Detroit hosts Black Engineers National Convention

if you went to downtown Detroit today you may have noticed thousands of new faces 15,000 people are in the city they’re here from all over from the for the 45th annual National Society of black engineers convention it’s been more than two decades in fact since the convention has come to Detroit KOCO McEvoy takes us inside the very packed convention at Cobo they’re all engineers and engineers by trade are problem solvers and they’re here to solve a very specific problem once the doors open a wave of bright diverse minds flooded Kobo it’s the career fair for the National Society of black engineers we spent the last 12 months planning this convention so just to see everything going some fruition and people enjoying it leaders from around the world are on a mission hi how are you I’m sorry I’m Toya to find and hire black talent within companies like for a lot of us are giving back we want to see see other people have the same opportunities we did Dante Crockett is a Detroit native now a part of Ford’s leadership it means a lot to be able to bring this conference here have the opportunity for people who Detroit and all over the country to see this is real this is tangible especially tangible in the city of Detroit this is a place where technology is hot with several engineering opportunities for professionals and students including new jobs soon opening at the Michigan Central Station the student-run society aims to transform the field of engineering our mission for Nesby is to increase the number of costly responsible black engineers who excel academically succeed professionally and positive and impact the community the convention being held in the diverse city of Detroit is a good start to fulfilling the society’s goal and the convention will be running until Sunday here in the city of Detroit reporting live this afternoon I’m Coco McAvoy local four Thank You Coco

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  1. Black engineering is the discipline that applies engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain black systems. – Am I right?

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