show.” You’ve also started living
that activism. You know, we see you now, you know,
working with immigrants who are… who are learning
about their rights. We’re see… we’re seeing you,
um, you know, lobbying to have laws repealed -that have been shown
to be unjust. -Yeah. Why…? I mean,
it seems obvious, but why do you think
it’s so important, and how do you think
that message can get out there? Well, I mean, first shows… Through art,
we can teach so much. Through art,
we can help people empathize. I mean, I feel like
that’s the big problem in this country right now is
that… I mean, obviously, that,
and, like, money. -Everybody wants money, right?
-Right. Um, and people want to make
money off of human bodies. Go figure.
And children in cages. Um, uh, I know
that’s not-not to joke about, but, um…
It’s important… Can you repeat the question.
Are we gonna…? -Yeah, no, no, no.
-Are we…? Is this…? -This is taped, right? I’m
sorry. -Yeah, no, no, no. No. -I’m, like, a little…
-I mean, no, no, no. -But this is a…
-I need some water. This is… I-I…
I completely understand where you’re coming from.
It’s like a… It’s… No, because this is like a…
If you… Ask me the question again.
Your question was weird. -If you…
-(laughter) I’m saying, for somebody who has
portrayed this character… -Like, we’ve watched you
as a character. -Yeah. And then, we started seeing you
live that story in real life. -Yeah. -You know, you started
becoming an activist, speaking to the issues that
we saw your character portray. The “why” of it
is what makes it so interesting. Why do you feel
it’s so important for people
to understand the human side of the conversation
in immigration? Because… because we’re not… The reason why these laws
were put in place is because we have
disconnected from humanity. Right? If you don’t know
what is going on out there, when you don’t know
how people are living, then you are most likely
gonna just -let these inhumane practices
continue going on. -Right. When you label a person
a criminal, then it’s so easy to strip them
from their humanity, from their due process rights. And we all have
due process rights, right? And what you meant,
what you asked earlier is, why do we want…
what do I want people to get -out of… out of this show,
out of this story, -Mm-hmm. is that we have
terrible policy in place. So, right? Everybody
talks about how Trump is making this worse,
how he’s… how he’s, you know, used immigrants as a scapegoat,
but this has been happening -for a very long time,
-Mm-hmm. and laws like the 1996 laws
that were put in place that, uh,
expanded detention centers, that weakened due process laws
in immigration court, and-and created, uh, more detention, uh, programs are laws that we need
to get rid of. These are the laws
that need to be repealed. We need a new way forward,
and the way we do that is by all of us
coming together… and acknowledging
that this is a problem. We need to abolish the system
that we have right now and start anew. Right? (applause) A lot of people agree with you. -No, it’s true.
-Vote for me 2020. -(laughter)
-Um, I’m kidding, I’m kidding. -Who am I, Joe Biden? Stop.
-No. There… -(laughter) there-there is a…
there is a conversation in America right now
in and around… -who America is
and what America is. -Mm-hmm. What I’ve always enjoyed
about your story is, you have told it with nuance. You know, there is a duality–
you can be an American who is also an immigrant; you can be an American
who is Mexican. -That’s America’s story.
-Right. Everyone needs
to be proud of that. Irish American,
Italian American, et cetera. When you look at your journey
going forward, we see the activist,
but what do you want to do now? I mean, Orange Is the New Black,
this is the final season. -Yeah.
-What’s exciting that you’ve got that’s not
in the world of activism where you’re just having a good
time and just letting loose? (laughs): Having a good time?
I don’t know. I don’t know what that’s like. Um, well, look, I’m…
I think that, for a long time, I was still,
even when I shared my story, even when I came here last time
and I talked about my book, I was still… I was still
holding on to that shame of… of having
my parents separated, that I actually
lived through that. And honestly, like,
this is the power of community. Um, since this season
has come out, since we have actually witnessed
the atrocities that are going on at the border, and we’re seeing
actual human lives be destroyed, I feel like I have
so much more support, and I’m-I’m incentivized
to continue going. Um, I-I… I want to tell
more immigration stories until the cows come home. I don’t care.
And if people ask me, “Are you… are you afraid
of being pigeon-holed?” I’m not. I want to continue
with this work. And yeah,
I want to have a little fun. Maybe I’ll take a trip.
I don’t know. -(laughter)
-I love it. Take a few trips. Fight for people at the border.
Fight for the humanity -of other human beings.
-Yeah. And then come back, uh, to be
a guest on The Daily Show again. And talk about it, and yeah, and
maybe be a little less nervous. -(laughter) -No. We’re the ones
who should be nervous. You’ve got an amazing story,
and you’re doing fantastic work. Thank you so much
for being on the show. -Thank you, Trevor.
-Always. -(cheering, applause)
-All seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black
are available to stream on Netflix right now. The amazing Diane Guerrero,

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