Denise Humberstone at the United Nations

how you say your life must occur well I think I should have got these forecasts in the office and I wish I could say that she technical and we could overhead pity for me with that confession I feel rather mixed emotions right now on one hand I’m incredibly proud of assessing the achievement today but on the other hand I feel like I have to show her every achievement just remind our society but her life is worth saving and still I have one of my favorite comments yes but you always present the more able one which I say even if I can guarantee you that all individuals without angels are any that aver we still have very much the same today so no matter what then we always have a cognitive disability and compared to a child of 46 chromosomes in here so although I can’t guarantee that all people counselors are less able I can assure you that most of them are nowadays a role of they have access to education health care and loving environments you see parents from just one generation ago for the very hard for our children to have access to education instead of being sent to institutions where they have no love and you know how much our children need to love and be loved and those same parents fought very hard for our children to have the right to accent health care instead of being left to die and Kathleen’s generation is reaping all the benefits and they are striving while never before and I can’t see what the next generation is able to do so when the broadcasted on TV and on the radio start talking about this amazing a medical breakthrough called NIDDK like the panacea to Down syndrome my daughter get more excited because they’re talking about Down syndrome they talking about me she said and I cringe and I turn away so she doesn’t see my tears I signed this petition and Kathleen and I are here today because I can’t do anything more I don’t look into my daughter died and tell her I love her and yet do nothing while the rest of the world is so keen to eradicate the segments of the proclamation should be long history and I can’t look into her brother died and the sister died and do nothing while the work the world records the world is so keen to get rid of people like them pizza what kind of a mother would I be what kind of mother will another room used to be the safest place you can ever be it’s not because the moon and I am so grateful that I didn’t know until Jackson was born that she had balance and I’m so grateful because I had no idea what will happen and I’ve even had many reasons to go the other way traffic they say knowledge is power I think ignorant simply so to me this petition is erase it erase for us to take action to stir a debate to questions motive and to challenge this notion of children who are children or students the flow rate is more mythical great room for ever more accurate arrays again as opposed to a Hanrahan truth into anyone happened to be one of the users disabilities to the identified at the moment English but more will to eventually all disability will be identified each user and parent for future generations we have a lot of choices now sadly the real downfall of people with disabilities is that we parents still haven’t found this unit of measures which would enable us to quantify what it is that they bring to us and what it is that they bring to society but how do you quantify something so strong so beautiful and yet so invisible so intangible and therefore the word flex so meaningless and so easily dismissable by default all experiences and how can you I love for the Dames and qualified physical powerful and almost magical genetic work because you would finally understand that in spite of the challenges our children are not certain disabilities are not there every single and I’ll tell you eternally is a growing the lack of empathy and a thick client clove of altruism we don’t want them to suffer well it’s not just a burden but also a threat to people that meant better each time being in the making stop being discarded solely on the run of their predictive disability because we also doing away with a mountain of hidden abilities gifts come in many shapes and many types of wrapping paper and from the moment Kathleen was in rest she’s brighten our world she’s challenged up so that made it well they described and ultimately made our family lineage just like our other two children and together we are on this journey and boy are we learning everyday we will have missed anything so far and I don’t think the world choosing them because you know what they’ll dispose our society without disabilities without my birth defect without different things will not be any happier than the one we’ve got right now even illusionistic so accepting my beautiful chatterbox said earlier yes she has Down syndrome and I dare you to tell her in her face why do you believe the world would be a better place without hurting me and I dare you to tell all the other adults there with congenital disabilities y-you believe that the world would be a better place without dancing it I dare you [Applause] [Music]

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  1. In more details, my presentation in Barcelona:"Down syndrome: What are we really afraid of?" and Kathleen's presentation "What is like to live with Down syndrome"

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