Dev Tandon – Internship as Healing – From Being Human #82

And so what we did
on the first day was we said “I want you to
just take some time, I want you to close
your eyes, take some time on the first day and
feel a point of resistance in your body, something
that keeps you from feeling the most alive”.
Right? We all have them. It could be anger, it could
be depression, it could be anxiety, it could be fear.
Pick one, right? And so she thinks about
it for a day and she comes back and she said
“Ok, I want to work on anxiety”. Ok, anxiety.
You and I know it’s the easiest thing in the world to craft
a job and a role in a business that will intentionally induce
anxiety. Put her on a stage to present, have her be on
on a call to present to a foreign client, whatever.
But then what we do is create a loving and safe
environment for her to work through it, right?
So, the job becomes not about creating
the design, the job is actually about working
through her anxiety and what we’re doing is
we are using the job as the vehicle to get her there.

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