Desperate Gavin McInnes Rejected by Progressives

back in May I received an offer to appear as a guest on Gavin mcginnises new show the offer was different from other interview regret requests for two reasons first it came from someone I have absolutely no respect for and would never want to be associated with I'll explain why in just a minute second he offered me seven thousand dollars plus paid travel and accommodations to New York I rejected the request as much as I could use the money and I could use the money I'm Way too savvy to help a despicable human being launder his image and reputation for promoting violence so let me contextualize this you've heard me talk about the lucrative nature of the right-wing grift Donald Trump's demagogic nature emboldened the worst elements of the right-wing to unleash their worst characteristics for attention and profit seeking Gavin McInnes falls under this new wave of deplorable shock jocks McGinnis started the so-called proud boys where he publicly encouraged violence spewed misogynistic rhetoric and viciously attacked powerless and disenfranchised groups of people their rallying cry is what they call Western chauvinism their founder is Gavin McInnes known for what some call incendiary claims like these from his rebel media show be dubious of Muslims if you see something say something the data says that women have become less happy since feminism okay and I blame them being ripped out of the kitchen in the two years since the proud boys found ain't fair or not violence has seemed to follow in their way important [Applause] and just recently in New York where after a speech McGuinness gave at the Metropolitan Republican Club this violent confrontation broke out the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled the proud boys as a hate group and when comedy video editor Vic Berger put out compilation showing how often McGinnis incited physical violence the group actually retaliated by sending members to burgers home as an act of intimidation according to The Huffington Post a tipster sent Berger an internal document from within the proud boys's Network which called on all members to find burgers personal information and threaten him the message specifically read quote let's get the social media profiles phone numbers and addresses for their bosses mothers fathers boyfriends sisters brothers and get to work let's show them there are consequences soon a member of the group showed up to burgers home burger told The Huffington Post that quote when I answered the door he seemed nervous like he wasn't expecting me it was the middle of the day and my wife was home she said are you Vic your videos are hurting a lot of people you're really hurting the proud boys you need to stop making these videos burger yelled for his wife to call 911 I eventually mcginnises brand became so toxic that he was fired from the right-wing website the blaze and the proud boys were deep platformed from social media sites let me just show you what that toxicity really looks like if you're wearing a manga and salads right now cells in the studio folks oh my god it's Alison Paula where you from why I'm wearing a maggot hat and some guy with a slightly punk demeanor comes up to you and says hey are you Sal or are you pro-trump choke him trust your instincts don't listen to what he has to say choke him if I do it video where I say how about we start throwing bricks is that legal you can't call for violence on a specific person but can you say they're throwing bricks we should throw bricks can you call for violence generally cuz I am fighting solves everything supporters after McGinnis face some consequences for his actions he decided to announce his exit from the proud boys as of today November 21st 2018 I'm officially disassociating myself from the proud boys in all capacities forever I quit I do all of this reluctantly because I see I still see it as the greatest fraternal organization in the world but rumors and lies and terrible journalism has made its way to the court system and the NYC nine the proud boys arrested after I did a talk here in New York on October 12th are facing serious charges I'm told by my legal team in law enforcement that this gesture could help alleviate their sentencing I've noticed that a lot of Trump era trash in digital media is doing its best to save whatever's left of their reputations in other words they're trying to clean up their images one of the ways they seek to do that is by having legitimate people in media or politics go on their shows to launder their dirt stained past I wasn't the only person on the left who was offered thousands of dollars to make a guest appearance on mcginnises show here's Sam cedar from the majority report discussing a similar offer he received we were wondering if Sam would accept our invite to be on the show the show is a panel discussion that will have a conservative and a liberal on every show to discuss the current events and politics for about an hour we can pay for Sam's travel and stay plus pay him $5,000 to be on the show David Pakman another progressive member of the media who I've had on this show recently also received an offer what's going on behind the scenes is that Gavin McInnes is program I don't know where they get the money but they are offering to pay guests to come on now this is not typically done we have never paid a guest we've had what 1,500 interviews that have done we've had like two or three people ask for money oh we've never paid we just never pay for guest every time I appear on CNN Fox News I'm never paid for those appearances okay the Gavin McInnes program is apparently so desperate to get people to appear on this program that they reached out to me through my manager and offered I'm not gonna say how much but a lot of money for me to appear on the program what made the offer to Pakman so incredible is that as he was considering appearing on the show McGinnis called into his program pretending to be a liberal fan of Parkman's in an effort to persuade him that McGinnis is okay that his show is great I believe that I have caught extremists right winger and proud boy founder Gavin McInnes calling in to the show pretending to be someone else in order to promote his new program a guy I despise came up on my YouTube the other day on the commercial this is Gavin McInnes on this new show free speech and I was trying to click out of it right away and then all of a sudden I saw dr. Cornel West and Mark Lamont Hill on the show yeah and I actually checked it out and it's a cool show in regards to just liberals nailing Gavin and it was luckily Pakman realized what was going on and detailed mcginnises intentions what appears that happened is that knowing that there is a conversation taking place with my manager about will David Pakman appear with Gavin McInnes Gavin thought hey here's an idea I'll call David as Jim and pretend to be a this who really wants to see David appear on Gavin McInnes show yeah it's so so sad but McGuinness isn't the only person on the far right who's trying to trick people into buying into their unearned Redemption islamaphobe conspiracy theorist lauren southern who violently harassed and intimidated refugees by throwing flares at their boats announced that she was going away for a while and disengaging from politics in a blog post she wrote quote I intend on returning to school and pursuing my academics again in so doing I doubt that this will be the last of me who knows maybe you'll read my name mine papers in journals or as a byline in articles the story of my political career may have more chapters one day but they will not be in the same televised firebrand capacity you've seen before look clouds like Lauren southern and Gavin McGinnis used to be able to go on shows like Dave Rubens to legitimize and launder their hate but that strategy eventually proved to fail as Reubens little right-wing laundromat scheme was called out for what it is southern hopes to go away for a while and eventually make a return to public life as a new and improved member of independent media who might be more palatable to reasonable people who aren't fueled by their disdain for people of color but here's the thing we can't let that happen we know who they are and we know how they've profited off of exploiting racial and religious divisions people like McGinnis and southern saw dollar signs in pushing hate in the Trump era and once they were met with a few consequences they decided to change their strategy can people change of course yes they can change but you have to ask yourself why someone claims to have changed in the first place is it because they genuinely reevaluated their views and came to a different conclusion or is it because rebranding their hateful reputation would help get them accepted back into a society that rejected them there are so many people in independent media who continue to do the right thing regardless of how much it might hurt them financially grifting is a great way to earn a lot of money but it's short-term gain allowing these people to act as chameleons and never have to pay the consequences for their actions encourages more of this disgusting behavior look sam cedars a smart guy he gets it desperately needs some lefties on his show to get back into the community in some way to get back into the youtubes like to get back and be able to be seen as as non-toxic the zeitgeist into the zeitgeist he just wants to be he wants to get normalized exactly sam is 100% right and anyone who gets an offer to appear on a show like mcginnises for thousands of dollars should ask themselves why he's willing to pay such a premium and by the way where does he get that money from [Applause]

25 thoughts on “Desperate Gavin McInnes Rejected by Progressives

  1. Incels.

    Also, Gavin McInnes should be deported back from the country he came from and advocate violence there.

  2. 0:00 "Back in May, I received An Offer To Play TENNIS With Gavin McInnes"…HELLO Gavin??…I'm STILL dressed n' waiting! 😉

  3. He's right, rumour, lies and terrible journalism did this to him – HIS rumours, and lies, and terrible journalism.
    Hey, Gavin, 1930 Germany called, they want their worldview back.

  4. A COMPLETE mischaracterization of Gavin McInnes..(though I can hardly say I'm surprised!)
    Lefties SWING for the left..(facts & logic sold separately.)
    PS: The man practically BRIBED you for a one-on-one Ana…what were you so AFRAID of? 😉
    PPS: "Clowns" Like Lauren Southern do REAL journalism Ana… (Farmlands & Borderless)
    If having COURAGE makes you a "clown"…what LOWLY thing does that make YOU??

  5. We can make plenty of videos of Ana showing her bigotry. Fat shaming people and making misogynistic comments. She’s a horrible hypocrite

  6. Omg, she is such a pair of shit, he couldn't have nicer to her and she is just so dumb. Look pick on him all you want Ana you ain't shit. Gavin is funny, not a rasist and doesnt promote violence. She knew if she went on his show, he'd make her look like the retard she is.

  7. So you take a few things out of context, quote a biased blogger and give your opinion as if it’s fact.. this is why I don’t follow TYT anymore you just spew up your racist opinions on anyone you dislike and let’s be honest if you went on his show he would humiliate you your points would all fall flat.. I don’t agree with him on a lot but your whole shtick is political correctness and there’s no substance to it.. I’m so glad I broke away from your cult like mentality have fun being hateful and miserable about everything for the rest of your lives.

  8. They fought with people that were looking for a fight. Antifa with masks and bats. Hillary gets 750,000. for one hour lie.

  9. nope if i think what referring too. I just noticed similarities in indo europeans languages Sanskrit I wasn't referring you in anyway. Just the amernian yan tan. The real narcissist is trying to trigger me stupid

  10. My buddies and I deal with Proud Boys same way we deal with the Hammerskins and Aryan Knights. Those pure white genes won't help you when you're getting your teeth kicked in by combat boots and taking chains upside the head. I really wish groups like Portland Antifa would cut the shit and go full Warriors on these assholes. They wanna cry about milkshakes and silly string? Give them something to cry about, like a lock in a sock to the spine. These fascist pricks legitimately want to kill you, so you should never hesitate to put them in the emergency room at the very least.

  11. Hey McInnes fans – hasn't it occurred to you that he's basically selling you guys out? Why would he want to platform progressives on his channel, when they are clearly so "dishonest" and "biased"? It's like he's more interested in grabbing a slice of the left-wing money pie than he is in you guys or building up a legitimate platform of his own. How two-faced of him, really. If I were a right-winger like you, I'd feel very betrayed. Shame.

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