Delhi Violence and Social Media: Fact vs Fiction || Factly

In the wake of protests against the Citizenship
(Amendment) Act, 2019 and the resultant communal clashes in Delhi, there are several social
media posts making claims and counterclaims about what is
happening in the capital. Let’s take a look at a few of these and
see how these posts compare with the truth. One set of posts is related to the police. While one post claims that protestors threw
stones at the police, another one claims that the police joined rioters in throwing stones
at people. But in reality, both these posts are from
December 2019, and are concerned with Ahmedabad and
Lucknow, not Delhi. One post even claims that DCP Amit Sharma,
who was injured during the clashes, lost his life. Again, not true. He is confirmed as being out of danger and
safe. There are also
posts about the individual who opened fire at Jafrabad in Delhi. One social media post claims that
the Jafrabad shooter is a pro-CAA follower of BJP leader Kapil Mishra. Another post has named the
shooter Anurag Mishra. While Delhi Police has already identified
the shooter as Mohammed Shahrukh, the post claims that calling him
Mohammed Shahrukh is an act of propaganda. This is not
true, as Kapil Mishra’s follower has been identified as Rohit Rajput, and neither he,
nor Anurag Mishra is the same as Mohammed Shahrukh, the
actual shooter. Yet another set of posts tries to
paint one group as the main culprits behind the clashes. One post shows men wearing skull caps
attacking a bus driver, saying this was in Jafrabad. But in reality, the video is from Aurangabad
and does not have a communal angle attached to
it. Another post shows photos that apparently
show Hindus attacked by Muslims during the riots. But as these photos have been found to be
from before the Delhi riots, the claims cannot be true. Let us all exercise extra caution when we
consume news on social media platforms, and be responsible
with the
way we share information.

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