Designing a better member experience

We serve 250,000 people each day, so that’s
250,000 times we have a member on the other line, we’re interacting with them personally. We’re not just thinking about somebody who
has a pharmacy medication. They also have a medical condition. We think about that whole person. Pharmacy is the biggest touch point to health
care. And so we’re obsessed around how do we make
medications as affordable as possible for consumers so they can get healthy. Pharmacy is really retail. It’s a personal experience that you can touch
and feel on a retail basis often with lots of interactions. And so you’ve got to have a really different
perspective of how you make that experience simple, seamless, and smart. And that’s what we’re focused on. And so it’s both the design around all
the touch points in health care, whether you’re talking to somebody on the phone, interacting
with digitally. We bring all the data together. The pharmacy data, the medical data, the behavioral
data, in real time and give that to our care provider who is actually interacting with
them, so that we can actually create the best outcomes for them, from a personal perspective, from
a health perspective, and from a cost standpoint. We have the right culture and the people and
the capabilities. Each element of that is the diversity that
takes to bring all those resources together to serve the health care system. This is not something that we’re going to
do, to the health care system, we’re going to partner with the various constituencies
across health care to make it better.

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