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In this film we’re going to explain how
your body processes the food you eat in order to provide all your body cells
with the energy they need, and also what happens when you have
diabetes and this system doesn’t work properly.
When you eat food that contains carbohydrate it’s broken down in the stomach and
digestive system into glucose, which is a type of sugar. sugar. We need glucose from food because that’s what gives us energy. Carbohydrate containing foods are things like starchy foods, sugary foods, milk, and some dairy products and fruit. This glucose then moves into the bloodstream and the body detects that the blood glucose level is rising. In response to that the pancreas, which is a little gland
that sits just underneath the stomach, starts to release a hormone called
insulin and it’s insulin that helps our body get the energy from the food we eat. The blood stream then takes the glucose and the insulin to every cell in our body that needs it. To make this easier to understand let’s
look at muscle cells. At the muscle cells it’s insulin that allows the glucose to get into the
cells where it can be used for energy. It’s a bit like insulin is a key
unlocking the door to the cells so the glucose can get in. That way, the blood glucose levels starts to drop but the blood glucose level can be topped up
at any point by the liver releasing extra glucose that it has stored. The blood glucose rises again, and again, the pancreas produces more
insulin to move with that glucose through the bloodstream to the muscle
cells, open the doors and let the glucose in. The body functions best with the blood glucose at an optimum level. It doesn’t like it if the blood glucose rises too high. Normally there’s a cycle within the body which balances out the glucose and the insulin level and this is achieved the food you eat, the pancreas and the
liver. However in some people the system
doesn’t work properly and they develop diabetes. There are two main types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1 diabetes the body isn’t making any insulin at all. This is because of an autoimmune response whereby the body has destroyed the insulin
producing cells in the pancreas. We don’t entirely know why that happens in some people and not in others. Type 1 diabetes
accounts for about 10 per cent of all cases. It’s most often found in the in the
under 40s and it’s by far the most common type of
diabetes found in childhood. In Type 1 diabetes the carbohydrate-containing food is turned into glucose as normal. That glucose then moves into the bloodstream. Normally the body would produce insulin to let that glucose into the cells but because into the cells but in Type 1 diabetes there is no insulin being produced so
the glucose can’t get into the body cells at all, so the level of glucose in the blood rises and rises. The body tries to lower
the level of glucose, it tries to get rid of the glucose through the kidneys. That’s why people who have undiagnosed
Type 1 diabetes tend to go to the toilet a lot to pass
urine. As the kidneys filter the glucose out of the blood, they also take a lot of water with it so the person with diabetes will get very
thirsty. The urine contains a lot of glucose and that creates an environment where
it’s quite easy for bacteria to thrive so it’s also quite common to get thrush
or genital itching. In the same way the blood contains a
high level of glucose as well so more bacteria than usual will tend
to breed in flesh wounds and they might be slow to heal. Glucose can also build up in the lens at the front of the eye causing the liquid in the lens to become cloudy. That can mean that some people with
undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes can have blurred vision. Because the
glucose can’t get into the cells to be used for energy, somebody who’s got undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes is going to start feeling very tired,
lethargic and unable to go about their normal
daily routine. But the body still needs an energy source in order to work properly so what it
does is it starts to break down its fats tools and that can lead to weight loss. So, the main symptoms of Type 1
diabetes are going to the toilet a lot, thirst,
thrush or genital itching, slow healing of wounds, blurred vision tiredness and weight loss. These symptoms generally happen quite quickly often over a few weeks and come be reversed once the diabetes
is treated with insulin. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about
90 per cent of all cases in the population. It’s most common in the over 40 age group in the white population and in the over 25 age group in the
South Asian population. Type 2 diabetes is a little more complex
because there are slightly more processes at work. Either the body isn’t producing quite
enough insulin or the insulin it is producing isn’t
working properly. That can be due to being overweight because a build up of fat can stop
insulin doing its job properly but it can also happen in people of a healthy weight. So in Type 2 diabetes, the carbohydrate-containing food is broken
down into glucose in the stomach and digestive system as normal. That glucose then moves into the bloodstream. The
pancreas starts to produce insulin which moves
with the glucose through the bloodstream to all the body
cells which need glucose for energy. However the glucose can’t always get into the cells
because the locks to the cell doors have become furred up with fat deposits. That means that the insulin can’t open the cell doors
properly. So the level of glucose in the blood
continues to rise. In response to this, the pancreas
produces even more insulin so the blood glucose
levels continue to rise and the insulin levels continue to rise.
This situation is further complicated by the cells which are desperate for energy – sending
out emergency signals to the liver to release stored glucose. The blood glucose level up and up and the pancreas produces more
and more insulin until it can’t cope anymore and
eventually it can wear out. As with Type 1 diabetes the symptoms of
Type 2 diabetes are going to the toilet a lot, thirst, thrush or genital itching, slow healing of
wounds, blurred vision, tiredness and weight loss
in some people. The symptoms for Type 2 diabetes come
along very slowly and some people don’t
have any symptoms at all. So for that reason, people can live with
Type 2 diabetes for up to 10 years before they realise that they have it. Type
2 diabetes can be treated in a number of different
ways. Initially it may be sufficient to make changes to the food you’re eating and to take extra physical activity or
lose any weight that may be appropriate. But Type 2
diabetes is a progressive condition and most
people will need some form of medication to treat it he

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  2. This is probably the best video in YouTube to describe type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Great video highly recommend it for people who studying biology.

  3. Guys, you can cure any kind of Diabetes trough fasting, and having a 0 carb diet.
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  4. One of the best presentations I've ever seen on the differences between Type 1 and Type 2.  There are other types as well though, and I feel really bad that those people probably have very little if any support from others because they don't understand what they are dealing with.

  5. excellent video found out I have type 1 diabetes no one in my family has it weird as they said type one is a genetic based high hopes for now

  6. I really appreciate your well thought out video and clear precise explanations of both types of Diabetes. I would like to see more videos about how Diabetes can affect how your body functions over time with and without proper care. I've been Diabetic for over 10 years and I still don't understand about the certain side affects in long term this disease will have on my body. Thank you for your attention to details in this video. It's so important to be educated.

  7. There is no need to take medications like Metformin even when you are a type 2 diabetic. Just avoid bread, cereal, pasta, rice, corn, ice cream, soft drinks, fruits, fruit juices and sweets. Eat eggs, beef, bacon,fish, chicken, pork, peanuts, butter, cheese and lots of vegetable salad instead. Take omega 3 capsules. Don't eat anything from 5pm until 7am. Verify my advice based from experience using a glucometer one hour after meal.

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  12. Diabetes is caused due to excess fluids intake or excess tea intake even though water intake could be low.

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  15. I have a theory… doesnt the insulin get created less because the body wants to Loose weight and so using the fat for fuel? But still making some for the cells that have less fat in them so less fuel. Made by your 11 year old boy…

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  18. Diabetes is a serious illness that as we know is often caused by dietary and lifestyle choices. I found the video pasted below and was staggered by the ignorance of this man. He is blaming diabetes on immigration using utterly ignorant references to try to justify his racist agenda. Total idiot and an insult to diabetes sufferers world wide. https://youtu.be/3L7FJCnIfJ4

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  23. You say type 2 is over weight people that is not true. i am 8 stone 4 pound and 5"2 in length and i have type 2 diabetes.. Here is another example of type 1 diabetes one of my cousins is 14 stone and 10 pound and has type 1.. so its different to what you are saying with my cousin and i..

  24. No, treat it with whole food only. Insulin is a storage hormone and the more you crank it up with injections, the WORSE the condition will get. Notice I did not say disease as it is a physiological adaptation that YOU have put yourself into with the NON-food you are eating.

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  28. Sincerely this was an excellent, informative and educative video; very well presented. I commend the lady who did this.

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