Developer Sandbox Interviews: Large Animal Games

man: So welcome, Wade.
Welcome, Bob. I think we can start off,
and you can tell us a little bit about Large Animal
and what you’re– what you’ve been showing off
here at Google I/O. Wade: Sure.
So Large Animal is an independent game developer
and publisher. We’re based
out of New York City. We’ve been in business
for eight years. We’re always kind of focused
on casual online games, and lately our focus
is on social-network games. What we’ve been showing off here
is a game– a game demo that we built
with O3D. So it’s
a side-scrolling platformer in the tradition of, you know,
Super Mario Bros.andSonicand other platformers
like that. The bigger picture of the game when it’s finished and ready
to launch into the world is that it will be integrated
into social networks. And every–every level
of thisInfinite Journeywill be one that’s been designed
and customized by one of your friends
on the social network. So…
man: Very cool. So, Bob, I’m curious. You’ve been at I/O
for two days now. What kind of interesting
feedback and comments have you gotten about the game, and what have you learned
here at I/O? Bob: Yeah, a lot of people
are surprised it’s playing in a browser. They’ll ask us if–
well, if it was Unity or just other stuff. They’re just amazed at
the graphics we’re able to get and the frame rates
we’re able to get, so… man: Awesome. Any new technologies, things you’ve heard about
just happenstance at I/O that you’re sort of thinking about how you can use
in the future? Wade: Sure, sure. Well, I was
pretty psyched about Wave. And I think… I was just
immediately imagining how we would use it
in the office to collaborate. So that–you know,
that’s pretty cool. We actually–we’re putting
together a little blog, Large Animal blog,
just to put information about this
Infinite Journeyproject, kind of concept art and video. And so at the keynote
on Wednesday, you know, they showed
the ability to just drop a little Friend Connect
chat window– copy and paste into it. So we did that on the blog. We put that on the blog,
and we’re gonna release that in the next week or so, just to kind of get
a conversation going with other developers
and get people’s feedback, so… man: Very cool.
Wade: Excited about that. man: So I guess along
those lines, moving forward, so you’re creating a blog
for the app. What else? What are the next
steps for Large Animal and theInfinite Journey
in this space working with O3D? Wade: Sure. Well, so the next step for us is to integrate it
with OpenSocial so that we can put the game
into MySpace. We’ll integrate
with the Facebook API, put it into Facebook
and other OpenSocial containers so that, you know, we can do the kind of Social Graph
connectivity that I mentioned. And the business model would be
virtual goods within that world. So people could buy
special objects that make their level
super special, that let them tag
their friends’ levels as they’re playing
through them, give them special abilities
within the world, so… And we’re talking
with potential investors to help us raise the money to
undertake that bigger project, but we think with three or
four months of full-time work, we can do something amazing
that will really advance the state
of social-network games. man: All right.
Great. Well, it sounds like it’s been
a great couple of days for you. Any parting words of wisdom or thoughts on I/O or O3D? Bob:
I/O’s a great conference. People should definitely come
out to it. You learn a lot of good stuff.
Wade: Thanks for the phone. [laughing]
Bob: Yeah. man: Probably getting that
a lot right now. Wade: Yeah, yeah.
man: All right, great. Well, thanks a lot, guys.
Wade: Thanks for having us.

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