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hey y'all welcome back to my channel my name is Courtney and welcome back to you thought it I said it yep you thought it yeah girl definitely said it now today I actually want to talk about how important it is that people know exactly what you are to them it's very important to determine relationships or determine friendships or just determine what you what you are to other people because sometimes we let life get away from us and sometimes so what we're thinking that we friends Billy all we have thinking that we girlfriends that is that ain't right so what we gonna do spirit fingers what we're going to do is always determine what people are to us so like for me I'm very loyal right but I'm only loyal to a certain extent because let me tell y'all something I'm only loyal to those who are going to me I don't give a fuck I don't give a rat's ass I don't give a hell if I don't believe in my soul in my heart that you are loyal person to me then I don't give a damn not to you I don't care how much you talk I don't care how much we hang out how much how cool we are I'm not loaded to you I don't like it's obligate yeah I'm feel like I need to do and be that way with you but that's just me I mean tell me not to be like me I'm just saying this is just how I am now I can honestly say that it's very important to determine these relationships with people because one then my loyalty will will lie with my friend so boom and I'm over here thinking that this is my homegirl this is my Roli this is the girl in the car when it's time I throw that ass then that's not my friend now she's over here thinking that we frame that we the type of friends like I'm I can call her up when I want to talk about my problems coming up try me you know oh I wanna go there flats and ties I need to go be the bitch their own like I need to slap me at hope we know we know that type of friend like we ain't even friends so I'm not if I'm ever going through anything I'm not gonna call her I'm gonna go call her for the partying getting high I don't get high but you know you get the fuck I'm saying I'm not gonna call her you know if I'm crying phone no me my sorrows and shit and I just need somebody there really vent to that's not what it is and I was just in a situation where a girl really thought that we were friends and I simply told her that we wasn't friends like I never considered her to be my friend she looked at me crazy like what but this is my thing we never started here and determine what we were to each other I've never said hey baby you know hey boo like we friends like dis my friend if I ever posted about home social media I never said we were friends I never said it was cousins I might use some shit like this my bad is my boo I never said this is my friend and I never will because we are not friends now again if we sit before each other we have a conversation and we come to the conclusion that we are friends then that's a different expectation like now I'm held accountable for what I say what I do like now I'm held accountable for being a friend to her like I have to be loyal that is my friend I want to be loyal because that is my friend I don't feel that way about people that is not my friend I truly believe in my soul that I don't have to be loyal to those who are not my friend like if you are if you are not my friend and ain't nothing off-limits right I probably let nobody sitting and just dog you out or I might not just dog you out real bad but everybody grow bad but I mean it's not the same I feel like I wouldn't talk about my friend how I will talk about my Roli it's different if I speak of my friend it's more oh oh yeah my friend is skinny you know oh my friend have five kids you know my friends just got married you know but if I'm talking about one of my role is like well you know she would that nigga boy I'm thinking shit I will say some shit like that because I feel like we got friends and I feel like I can say some shit like that that's good speech I do apologize for my bluntness I do apologize to hurt your feelings but that's just how I am and I'm telling you motherfuckers this is how I am so if we ain't friends then I mean I will talk about you I mean I'm human when friends you can talk about me because you're human I am the same person should be told a lot of people do not owe me any loyalty so if you see my other industries and you wanna holler at my nigga my husband whatever we're not friends so you can do that now again if you see me with you know someone's soul and you want to talk to someone so then again we're not friends it doesn't matter to me now I just feel like you can go and have a whole conversation with your friend and you can discuss me talk about me the gravy whatever you want to do but we're not friends so yeah I might be like what I hope mother fucka did I don't know who I said no but such goddamn thing but take a step back quick that's not your friend she owe you a Swamp Thing that girl can stay with here she want to say my cheese shit go sell out of is that something you could possibly do because we're not friends she don't owe me anything y'all might not see it like that but that's how I see it so if we kickin it or whatever whatever the case may be and we ain't friends and you want to go over there and tell us on something I told you this I mean I can't really truly get mad if anything I'm not gonna tell you nothing knows or two I'm just you know it is what it is don't worry my friend so what so ever so let me just explain something to y'all it's very very very very serious always know who is your friend always know what somebody is to you period I don't give a damn if it's just simple eyes okay we're not friends are we associates you know you don't tell y'all associates every damn thing you just don't so therefore make sure you know who your friend is it's simple I mean I don't want to ever be in a particulate again we're people thinking I'm their friend and I'm not I don't want to be in a predicament where I'm around bad energy where I don't know if this bitch is my friend or she and I know I'm not doing that no more I feel like I don't have to do that no more I'd rather know who was my friend and who's not I'd rather know who you know I'm saying I can trust her information and who are King I rather know that if I'm calling you a friend to me that you are a friend to me and I am a friend to you if I ever called you my friend for any reason but and truly in my heart that's what you are you are my friend I don't have many friends and I don't call many bitches my friends because these bitches are here they ain't loyal you know I mean they annoyed today themselves but were they gonna be Lord of me fuck and call them hoes I hear my friend for no reason not so back to that me personally if I ever ever ever ever ever told you that you was my friend ever you is my friend I love you I hold my friends near and dear to my heart I don't let people sit about my friends that's just not what we do here you can't say no anything on my friend but so much straighten you bitch yeah read decent because that's my friend you can't talk about Nadia Celeste Nika you can't tell my mother but friends don't my friend period now as I stated before determine what these people learn to you because if you don't y'all be having one side of relationships and it's not warranty y'all have one side of relationships and it's not needed y'all have one side of fucking relationships only because you fail to understand or just as a simple question what are we to each other what are you to me you need to know these things stop jumping in relationships with people even a man don't jump in a relationship no damn man here you is thinking y'all together he'll tell me bitches y'all friends like Danny Way say had you just asked this man what the hell are we do you would have known had you just asked your friend what the hell we were then you would just be like then you would just know that I really was associates not even friends shit one-sided it's time for y'all as women and individuals to understand how valuable that information can be to your life to your spirit how you carry yourself by just everything always ask people because it's very very needed and if you always ain't never asked me if I was your friend like your real friend like your friend friend and bitch we ain't friends we cool we cool we French on social media oh you know but we ain't fucking friends don't don't think we friends cuz we're not so I just want to thank y'all so much for tuning into my video because it was gonna be a short one I just wanted to get it off my chest I needed to validate that I really needed people to understand how serious it is to know what the fuck we are to each other because I want them problems made them okay now thank you all for watching my channel definitely tune in for the next video and remember you thought of that city yeah you thought of that today yes baby you thought it your girl definitely was gonna say it to me thank you for watching

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